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It was like any other normal day and I was bored. I did enter the chat room in Bangalore where users can chat anonymously. I came across a hot and sexy divorced lady with Bangalore as the common interest who said she was 34 years old. So we started chatting and asking where she lives, she said she doesnt live in Bangalore at present but lives in Dubai now. Although being from Bangalore, she hardly visits it anymore. She was really sweet with her talks and I friendly asked her how she was doing in life. She did confess that she has been missing the physical pleasures after being divorced. So I advised her that she isnt that old to regret anything and rather than missing it, she should be out enjoying the freedom that she has now.

All of a sudden she asked me if she can see a photo of me so that she can be comfortable. So we did exchange the kik ids and I sent her a pic of mine and she did the same. She was a real Arabian Beauty and I did tease a bit about that. Upon asking why she was in Bangalore chat room, she said that she would be visiting Bangalore for a couple of days and since that she doesnt know anyone in the city, she was looking for a company. She did ask me whether I was free during that time, which I was more than happy to admit. When I naughtily said that she can have as many as boys she wishes in Bangalore, she told me that she wanted to be with someone whom she is comfortable with. I took the chance to ask her if I can be that boy and she was more than willing to have me.

We had a couple round of sex chats and we were looking forward to meeting each other. She was really happy and wanted to buy me something while coming from Dubai, but I wasnt really interested in anything other than her.

She said that she has a flat in Jayanagar and I was staying in Electronic City, so we thought of hanging out at her flat.

Finally, the day arrived when she landed in Bangalore and she had a property owner to receive her. She finished off her work till the evening and we decided to catch for the dinner. We went to a cozy place for dinner and I was waiting for her. She was really gorgeous and my jaw fell as soon as she came in. I did realize that some woman look absolutely beautiful more than in the picture and she happened to be one of them.

She was equally happy to see me and we did exchange the pleasantries and upon finishing the dinner, she asked me what would I like to have for dessert?. I did reply that I would like to have her for the dessert and she blushed.

We reached her flat which was made ready for her. As soon as we entered I grabbed her by her waist. She said she was waiting for me to make the first move. My eyes had seen enough of her, I wanted my hands to feel the beauty now. I pulled her closer to me and she really had catchy eyes. As soon as I touched them with my fingers she shivered for a bit. I told her that she still had a long way to go. I did make my hands travel all over face and then down to her neck and to the delicate curves of her. They were really curvy. She brought her lips closer to mine and we had an amazing kiss. We both were smiling after breaking the kiss to catch our breaths.

Things got steamy and I picked her up to her bedroom. Placed her softly on the cushion and started kissing her all over her. I loved to kiss her neck and then bite it gently. She started going wild and was moaning. I did love her navel. Her curves were amazing I couldnt control myself from unhooking her blouse to reveal the lavender color bra, which looked awesome on her. I started licking the boobs with my tongue encircling the areola and then biting her nipple. She was going wild. I did remove the rest of her dress with the only panty on her. It already had wet patches over it. I am a thighs lover and they were really warm on the inside. I did remove her panty with my teeth. She had a clean shaven brown pussy and the aroma of it was intoxicating. I started eating her pussy and she was again going wild. I started with her clitoris and ended up thrusting my tongue deep into her hole. She was pushing my head and then came. It was like a flood and she had a huge orgasm.

She was smiling from ear to ear and I just loved it. She said she wanted to return the favour and started blowing me. It was really good and asking me when I was gonna cum which was still very far from happening.

She wanted me badly inside her and I wore a condom and tried to get into her. But she was bit tight and then with a push I was inside her. We both had a nice rhythm. I had previously told her that I do not wish to fuck her but I wish to make love to her and that is what we were doing. My penis was deep inside her and with each thrust, I loved the way her boobs jiggled. After a 15 minutes marathon, she said she was close and even I was about to cum. She tightened up and let out a huge cry and we kissed. She was really happy. We slept off for few hours and woke up to have amazing sex in the shower.

She did enjoy my company and we had a nice 10 days in Bangalore.

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