In The Car

It was a congested and pretty hot down in there. Things were about to go down. He tied my hands backward with a belt. Out of the blue, he leaned forward and started kissing me. It was amazing to feel someone’s lips on yours. Wet, but sweet. He kissed me for 3 minutes and then he asked me to take my tongue out, so I did and we started to French kiss. I was getting aroused. We exchanged saliva and each other’s tongue. He then asked me to stop using my hands and put them in a steady position. He took my mouth and started putting his tongue in my mouth. I was amazing. There was an exchange of saliva and a lot of it. He then spat in my mouth all the saliva that was made off the kiss, it was a lot of it. I swallowed it; wasn’t gross at all. He then unbuckled his pants and shoves his dick in my mouth. He put it so deep that I started to gag. He was deep throating me and I loved it. He said that he was about to cum and I said that just put it in my mouth, as spilling it in the car would be bad, moreover I wanted to drink it. =P

He came like a river. I swear it was like 5 big spoons of cum; sweet and a little musky. It was too much, so ironically some fell on the car mattress. I drank the other half. Seeing me do this he asked to lick it off the floor; I wanted this. I started licking it off the floor. Slimy and sticky it was just amazing. I licked and ate the cum and some which were left on the car seat was fed to me by my beast through his fingers. I licked his fingers off.

We cuddled for 10-15 minutes with some kisses and it was the time for round 2. I didn’t say a word and he shoved his cock in my ass. I moaned, I moaned hard. It was audible, as I never took a 6-inch dick in my ass. As I shouted he shoved his left hand into my mouth. Now, my both the holes were engaged in some work. He kept pushing his dick into my ass and his hand in my mouth. He fucked me for 10 minutes and took his dick out. He said, “Hang on, I want to take a piss”. I said, “someone can see you, do it in my mouth!” He was surprised that how big of a slut I am, but there was no other choice. I said this time he should do it slowly. He then started to pee in my mouth, slowly with a little moaning. It was some hot piss and a little gross too. I mean it was piss, but it was all right as I was like a public urinal for him. I drank all the piss. It wasn’t much just like a little. At that moment I wasn’t anything; I was a slut; a public urinal. My mouth was a cum receptacle. My shirt lying down was a blouse.

After peeing I his sucked his dick for the remainder of it and to taste what was it like. He said, “You are indeed a slut”. I laughed and kept sucking his dick. He then asked me to suck his ass; best part, maybe? My hands were tied but my mouth wasn’t I shoved my tongue in his ass and kept licking it for 10 minutes. It was not the first time I was licking an ass, so did some tricks to make him feel better and trust me, he did. He then said let’s get it over with and fucked me for 5 more minutes before getting to my mouth. I was waiting for a second load. As soon he put his dick my mouth he came. This time I handled all of it

I drank every single drop of it. He then said, “You want some more”. Heck yes, I wanted more, but I wasn’t sure whether he was ready for a third round. He read my expressions and said, “Don’t worry, it won’t be mine”. I got that and he started to give me a hand job and shook it vigorously. I was moaning and in order to stop it, he again shoved his hand in my mouth. It took him 3 minutes to make me cum. When I came almost everything became blurred but it was a whole new sensation. He then took all my cum and asked me to eat it. Almost unconsciously I ate my own cum. It was not a bad idea after all. I ate some of it and the other half he rubbed on my face. It was a little more than I expected, so some were still left in his hand and I then started to eat it off slowly within licking it with my tongue and enjoying my own cum. I ate every last bit of it. Some fell on his leg, so I sucked that too. I asked him to kiss me, but he said that I was a cum dumpster and I was having cum in my mouth and there is no way he was going to kiss me.

He then lied on the back seat and asked me to keep sucking his dick for the whole night. He came one time and also wanted to pee, but instead doing somewhere else he did in my mouth when his dick was in the mouth. Almost everything fell out, but he ended up ordering me to lick it all off. When I was about to pass out, I was still sucking his dick. He said, “You are a slut”. I laughed and kept sucking it. My body, mouth, hands and everything was full of cum. I passed out with his dick in my mouth.