Brother’s Bestfriend 2 (Craving)

Hi, readers, I’m back here after the overwhelming response to my first sex story published as “Brother’s Best friend”. This sex story is a continuation part of the previous sex story. I’m Rishi, 23yr old, brownish guy. I’m 168cm tall, mid figure guy. Whereas Sahil is 26 yr, old fair guy? He is 6 feet tall, hefty gym-toned guy, with an 8-inch thick cock and huge hanging balls. Let’s get started with the second erotic session which happened that day.

After my erotic blowjob session to my Brother’s Bestfriend Sahil, Sahil lifted me and took me to the bathroom. We both were naked and still, I could feel his manliness. Feeling his bare chest and smelling him made me hornier. We started kissing each other very badly, smooching each other, pushing each other towards the wall. We became wild animals in the bathroom.

I was heavily breathing now and still, we couldnt stop kissing each other. Sahil switched on the shower and we both had a hot bath under it. We hugged each other and kept looking into each other’s eyes. We started cleaning each other, Sahil applied some soap to me and started rubbing it’s foam all over me gently. I could feel hot sensation, still thinking it’s a dream. I asked Sahil, “Is it a dream?”.

He came close to my ears and whispered, “No! it isn’t” and giggly licked my ears and gave a bite on my ears to make me realize it isn’t a dream. It felt very giggly, we both smiled and kept looking each other. Slowly Sahil came behind me and started kissing my neck (holding my hips).I could feel him very strong now. Then he started rubbing foam over my chest (still kissing and licking my neck).

Then I just kept my eyes closed and was enjoying his closeness. He was rubbing my chest very gently and started pressing my nipples. The feeling was above I could ever feel. I could feel his fingers moving down towards my stomach and down towards my crotch.

I was hard now, He holds my dick with one hand and started massaging balls. It felt awesome, I moaned “Ahhh”. I opened my eyes and moved my head and looked into Sahils eyes. Sahil asked, “How it feels?”. “It feels like heaven, and hearings your breath and smelling you makes me madder for you”, I replied. He smiled, “I’ll make it more exciting”, he replied.

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He gently started jerking my dick off, it was hard now. Looking at my dick and he said, “Mhm, Not bad( and he winked)”. He increased his speed, it was giving me more pleasure. He continued, looking back, I kissed his neck and gave him a bite(still holding my bite over his neck). As he continued with increased speed, I could feel the sensation down from my stomach down towards my balls. My bite was deep now and I moved over.

I was moaning heavy now, “Ahh, Oh, Sahil, its feeling like a heaven”. He continued even hard now, “I was about to cum now.”, I said, “I’ll cum any moment”. Suddenly, he stopped and said, “This is not the right time for you to cum”. I said, “Please Sahil. Don’t leave me like this, please”. He closed my mouth with his palm and said, “There is a surprise waiting for you next time. You got to wait and save it for me”.

We had a quick shower then he lifted me and brought me out of the bathroom. He took a towel, wrapped me around and kissed me. He was still nude in front of me making me more horny as fuck. He took another towel and wrapped himself, asked me for the bedroom. We went to the bedroom and sat on the bed.

We were still wet. He started playing with my hairs, they wet dripping wet smiling at me he said, “How cute you look? You make me hornier. Ill save you for the best”. Then He stood in front of me. I could still see the bulge in his towel. He removed his towel and I kept staring at his bouncing balls and his dick. He started drying my hair while I was sitting on the bed and he was standing in front of me with his huge dick which was still hard.

This scene made him more horny to cum. Still thinking about his surprise for me. His huge dick made me suck him again. While he was rubbing my hairs, I started moving closer to his dick to suck him. Suddenly he stopped. I asked him, “Why? I want to do it”. He replied, “Lets save it for the best”.

Now his reply made me think more about his plans for us. Then, he quickly dried me and later himself and moved out of the bedroom and started dressing. I’m still on towel went behind him asking if he is leaving?. He said, “Yea, rain has stopped and he got to leave now”.

I was a bit upset with this and he could see it on my face. He came close to me, hugged me and kissed on my cheeks saying “Don’t get upset Rishi, it will be more fun when I’ll be back. Let me go now. There is a surprise waiting for you(pressing my butt and he spanked it)”. I said, “Okay (Thinking about his surprise)”.

He dressed completely, took his helmet and moved towards the door. He looked back and asked me, what I like to eat most. Replying to him I said, “Chocolates!!”. Hearing this he gave me an evil smile and winked at me and said pretty good taste I have. It made me confused thinking he might bring chocolates next time with him for me.

Looking at my confused state he said, “My cute baby Rishi, Don’t think much(he winked) just think about your surprise :) ”. Following this, he said, “You have a cute Ass and laughed”. He moved out, waved me with an evil wink this time. Now he left me puzzled thinking about his surprise. I closed the door while unwrapping my towel and sat on the couch.

Looking at my dick which was still hard could feel my balls completely filled with cum. Earlier I thought to jerkoff and emptying my balls sack, but then clicked what Sahil said to wait for the right time and I hold myself back and tried to relax. Thinking about Sahil and his surprise made me more crave for him and urge to release myself completely for him.

What was Sahil thinking? What his surprise was? How our relationship will go further sexually and emotionally? To know more. Stay tuned for the next part. Did Sahil tell me when he is going to come back? Did I even have his mobile number to contact? How and when we are going to meet?

Now I was in a doomed state where I did not have any contact of Sahil and no idea when he is going to arrive back. All he left me that day was horny and CRAVE for him. Let’s see in a next part of the sex story. Brother’s Best friend 3 (Surprise)

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