Sons Best Friends Dad Blackmailed Me

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My name is Tina. I have married 22 years ago. After the birth of my son, my sexual interests diminished with growing responsibilities. But when My Son’s best Friend – Raj came to stay in our house in order to clear his re-exams. I ended up fucking him so that he can concentrate on studies and became fuck buddies. Feeling sexualized by the content, see the previous part for more.

In this part, it is the sex story where I got to fuck his father – Kishore. The same man who kicked out Raj for not studying. So in the earlier, as I said that we had a session every minute as my husband left for a meeting and in the middle, results came and his father took him to their house but somehow he used to keep some time to satisfy me.

Until one day, my husband went off to for a meeting. So as he left, I did message Raj stating that “He left, Can’t wait to have u again” went off to have a shower. I was thinking about his dick in my pussy and fingered myself thinking about him. After the shower, I wore a stocking and light pink bodycon dress and as I heard the doorbell. I rushed to open it and was shocked to see Kishore.

I was shocked because I wore the inappropriate dress in front of him. He smiled and said, “Wont you welcome me in?” I said him to come in and he sat on the couch and said “Thanks for taking care of his son and helping him in stress and pain”. It felt weird because he didn’t say about studies but said about stress and pain. He removed his tie and said, “I am also in pain and stress would you do the same thing that you did to my son which helped him get good marks” I was confused and said What?? He showed the pics of the Whatsapp messages that I sent him.

I cried and said, “Sorry, your wife made me a promise and so I had to do”. He caught my chin and said “Don’t worry. Now do the same things that you did for him”. I said, “I don’t know what you mean”. He became furious and said, “Don’t lie to me slut”, then he showed me the sex video and nude pics of mine video he recorded when I lost control during sex and nude pics that I sent to torment him.

I knew the ball was in his court and said, “What do you want? Money?”. He came near and held my hand and said, “You” I slowly removed his pant and boxer and horrified to see his 6’ cock which has no connection to his son 5’4’’. He said, “I knew why ur staring. My son’s dick is nowhere compared to me. You will a hard time with it” I slowly took it in my mouth licking the tip slowly and then going deep he stood up and held my hand and pushed me into more stroking.

My throat could feel his dick tip so I pushed him back and coughed he said, “Remember your my slut” He again held my hair and pushed his dick deep into my mouth. I liked the roughness and it made me wet stroked it sometime and then removed it licked the side and balls and gave some hand stroking. He said, “You’re better than my filthy wife. Suck u bitch” I kept quiet. After blow jobbing him for a while, he came in my mouth and I drank it all.

He lifted me and proceeded to the bedroom threw me on the bed removed his shirt and pant and kept his hands on my thighs slowly went up removing the bodycon dress in the way while clearing the thighs he found that I didn’t wear a panty he smiled and proceeded more up to clear the dress and removed it after removing it he kissed me passionately.

First, he held my hair and kissed my lower lip and then went to upper one and opened his tongue to greet my tongue for saliva intercourse. Tongues wiggled each other and then we closed the lips and touched them. As we parted a saliva thread bonded us and he went on kissing my neck and the upper breast and boobs. Removed my bra and sucked my left boob while his hand played with the right. All this made me so wet.

That I wanted his cock in me. He then went slowly down and kissed my vaginal lips. He stretched the lips and dug his tongue into the vagina. I was taking long breathes and held his head for more pleasure. He left me all of a sudden as he was erect by now. He placed his erect dick on my crotch and said: “It will go this deep” and entered inside me without a condom. As I was about to shout he tore my vagina apart and screamed in pain.

He slowly pushed it more and I shouted “Oh My cervix!! Ahhh” I held the bed sheet in pain and he said, “You lady I will introduce you to new places in your pussy just wait”. I was slightly crying in pain. We were in missionary position. He came forward to penetrate more and leaned forward to kiss me but now ¾ of his dick is inside and was about to make me cum.

I was accepting more his cock so that I could cum the room was filled with WHAmmmm… Thappp sounds and then I went up and shook a bit and came over his cock. He liked and pressed my boobs to control my feelings. I was exhausted by now and came to my senses. I asked him whether he would delete all the content after this sex for which he said, “I will delete it only after I am satisfied this can be after 5or 6 or never” I knew that something had to be done.

While he was pushing into my pussy, I became habituated to his size. I was looking at all sides and found his phone on the bedside and made a plan. I turned over in girl on top position and was moving up and down to make him cum. I knew where his thumb would be on the bed as he was holding the bed tight while I was stroking him. I held his hands and kept on my boob.

As leaned forward to kiss him, he took his phone on the bedside and placed it in the position where his thumb was and after few strokes while he was about to cum, he removed his hand from my boobs and kept on bed luckily he kept his hand in the same position and thumb was above his iPhone fingerprint scanner and the phone unlocked.

Feeling the strong piece above his thumb, he removed his hand and rotated his head to see what it was while I took the phone and ran to the bathroom and closed the door. Then in the bathroom, I did a factory reset in the settings app and opened the door where he was standing gushing his precum on the floor and said, “Now you can’t do anything mister” He was in full angry and said I will see to it. Left off and then I was bare naked with only my stockings and called Raj and said what happened and told to remove all of my content before his father comes otherwise no more sex.

He felt guilty of his father act and apologized for it and removed all the pics and chats. Then later he said to me that his father came running to his room and demanded the pics and videos. He gave his phone and said, “I deleted all just like aunt deleted, sorry reset your device” After that day, I was careful with my online presence and request all my readers to not send your nudes or record them as it may be harmful I was able to escape from him.

Also when I and Raj used to have sex, we did only after Kishore left and used to close the curtains and when sending messages, we used to delete them after reading it. So even then Kishore tried so many times to catch us but he couldn’t.

Having intercourse between two people to share that love is not a crime. But the people who record it and spread it online and those viewers always misinterpret it as sexual fantasy because of viewing it from a wrong point of view. So because of this viewpoint always be careful when you show love to anyone. Hope you like my sex story. Like it for more adventurous and thrilling sex stories.