Fucked My Neighbour

Hello friends, this is my third story at ISS, if you havent already read the first two, go ahead and check them out as well. I am 18 years old, and really lust this girl, 18 as well, from my apartment. She is dark, short and has quite big boobs and hips. Both of us lust each other and finally enjoyed fully for three straight days.

On Diwali, after we burnt some crackers, my parents decided to go for tea, with all the other adults. It was 12 am, and I thought for it to be the perfect time for fulfilling my desires. I secretly wrote a note which asked her to come to my house as soon as all the adults leave and handed it over to her. She didnt understand why, but nonetheless came. I sat her down and while talking, I suddenly, locked my lips with hers. She didnt resist at all and she kissed back. Her hand went straight to my dick and mine to her pussy as we started rubbing them and kissing. She said that we dont have much time as our parents might come anytime. So I quickly lowered her tracks and underwear, just enough for my dick to enter her pussy. I rolled my dick around her pussy, as we spat on it, until it became really smooth and sticky.

Both of us are very hairy and the hair became so wet and sticky that they entangled and stuck. Now I quickly entered into her and both of us moaned. Her tracks and my pants were also wet, but we didnt stop. I slowly started rocking her, and soon came inside her, which made her orgasm too. We started kissing, and I slowly removed my penis out of her which was so wet and sticky that a layer of threads extended from her pussy to my dickhead. I started rubbing my penis onto her pussy, when suddenly the bell rang. We quickly pulled up our pants and covered the wet part by stretching our t-shirts.

A few days later, when my parents went out of town for three days, I invited her to stay with me for that time. She lied to her parents about going for a college trip and came over. It was in the morning 7 am, when she came and we tightly hugged.
I told her about my fascination of hugging her naked, which she willingly agreed. We undressed and hugged. She opened my penis and I stretched her pussy, both of us still hugging, and we connected both of them. I didnt enter her, my penis lay over her pussy and we started rubbing them. The smell of our unbathed, sweaty bodies made us hornier and we started rubbing harder, the friction caused so much heat between our legs, that our skin got red and started hurting which made us stop. We were panting for breath but wanted more. We started kissing and started waking towards my room.

I lay down on the bed and she sat on my face. I started eating her. Being so horny, her pussy was wet and hot. It was like drinking hot nectar. I then, tongue fucked before she came all over my face.

She then, took my penis in her mouth, and gave me a blowjob. I came all over her face and we went for a bath. I got the bathtub ready with perfect temperature water, and both of us lay in it. I lay down on top of me and guided my penis into her. We fucked for a while in this position, all this while kissing each other. We then moved to the opposite sides of the bathtub, where we took each others feet into our mouths and sucked and joined our penis and pussy in that position. After having a sexy bath, we decided to make out for a while and see how long we do it for non-stop. We started a stopwatch and I made her sit on me, and we started. We tongue kissed, swapped saliva, lip locked and tongue wrestled for 3 hours without pause. Being tired now, we slept for a while cuddled up in a blanket on the same single bed. We woke up after 4-5 hours of sleep and each took a viagra pill.

I then quickly went inside of her and started fucking her hard and fast. We changed positions and did, dog style, missionary pose, we tried lesbian scissor pose, standing, sitting and all the poses we knew about. After this, we did a 69.

This was our first day and we ended it with a heavy meal and slept until next morning. The next morning, I woke her up and started kissing her straightaway. I then took her to the bathroom where she asked me to enter her pee hole. I denied as it would pain her, but she insisted I then entered just a little when she started peeing and I did too. It was the best 1 minute of my life. We then sat and watched a porn movie together, sharing an ice cream through our mouths.

I put some ice-cream in her underarm and licked it, and then she did it with me too.

We then went for a final round of sex with, lots of cream between our sex parts, which due to our sweat, constant pressing became really smoothed out. After achieving orgasm, we put the cream in a bowl and shared it. It was a mixture of cream, our sweats, our orgasm, and our spit, and it tasted weird but made us horny. We made out for a while and then continued our sex journey through the next and the last day of our living together. These were the best days of our life and we are looking forward to the 5 days where our parents are going out again. Stay tuned for the next part, which I will write after those 5 days.

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