That Night With Prajwal

Hi, everyone! My name is Vishal. I am an engineering student and gay curious. This sex story is about a real experience. Coming to my body stats, I am a pretty boy with the slim and smooth figure, 510, 58kgs and very fair complexioned. I am the definition of twink.

This incident took place in my engineering hostel. I am 20 years old and I look much younger(like 16-17). We had a group of friends of both juniors and seniors. We used to have fun, drink and make noise in the hostel. Few friends were living as paying guest in a different locality. They would come to the hostel for such parties. There were no girls in the group.

It was one night when we were all sloshed and decided to sleep. There werent as many mattresses for everyone to sleep. I went to my cot and crashed. All the others were accommodating themselves in different places. A couple of my friends brought a guy to my room and asked him to share the bed with me. He was completely drunk and wasnt in his senses.

That guy is Prajwal who was junior to me. He was stronger, shorter, 58 and around 60 kgs. He came and crashed beside me. We both were asleep. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, I felt something moving against my bum. I was disturbed from my sleep and wondered what it was. Now, I realized it was Prajwal humping me. I found it very funny as I was drunk and laughed it off. I started laughing loudly saying “Hehehe”, he realized that I got to know and he laughed too.

I fell asleep again, he continued humping. I was sleeping to my left and he was sleeping beside me with the wall to his other side. I was gay curious back then and wanted to see whats his next move. Now I turned and was sleeping on my back. He slowly started to reach my lips with his mouth thinking Im asleep. I continued acting that I was fast asleep. He now reached my chin and started kissing, sucking it. His feet were rubbing mine slowly.

By the way, I have girly feet too with smooth, fair, clean and nicely shaped toes. He moved further up and reached my lips and said “I want to kiss you”,I acted like I was asleep through-out and he enjoyed the fact and probably felt that I was all his for the night. He kept on pressing his lips and I denied his kisses initially. But he started forcing his tongue inside my mouth. He said” I love your pink lips” and I slowly parted my lips for his entry. Both our mouths smelt of alcohol and hence we didnt realize it.

He continued to munch on my mouth, lips, sucking my tongue and rolled his tongue with mine. Now, his eyes fell on my chest. I have a smooth, fair boyish chest with big nipples and areola. He said, ” I want to eat your boobs now”. I kept on acting like I was asleep throughout. He kissed my neck and moved down to my chest region where he pulled my shirt up and exposed my chest.

He was sitting on my lap now and moving his hands all over my bare, smooth, girly chest. He started pinching and fondling my nipples and said” I want to suck your tits now” and I let him without moving. He started pinching my left nipple and sucking the right one. I loved the way my tits was getting used by a guy. My lips parted and let out a soft moan “Aahh”. He munched on it happily for few minutes and moved to my navel and he said: “You are as smooth and soft like a girl and I had an eye on you since a long time”. He put his tongue in my navel and licked it.

He now said, “Okay, lets remove our pants”. He removed him in a jiffy and his hard cock sprang up”. I usually dont get hard very soon and I was semi-erect when he pulled my cock out of red underwear. He sniffed and kissed my underwear before keeping it apart. His cock was around 6 inches uncut. I possess a small counterpart with 4.5 inches cut.

Both of us were completely naked now and he held both of our cut and uncut cocks together and started frotting. I slowly started getting hard due to the rubbing of his larger cock. I started feeling good and now he started docking my cut small penis with his larger uncut cock. He said” you have a small clitty baby” and laughed. I was still acting like I was asleep. Now he came near my mouth with his hand and placed on it on my lips and started forcing it in. I came to my senses and opened my eyes and mouth.

He now cackled saying “You are my girl, my cocksucker baby, my slut” and said that he knew that I was enjoying all this. I had nothing to say and I opened my mouth wide for his cock to fuck my face. He kept on fucking my mouth and tasted his precum. It was first to taste of man juice for me. I liked it and continued sucking him well. His dick was covered with my saliva and now he moved towards my small dick where sucked it for a couple of minutes and said: “No, I dont suck this small clit, its not nice”. I just smiled and let him continue exploring my body.

He sat on the other end of the bed while I was laying down on my back. He lifted my legs up and touched my boy-pussy with his fingers. Now, he put his tongue in my pussy and started eating it. I felt so so so good when he was doing it.

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I now realized that Im the pure bottom and loved man eating my boy-pussy. He asked if I like it, I exclaimed, “Oh yes”. Now, I started moaning “Ahh ahh ahh”. He laughed and started pushing his tongue inside my boy-pussy. I felt so good when his moist tongue entered my boy-pussy and was waiting eagerly for his next move. He spits on his hand and applied the saliva on the entrance of my asshole. I felt wet and was wondering what he would do next.

He slowly put his little finger inside my boy-pussy and let it go the full length. I started moaning like a bitch in heat. He pushed his ring finger along with little one now. I felt no pain. He moved up and down till my hole was ready.

He put his forefinger with the middle finger and let me suck his other 2 fingers while he was finger fucking me. I enjoyed it. It pained when he tried to put 3 fingers inside. He applied loads of saliva on my boy-pussy and his dick now. But, it was soon turned into good pleasure and I was ready for his manhood to penetrate me.

He now kissed me, lifted my legs up as I parted my bum cheeks for him enter. He slowly pushed his cock inside my gaping hole. First 2 inches went smoothly, both of us were sweating, him sucking my tits while I held his hair, he pushed further inside.I let out a bigger moan “Aaaaahhhhh”. He was mostly inside now and moved back and forth inside my pussy. It was pain and pleasure, both for me. Definitely, more pleasure though ;)

My boy-pussy relaxed completely and he was going in full flow, in missionary. He removed his dick now and switched on the tube light. We were fucking all this time by the brightness of the street light. He took out of his phone and started clicking pics of me lying down there like a whore. He lifted my legs apart and clicked my gaping hole, red nipples due to his sucking etc.

He lifted both my legs up and continued fucking my pussy while he sucked on my lovely toes. He spanked by a bum couple of times and asked me to be in doggie position, he came behind and mounted me like a dog, I was his slutty bitch being bred. He continued fucking in the same position. Now, he asked me to sit on his cock. I sat on his cock like a slut facing him. My pretty face was tired, we both were sweating and I continued riding my man for the night. Both of us started moaning hard and panting, while he kept moving his hands over my chest, nipples and put his finger in my mouth while I sucked it.

Now he said, “Its very late baby, its almost early morning, we need to wrap up soon before our other friends come to wake us up”.
He was like, suck my cock for 5 mins and then lay down in the missionary position. I sucked him well while he moaned. He said he wants to cum so deep that it reaches my belly. I smiled shyly and laid down on my back lifting my legs up in the air. My small cock was hard and waiting to let my cum out.

He came on top of me, spread my legs apart, I locked my legs with his and he placed his dick in my gaping boy-pussy. He started fucking me hard and told me that he was reaching his climax. By the time, my small dick started oozing cum ( as I cant shoot). He felt this liquid on his stomach and said that I came without even touching my dick. He was like” youre a true slut, faggot and you must be a shemale as you are the girl with a dick”.

I smiled and felt happy. He pushed his dick inside my body again and now he came saying” ahhhh, I love you sweety, my slut, my boy-wife”. I felt his warm cream floating inside me and now, he sat on the bed relaxing. My pussy started to cream-pie slowly and he immediately reached for his phone, clicked loads of our naked pics together and we dressed up for the morning. Both of us were very tired, especially me!

Our friends came to the room early morning and asked how did we sleep last night. Prajwal was like, “We enjoyed a lot and Vishal had played a porn movie also” and winked at me;) I was shocked and didnt say anything.

Our friends seldom realized that we hadnt watched a porn movie, but actually made one;)

Hope all of you like this true story of mine. For any feedbacks, ping me at [email protected] If I get good feedbacks, it will motivate me to write such sexy stories in the future.

Take care!