CD Trip To Chattisgarh

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I guess you all know I am bisexual and I love to cross-dressing. This is another one of my experiences which happened a week ago, in a small town in Chattisgarh. The nearest flight connect was Raipur so I reached there and my onward journey was by train so I had a few hours to spare.

The trip was for 3 days and I was alone so I went in search of a lingerie shop. I found one ( which has become my regular shop since last 3 visits in 3 months since Raipur being my town of entry for Chattisgarh state visits as there is the only airport there. Then I take the train to various smaller towns.)and bought myself a nice C cup full coverage bra ( which it gives the good shape of boobs when I put cloth pads in it), a nice lace panty and pantyhose. Then a visit to the chemist for condoms, and then a pack of smokes.

Here on, I will tell in the Hindi and English mix for readers of Indian and foreign origin. I reached the train station and boarded my train. The weather was a bit cloudy and hence humid. Well, I reached my destination around 5 pm. I checked into a hotel and had a shower.

It was a small hotel in a small town and no special facilities except an AC room and weak wifi. Well after a shower, I dressed up and checked my emails and had nothing better to do. They had no fridge so I called up the reception cum room service cum housekeeping etc.

There was one guy at the reception in charge for the night and 3 waiters for the whole hotel for the night. I wanted a bottle of mineral water and they told me they are out of stock and will get some in a few mins. While waiting, I decided to try out my new lingerie and then change to normal and go for a walk around the town.

I wore the panty and the pantyhose over it. Then I slipped on the bra and was hooking it up that the door opened and incomes the guy with the bottle of water and I was standing there with my bra over me and hands behind my back trying to hook it. Well, I was scared like hell and then he just closed the door behind him.

The bottle went on the table and I just quickly wore a t-shirt over the bra. He just stood there. I gave him a tip and asked about what I can do in the town. He was just staring at my pantyhosed legs. Then I asked him his name and if I can get a date in town or a massage parlor. He said his name in Manoj(lets call him m) and there is one massage parlor but only gents.

I lit a smoke and he said the parlor guys might also do massage in the hotel and I can go and ask them( it was a 10 min walk from hotel). I then asked him if he can help to hook up the bra on my back. He said sure. I lifted my t-shirt just enough for him and he hooked up the bra. I asked him if there are no females date available can I get a guy?

M- you want a guy for a massage?
Me- well, yes, massage and some fun
M what fun can you do with a guy ( ladke ke saath kya maja karoge?)
Do you want to do from behind with that guy?( ladke ki peeche se maaroge?)
Me- no dude! I want a massage and as you see I dress as a girl, so how will I do from behind to guy.I will dress as girl and guy should do me from behind.( mujhe massage chahiye aur uke baad main ladki jaise dress karunga and ladka mere peeche se meri marega)

Do you know anyone who can do?
M ohh!! Ok, I will check and tell.

He said I gave him another tip and told him not to tell manager or I could be in trouble and he should tell me only.
Me- I am going for a walk will be back in an hour
M- ok

I changed back to normal and went for walk, I crossed the massage parlor and I went in. I asked for charges and what all they could do. The owner was a mid-aged guy, dark and shabby local and he was the only masseuse there. I didnt like the place and the guy so I just asked him if he does service in the hotel, he said no.

I thanked him and went on about my walk and came back to hotel sweating after the walk in the humid weather. I saw Manoj chatting with the night duty manager ( Mohan- lets call him dm) they just said good evening and I went to my room on the 2nd floor by the stairs( no lifts here).

I went in locked my door had a bit of water and switched on ac. All sweating I ordered a couple of beers and went for a shower. M rang the doorbell and had got the beers just as I stepped out of the shower and wrapped my towel around my waist and opened the door. He came in put the bottle on the table and opened one. I again asked him to hook my bra and he did so. ( I so love it when someone else hooks my bra for me ). I lit a smoke and I asked him

Me- did you find a boy to massage and fun for me? ( koi ladka mile massage and maja karne ko?)
M yes I talked to another waiter, he said he can do what you like( main dusra waiter se baat kari hai aur wo aap ke saath kaam kar dega)
Me another waiter, then if he comes to my room and stays for a long time, then the manager will know. ( wo mere room pe itni der tak karega ye sab to manager ko pata lag jayega)
M he will say he is going for some work for 1 hour and he will come, I will say he went from staff exit at the hotel back. ( wo bol de ga koi kaam se jaa raha hai aur mere ko dm puchega to main bolunga ke peeche se chala gaya)
Me- whats his name, when will he come?( kya naam hai uska aur kab aayega wo?)
M Raj Kumar(RK) he will come after 1030 when all are asleep.
Me ok

I changed into Sheila( my girl name) and had my beers and ordered food and a pack of smokes.

M- got my food around 930pm and I was in full gurl mode with padded bra and pantyhose and a tight top and shorts. He was ok with my dress so I was enjoying being Sheila.

When he came to clear the dishes, he said ok will be there by 1030 and will knock three times. So that I know it is him. I thanked him and locked the door, had a smoke and lubed up my hole and was ready and watching tv.

I was excited and anxious and nervous all at the same time. I lit another smoke and was watching tv when there was a knock on the door, it wasnt the 3knocks so I asked who is it. Then after a few seconds, there were 3 knocks.

I was nervous and almost finished with my smoke so I lit another one and opened the door and hid behind it. In walked a guy in late twenties about 5ft8in with an average build.

I closed the door and asked
Me- whats your name?
Rk my name is Raj Kumar(RK)
Me who sent you?
Rk Manoj sent me, he said you want some entertainment( Manoj bola aap ko kuch manoranjan chahiye)
Me can you massage me? ( meri malish karoge?)
Rk you will dress like( pointing to me as I was dressed as sheila) this for massage and entertainment?
Me- yes I like to dress as gurl and have fun ( mujhe ladki jaise mein maja karna hai, acha lagta hai)
Rk ok first I will massage, you lie on the bed ( ok pehle malish karta hoon, let jao bed pe)

I went and lay on the bed face down and he got on the bed and started rubbing my back and shoulders. He moved down to thighs and calves. It was feeling good and was relaxing. He was massaging my legs over the pantyhose and about 5 mins of massaging my legs he asked to remove pantyhose.

Rk should I keep massaging overstocking or will you remove it?
Me- how do you want it? ( tum ko kaise acha lagta hai?)
Rk open the stocking and t-shirt ( stocking aur t-shirt nikal do )
Me- ok

I got to open my hose and t-shirt and I asked him to open his t-shirt and jeans. As I got rid of my pantyhose and t-shirt I was only in a lace thong and padded bra. With my dick tucked in, which was now tingling and would soon pop out as it got hard. We both had our backs to each other and he said

Rk I am not wearing under wear is it ok if I strip jeans( maine chadi nahi daali, jeans khol du kya?)
Me yes sure

Well, he got rid of his t-shirt and jeans and he was not wearing any underwear. He had a nice shaved tool semi-hard and strong legs. When we faced each other he was a bit surprised, ” nice boobs” he said

I lay down again on the bed face up and he came on the bed and massaged my thighs and belly. He was getting harder. After a few mins, he asked me to turn over on my belly. As I was turning he put his fingers on the side of my thong and slid it down my legs. I was now totally nude except for my padded bra in front of a guy I met barely 30 mins ago. He took some lotion which I had given for massage and spread it on my bums. He massaged my ass cheeks with nice slow regular moves.

That felt so good. He massaged my back from shoulder to bums in long strokes with his strong hands. After every few rubs on my back, his hands would go lower till when he had his hands rubbing between the bums at the end of the stroke. He put some cream on both bums and was massaging in round motion. I could feel his hard-on poking my leg on the side.

More cream on my bums and in the round massage motion his thumbs started poking my hole. I moaned a bit and moved my left hand back and rubbed his hard-on which was now in its full hardness was about 6 -7 ” long. He stopped rubbing my bums. After a couple of mins, he came in my hand. I was a bit sad since he came then he would not be able to do the real thing with me.

Me Seems you were in the mood and now you have come. Should we stop now? ( lagta hain tum mood mein the, tumhara to maal nikal gaya, ab bas karen kya?)

Rk not yet let me clean up and massage your bums, they are too soft n sexy then we will have some fun( abhi nahin , abhi aur massage karunga tumhari gaand , badi naram aur sexy hai, fir maja karenge)

He got some tissues and wiped my thigh and I went to wash my hand. We both were now standing in front of each other. His dick loses and hanging and my semi-hard. He was nude I was only in a padded bra. I lit up a smoke and he asked for one. He also lit one up.
I held his hand and took him in front of the dressing mirror ( which was a basic old fashioned long mirror with a side table) and we both stood in front of the mirror and what a sight it was.

A sexy young naked guy with a semi-naked girl and both smoking. We were just looking at ourselves in the mirror and smoking and I just held his dick and rubbed it. After a couple of mins, I could feel in getting into action. The scene in the mirror was so hot I just lit another smoke and was enjoying the scene. He just away and returned with a glob of lotion on his hand and in front of the mirror he put the lotion on my bums and started rubbing them while I was smoking.

This time his index finger went right into the hole. There was a lot of lotion on that believe me the scene in the mirror, a girl naked ( except for padded bra ) with a dick semi-hard, a naked guy with semi hard on fingering the gurl making squishing sounds. I was getting soo turned on.

I just got down on my knees and started sucking him. He was moaning softly held my hair. After 5 mins of sucking, he was hard and he held me and took me to the bed. I gave him a condom which he rolled on his dick in no time. He made me lie on my back, held my ankle and spread my legs wide.

He positioned his tool on my hole and pushed. The lotion, fingering and horniness made me so ready for him. One push and he was fully in. He just held it there and his eyes closed. Then after half a min, he started full long strokes which were getting faster and faster with every stroke. My boobies were bouncing like real, I had to hold them.

Rk- god you are looking sooo hottt( hey bhagwan tum bahut sexy lag rahi ho )

I was getting hard and he was pumping me and he was making thup thup sound with each stroke. It was soo cool. He already came and so he wasnt going to cum so soon again, he just closed my legs and put my knees on my chest and entered again.

He went so deep I lost control and was moaning. He just motioned me to be silent as sound would go out. He likes to do slow long strokes just the way I like it. He did deep long strokes for a long while and then it turned for riding him.

He lay down and I understood he wants me to ride him. I adjusted my boobs and sat on his hard rod which was pointing to the roof. As soon as I sat on his dick and had it deep in me he held my boobs
Rk you look so hot with boobs and your bums are so soft and sexy( tum boobs bana ke bahut sexy lagte ho aur tumhari gand bahut naram sexy hai)

And he started pumping me from under me. Ohhh. Then after a while, I started jumping on his dick he held my dick and was stroking with his right hand and left hand holding my right boob. I got tired after a while and without removing his dick he made me lie on bed sideways and pumped in long strokes

I held my dick and I came in 2 strokes and the cum flew a good 2 feet and landed on the floor. His speed increased and suddenly with one final push deep in me he groaned and came and came.

We both lay there catching our breath and got up after 5 mins. I went to get a smoke and noticed on my phone watch it had been almost an hour into our romping of massage and fun.

We again went to the mirror and smoked. He was enjoying the scene in the mirror. Then, he got dressed and before leaving I gave him a tip and he asked how many days will I stay. 3 night I said.

He squeezed my ass before he left and just before he left he said
Rk my shift will be over at 7 am, should I come early morning?

Well, I wasnt going to complain or say no. So I locked my door and slept naked. Morning 0530 am my room phone rang,

” good morning madam” I was a bit surprised
Next, the voice said, ” this is Raj Kumar, can I come now ?”

Well, thats for the second part of the sex story folks,