Sex With One Uncle In Bangalore

Hello all this is Rahul. Me 21 years slim and very smooth boy currently in Bangalore. This I am sharing my story that happened in Bangalore city just few days ago.

First let me tell something about my beautiful body, I have tempting girlish like slim n silky smooth body without any hairs and tiny small bubble ass. I wasnt been in gay scene but I realized few older men look at me in different way and like wise I watched some gay porn out in curiosity. I saw few movies of skinny boys with matured men and got horny. I started fantasizing about me getting banged by dirty old uncles. Then I created account on some gay websites and added preference for old men and uploaded few nude pics of mine. I started getting overwhelming response and so many messages. I met few oldies casually but never had a courage to have real fun. One old 46 aged uncle told me that he only wants a body fun and not more than that so I can enjoy getting my body licked. So I went with him in his house. He licked and chewed my nipples for long time and I was feeling like a real girl. He also licked on my belly and back. He spanked my butts for some time.

Likewise we started meeting so many times. One day he asked if he can do fingering in my ass and I said OK for that. He applied some vaseline on my ass hole and did fingering it pained me a lot but I allowed him to continue. He did nice fingering on me and then I wanted to get banged hard but he wasnt ready for anal. I was feeling bored of same things also I never got opportunity to suck a cock coz his was small one. I started searching for other men on and got a message from a visitor. He mentioned that he likes slim teens a lot and he wants to meet me. I decided to meet that old visitor uncle aged 49 in his hotel room near Majestic. We had video chat on WhatsApp and he went mad on looking at me on cam. He was very muscular bodied and hairy chest. I was very much scared but curious as well. I finally decided to meet him next day. I shaved my complete face and ass butts also and made it full clean on meet day. I reached downside his hotel and called him and he came to pick me down. After reaching his hotel room, he started moving his hand over my back above my T-Shirt and Jeans .

I was feeling very horny. He started the TV and some romantic songs were going on. He started moving his hands over my T-shirt and pants for some time. Then he removed my T-shirt and started squeezing my small nipples very hard I was moaning and little pain and pleasure. Then he started kissing on my nipples one by one and then started chewing on them. He loved my pure hairless chest a lot and he said “Wahh kya maza aaya! Ekdum ladki jaise nipples he tere”. Then he started biting very hard on my nipples I was crying in pain. My nipples completely turned red in color full of his love bites. He continued biting on nipples. He was moaning hard while chewing my nipples and not ready to stop. I also started moving my hands over his pants and started playing over pants.

Then I moved my hand inside his pant and took his big hungry cock in hand. It was so big that it was not even getting in my hands properly. Then he also removed his shirt and pants and told me to get naked. I removed my pants and undies and became full nude in front of that hungry hunk uncle. He started looking at me madly and I was feeling like a naughty bitch. He then carried me like a girl and thrown me on his bed and quickly he jumped over me. He started kissing on my lips madly and then on my neck and slowly he reached back to nipples and then towards my belly he did bite on my belly as well. Then he told me to play with his dick. I removed his undies and came out his monster big black thick dick.

I got scared just by looking at it. I gently kissed over its dick head and slowly took it inside my mouth. That was my first sucking and blowjob experience and I started sucking his cock slowly like a sexy bitch. He was enjoying it and talking dirty while I was sucking. He started saying “Chus le ise lolipop jaise! Yes janeman”. I sucked his cock for 5-10 minutes and then he told me to sleep over my stomach. I slept like that and then he also slept over me like and started kissing on my back neck and on back. I was enjoying a lot slowly he started moving down and he reached my butts. He spanked my butts hard and said “Wahh kya gori gori gaand he re teri! aaj me teri gaand marake rape karunga koi nahi bachaega tuzhe aaj!”. Like this he started biting my butts and then started licking my ass hole. I was thrilled by all this activities.

Specially when he started rimming my ass hole. I was feeling like a complete girly bitch. After some time he said “Chal ab asli maza start karte he”. He again slept over me like I m his wife and started rubbing his big cock on my ass hole. I was ready to get banged and moaning like “Please fuck me hard”. He tried inserting his dick in my ass but it wasnt going. He tried very hard he applied all his force and the dick head went inside and I cried loudly out in pain “aaahhhhh plz nikalo its paining”. But he was not ready to listen to me. I pushed his back and escaped from him. I told him not to fuck only body sex is fine. But he said he wont leave me without fucking me. He started saying “Tere jaisi gori gaand mushkil se milti he aaj tuze chhod ke hi rahunga! Aur nangi tu bhaag bhi nah sakti to chup chap kutti ban ja randi sali”. I was having no other choice so I went in doggy style. He again came in my back side and started inserting his dick in. the head went in first attempt only this time and again I started crying in pain.

He applied all his force and all his dick was in my ass. I was crying in so much pain and he slowly started giving strokes. I was crying and saying please let me go. After some time the pain was less and I also started enjoying the strokes. He then took me in front on a mirror and told me to bend down. He then fucked like that in front of a mirror and said “Dekh kaise maze se chudwa rahi he randi”. After that again he slept over me and fucked me like that for long time and then finally he moaned big and my ass was full of his cum. He slept over me like that only for some time and then whispered in my ears “maza aaya na”. I was completely satisfied and feeling like a real girl sissy bitch. He then ordered some food and soft drinks in his room we had that and then I left his hotel room. He told he needs to meet me every time he visits Bangalore and fuck me and he said next time he will bang me in group along with his other older mate. I got horny just on listening this and again started fantasizing of getting banged by two uncles.

So, friends, I hope you liked my experience. I will share new and new stories and my experiences. Do give your feedback on this and if you are also 40 plus older uncle then I can meet you also.