Gay Adventure With Friend

Hello, indian sex stories dot net friends, let me get straight to the point. My name is Raj (name changed). I am a 25-year-old guy who does an IT job in Ahmedabad. My family lives in a village. I live in my aunts house which is quite big and she stays with her family in Rajkot. The house was empty and when she offered to stay and look after the house I agreed.

The story began when I met my friend on the first day of my job. It was his first day also. He introduced himself as Arpit. He was a year younger than me. He was tall and slim and I am chubby and have a huge ass. As soon as I shook his hands, I knew I wanted him. So I slowly built my friendship with him. I had completely had his trust in one month. We used to spend time together in my house and did party with other friends. He never had any idea about my intentions. I thought the time had come.

On a Friday, I had purposely taken sick leave. I knew if I wanted my asshole pounded by him we needed to be alone without our other friends. So I stayed alone. My maid had completed her work in the morning and I had given her the weekend off. My plan was to get him alone and then blast out everything. In the afternoon, his call came and he asked why I wasnt there today. I was a little nervous. So I said that I had pain in my testicles and wasnt able to walk around. He believed what I said.

Then after that call, I researched about diseases about testicles, and I found one “Orchitis”, where one feels extreme pain and one has to apply ice and keep the area open for as much time as required. I remembered Arpit had left a pair of his clothes before. So I made a plan and called him.

Hi, Arpit, listen I needed a favor. He said sure. I said that I was actually suffering from Orchitis and the doctor has asked me not to do any physical activity unless and until required. So if he would stay for the weekend until I recover it would be great. He agreed and then I also said that I would be actually naked because I have to keep the area open and apply ice all the time for the next 24 hours. He said it would be all right for him.

Now I had to only convince him to get naked with me so that we could enjoy later. He came after work and also bought some dinner with him. When he entered the house and saw me naked while I had a 6″ erection he was having a laugh at it. I controlled but didnt react. I had worn only a t-shirt and nothing else. I was feeling a bit horny and ashamed at the same time.

Arpit was staring at my dick most of the times. I could feel he was getting horny but couldnt approach so quick. We had dinner together and then he cleaned up the table and kitchen and now we were both free. I was sitting on the sofa with my legs spread and ice pack on my testicles and my dick was erect from the evening. Arpit sat on the sofa next to me and took out his mobile. I thought he was trying to take a picture of my dick. I asked him what he was doing and suddenly the flash appeared on his camera and I caught him. His phone slipped from his hand and he immediately started to apologize.

I was waiting for this moment. I expressed anger and asked for his mobile. I said I would forgive him if he would get naked like me. He agreed and he removed all his clothes. His dick was 7″ and thicker than mine. He was trying to cover it with his hands but I told him to show me his erect dick and come and sit next to me.

He came and he sat next to me. I meanwhile deleted the photo and held his penis tightly. He was all nervous and sweaty and his dick was so hot. He said please forgive me and he wont take the photo again. I said it is all right and saying that I started to play with his cock. He was still in shock and didnt notice what I was doing. Then suddenly his attention came to my hand and he pushed away my hand and got up. I romantically patted the sofa and told him to sit next to me.

He was still nervous. He sat next to me and I started to suck his dick and he was horny and when I took his dick in my mouth, he started to push my head more and more as if he was as convinced as me. I felt the thick and long cock in my throat and it was my first time so I was very much happy about it and the air was getting more hotter and hotter. Arpit immediately came in my mouth and I spit the cum out.

He had mixed feelings about this experience and was thinking a lot. I just hugged him and told him that I also wanted this from a long time. Without wasting much time he went outside and bought a pack of 10 condoms and a bottle of lubricant. I was naked and I made the bed for us. When he returned he locked the door and got naked there and his excitement was sky high.

I asked to do in missionary position and he agreed. He applied lubricant on my asshole and his cock. He wore a condom and suddenly just put the tip of his cock on my ass hole and fired his dick in like a rocket. I burst into a scream and he put his hand in my mouth and started to stroke harder and harder and after 5 minutes he came again. I controlled my pain and my screaming because I was hot and this was one of the best experiences of my life.

We did it for the whole night and the next week he brought a friend of his and both of them fucked me like a bitch. Also now in the office, I tell him to let me give a blow job because I like giving him a blow job. He also likes taking a blowjob but he fears for his job. We dont care about the world but we like to fuck each other whenever we get the chance.