Getting Sucked By A Gay

I am Rahul, a straight guy, though sometimes I think I am a bi because I get turned on when I watch gay flicks especially guys fucking she males. I am good –looking, Fair north Indian guy. I’m married to a beautiful woman who is equally straight, and we enjoy a super sex life.

Things changed for me changed about six weeks ago when I found myself out of town on a business trip and had the entire afternoon and evening to myself. Not very far from the office building of my client, there was a Theatre.

Without realizing that it was a b grade theatre that was usually visited by gays, I walked in and bought the ticket and entered the theatre. A b grade sex movie was going on since I got aroused and the theater was nearly empty I rubbed my erect cock through my pants, and although I was dripping, I didn’t come. I took my hands quickly out of my lap when a guy sat down right next to me.

In an almost empty theater, he picked the seat next to mine, which I assumed was some kind of strategy on his part. I figured I would sit there a couple of minutes, and then move to another more private seat where I could continue my self-indulgence. I didn’t want to appear too obvious about it, however.

Before I got up to leave, this guy suddenly reached over and touched my softening penis. Startled by this sudden move, I pushed his hand away, and moved to get up. I don’t remember saying anything to him; instead, without saying a word, this guy got up and moved some distance from me.

I went back to watching the picture and, as a well built guy who was getting a blowjob from a girl came in her mouth and filled it with cum, I let my hand busy itself with my prick.

Now, I had never in my entire life ever had any sexual contact with another man, but watching the picture I got horny enough to think that maybe I should have let the guy play with me. It was fantasy watching the movie anyway; I could always pretend it was the woman on the screen doing me instead of this stranger.
I looked over and I could just barely see that he was still sitting where he had moved. I said to myself, what the hell, and I went over and sat down next to him.

As I sat down, he whispered, “Change your mind?” I nodded. As I looked around to be sure there was no one watching, he unzipped my fly.

I was surprised how soft his hands were on my cock. It was a few nervous minutes, though, before it began to feel good. I looked at him. He was good-looking, probably early twenties, with short hair, a clean shave, and nice preppy-looking attire.

Like me, the stranger watched the movie, jacking me off slowly while his eyes feasted on the lusty action on the big screen. He stopped long enough to pull out his own cock, and while he stroked me, he also masturbated with slow, deliberate strokes.

Once, when I was about to come, I grabbed his hand, as I was sure I was about to ejaculate all over myself, but my signal was understood. He squeezed the tip of my prick between two fingers, cutting off the flow of my sperm. It certainly kept me from coming completely, but I did drip a little onto his fingers.

When he released his grip, a small amount of semen squirted out and I notice him lick the stuff off with his tongue. He looked over at me and smiled.

Without really being conscious of my action, I reached over and began to play with his cock, keeping my eyes peeled on the screen.
His dick was larger than mine, and I was surprised at how hot and moist it was. I realized it was pulsing with his blood and lathered with his saliva.

I stroked him slowly and cautiously, and by now I was enjoying playing with him and being played with. The action on the screen drove my passion.

I don’t remember exactly how it came about, but suddenly he was on his knees, on the floor between the seats, with my cock in his mouth.
This guy was just as good, and at the same time, there was something even a little better about it.

He was holding the base of my cock with one hand, and had reached into my fly and was playing with my balls with the other. His mouth was up and down on my entire shaft. I started to come a couple of times, but he sensed it and I was able to hold off.

After the second time, he said, “Go ahead and come.” I found myself draining into his mouth the biggest load of come I’d had for a long time.

When I cum, I’m usually finished—no longer that interested in sex, but with this guy, I had just finished a huge orgasm and I was still ready for more.

My prick started to get soft in his mouth, but he kept sucking and, in what seemed like a short time, I was hard again.

He zipped up his pants, I did the same, and he took me to the men’s room. In the light, he was not a bad-looking guy. As we both took a leak he asked me if I wanted to continue. I told him yes, we went upstairs to the theater. There were five guys sitting in a group and we joined them. This guy I was with told them I had just lost my virginity, and wanted to get it on with anyone willing. One of the guys volunteered to “watch the door,” and in the back corner of this small theater, me, Mr. Straight, sat comfortably in a theater seat.
One guy, the youngest, sucked me through two more climaxes, while I watched these two beautiful boys butt-fucking making me horny, after getting sucked by almost all the five guys and Cumming thrice, I had enough and pulled up my pants and left the theatre.
I feel that I am a bi sexual, though I like to get sucked, I don’t like to suck, but don’t mind shagging the guys dick, I am also open to butt fucking if there’s anyone willing. I am settled in Chennai now.
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