Being A Slave For 2 Guys

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I was made complete bottom whore. In one month I had almost 8 different men in different encounters. 2 guys approached me for a session. Tho it was my first submission I was excited and was confident. I reached their flat at around 8 pm. We had some conversation. Sorry I dont mention their names one was aadi 27 years old other was Salman 28 years old. They had nice physic. We had some drinks and had food.

At around 9:30 they asked me shall we start. My heart started beating loud and fast. I said yes. Salman made me Neal down he sat on the sofa. He gave me a slap it was hard and sound was loud and crispy. My face turned red. Aadi went inside and brought some submission stuffs Rope, sticks, badminton bat, mask, candles and all. Salman told me to get nude. I was removing my dress, aadi hit me with a stick and told to do it fast. I was nude within no time.
Slaman removed his cock and I took it in my mouth. It was an 8-inch cock. He immediately pushed me towards him complete cock was inside my mouth. I was not able to breathe. He was stroking like a mad dog. My saliva was coming from my nose and mouth. His complete cock had become jelly due to my saliva.

It was unbearable I was telling please do it slowly. No one cared. My hands were tied from behind by aadi. Aadi took me on his lap and started hitting my ass with badminton bat. After every shot, I had to say thanks. Salman was sitting in front of my face. After 2 shots I told slow. Soon Salman slapped me on the face and told ‘its thanks not slow ‘. Tears came from my eyes. My ass and face were being completely red. I never taught this would be this much horror.

Aadi was fucking my mouth hard I was gagging. He was deep inside my throat he came and ejaculated there . His cum came out of my nose. It went inside throat . My mouth was full. Salman was telling me not to spit a single drop. I never drank cum before , I only took in mouth and spitted it before. But now I has no choice I drank little but still my mouth was full. My nose was full of cum. I wanted to rub my nose but my hands were tied. Salman inserted his cock inside my mouth again. My mouth was still having aadis cum . He started fucking in that only. My face was full of cum soon Salman discharged huge load in mouth . After that my mouth was held tight by him so that I should drink all cum. I was trying but only half mixed cum ( aadi and Salman ) i drank .

Remaining cum was rubbed all over my face . My mouth , nose full face was with cum. I was left on floor . They didnt wipe me. Their cum was drying on my face. After an hour they were charged again . They took me to the toilet and pissed at me. I cleaned myself with their piss. After that I had bath with water. And came out. I taught now we would sleep. But soon they started fucking me in the ass . They were to much hard . My moans were getting load . I was enjoying their cock in my ass . They continuously exchanged their position one in mouth other in ass. They both again came in my mouth and this time amount of cum was less . I drank all their cum
I was tired . I wanted to sleep. But aadi came and sat on my face . I was told to lick his ass. I was licking. Salman took jam and applied on his ass and I licked all the jam.they both made to lick their ass for 2 hours . They sometime sat Im my face and rubbed their ass hard on my face. . I slept on their ass

Morning at 9 we got up . I was smelling like cum dump. They asked how was yesterday . I was feeling happy because my dream of being slave had came true. I laughed and told excellent . Aadi told after breakfast we will start again. I was ok. They tied me on the bed both my legs and hands were tied. Hot candle liquid was falling on my body. It was a pain with thrill. They used a candle and started fisting. It was faster than the machine.

My legs were shivering, eyes were rolling I even was not able to moan it was so fast. The fisting was so fast that due to pleasure of ass my cock ejaculated. I was like dead by now. They took my cum and rubbed on my face and spitted on my face. That night they tried to double penetrate it was horrible to thank God it was not comfortable to fuck. But when they were trying it was more painful. That night they both fucked me very hard. My ass hole had become red . That night Salman kept his dick in my mouth and told me till morning it should be like thismrng only. I got up first. Dick was not in my mouth . His dick was not erected I took his dick in mouth and acted like sleeping. Again they had quick blowjob in morning . I got freshened up. They dropped me to my place . 2 nights They fucked me , abused me , made me to drink cum, and even more. I never taught it would be so hard. But at last I enjoyed it. It was my first submission story. I will write about my other encounters in next part…

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