Hookup With Guy I Met Online

Hi guys my name is Ankit Singh and this is my first story in indian sex stories dot net.
I often read stories here especially gay male category and enjoy reading it. I have decided to share my first and only sex experience with you guys.

I was living with my relatives in Surat and was preparing for my CA exams which soon ended. After the exams I had nothing to do and I started feeling lonely because I didnt know anyone in Surat and my relatives were not free either.
I felt very lonely and horny. I used to masturbate a lot and watch a lot of porn (mostly gay). I was curious about how it felt to be fucked by another guy and I wanted to be fucked at least once.

So I decided to download a gay dating app which used GPS to detect people who are nearby.

The app was really good and I found many people who lived nearby. Some of them were online and I chose one who was the closest. He was very close around 200 meters from my home.
I sent him hi and we started chatting. I found out that he didnt have any place so I started chatting with another person. His name was Joseph. We talked for a while and he told me that he had a place so we agreed to meet the next day at 6 in the evening.

I was very excited and nervous at the same time because It was my first time. I masturbated many times thinking of what would happen and even searched online for how to give a perfect blow job.

Soon the day passed and I went to meet him. I was astonished to see him. He was a 40-year-old guy with white hair and french beard. He told me that the office in which he works will soon be empty and we can do it there.

After some time he took me to the office which was well built and clocked the door.

There was a very comfortable sofa there and he undressed and asked me to do the same.

I undressed quickly and when I was done he pushed me to the sofa and started kissing me. Our tongues touched each other and we kissed for 10 minutes.

Then he stood up and started rubbing his white cut and clean shaved cock. I sat on my knees and held his cock. It was not that big but it looked good. I started rubbing it with my left hand and then I put it in my mouth. It was tasteless. I started sucking it and he started moaning “yes” “take it deeper” “yes baby”.

After a while he pulled me up and started kissing me and then my body. He started bitting my big nipples and sucked it. It was painful but it felt great. He then lied down in the sofa and i started sucking his cock lying down.

He then stood up while his dick in my mouth. He held my head and started fucking my mouth after few minutes he came in my mouth. His cum tasted very bad and i was about to spit it but he forced me to drink it.

After that, he told me in my ear that he will now fuck me.
He went to another room and brought a condom and oil to lubricate my ass.

He made me lie on the couch holding my legs while he wore the condom and then he took some oil and rubbed it in my ass. He then started fingering my ass with two fingers and then three and soon four. It started hurting and I started shouting in pain “ahhh its hurting stop it” he said ” It will hurt at start but soon it will feel good so stop crying like a bitch.”

Then he started fucking my ass while i was screaming. Soon my pain vanished and i started moaning. Seeing this he started stroking harder and deeper. I could feel him thrust hard in me as I moaned ahh ahh ahhh. He fucked me for next half an hour while i moaned and then he came.

He then took out his condom and started fucking me again. It felt better without a condom and he was fucking me like a wild animal. After some time he came inside me.

I was exhausted and his cum was coming out of my ass. I went in the bath room and cleaned my ass and wash my face and then i dressed up. He dressed up too and then he flushed the condom. We cleaned the office and then he locked all the rooms while I was waiting. After shutting the office we went out for dinner together in his motor cycle. We had the food and then i gave him blow job in the restaurant bath room. Then he drove me to my home and we parted with a kiss.

Next day I messaged him that last night was great and I had lots of fun. He wrote that we can have that much fun every day. I sent him a smiley emoji and two kissing emojis. That day he brought his friend Akshay with him and they both fucked me. One fucked me while the other put his dick in my mouth it was too much fun. I drank all their cum and then they left me at my place.
The following day was a Sunday and I wanted something bigger so I called Joseph and told him about arranging something big for me so he called more of his friends to his home and I had a gang bang with at least 7 guys. Some of them were very big and it felt so good. I gave them all a blow job and all of them came in my mouth one by one and then fucked me very hard.

The next day I had to go back to Lucknow so I left but I really enjoyed it in Surat.

Hope you enjoyed my story.
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