Dinner With Neighbor And Then Dessert

Hello, This is Rahul, I was living in Hyderabad, when this happened. I had a neighbor, Mrs. Shaheen, since she was friendly with my mother, she would often be at our place. I had always been sexually attracted to her, she was about 50 years, she had maintained her figure and still looked like she was around in her 40s. She had average height and physique. The extra inches on her waist made my neighbour look sexier, She had nice large round breasts, and a big ass.

Her eyes were large and she would take quick focused direct stares, and when our eyes met she quickly would shyly look down and smile. Mrs. Shaheen was a gentle, warm and loving person. I also knew she was very hot and had been secretly satisfying her sexual needs by meeting younger men through her friends. Whenever she went out alone, she would be dressed well in a sari, that would be tied a little low, showing her flat belly and navel. She was, sort of a sex goddess to me and I hoped that one day I might get an opportunity to fuck her. I, somehow had a feeling she too had a thing for me but was scared.

Since Mrs. Shaheen would be alone, as her husband was in a multi national company and a frequent traveler, my mother would ask me to go and help her, sometimes I would also stay over. I was always excited about going over there, as I always had secretly lusted for her. Once, she asked my mom to let me stay over as she was alone, I went to her home, she greeted me at the door, led me to the living room, I sat on the sofa. She went to the kitchen and returned with a beer and two glasses, as she bent to put them on the table, I could see her large breasts and cleavage. I did the honors and poured the beer into the glasses, and offered her one. I knew that she was a social drinker, but this was the first time she was having it in front of me and also offering me. After a couple of bottles, she began touching me and moved close to me on the sofa. She was dressed to kill, wearing a red sari, tight blouse, and high heels.

She said that the dinner was ready and led me to the dining table, as she served, she would deliberately come all over me in a provocating manner. While having dinner, she let the pallo of her sari drop down, and when she would bend down to serve me, I could get full view of her big boobs. After dinner, we again went to the living room for coffee. She sat very close, right next to me. By the time we finished our coffee, I had my left arm around her and she had placed her hand on my thighs.

I gave her a peck on the cheek. When she noticed my hard-on, she stroked it gently from outside. This really aroused me, and so I put my left hand on her breast. She had large firm boobs, and I could feel her nipples grow harder through her blouse. I massaged both her boobs with my hands, soon our lips found each other, and we kissed passionately. Without a word, She led me to her bedroom. She began removing her sari, I took off my shirt, trousers and my jockeys. She removed her blouse and the in a skirt, standing in just a black bra and matching lace panties, I was surprised how young and sexy she looked, she had taken care to maintain her body.

We got on the bed and took each other in our arms and I kissed her, reached back to unhook her bra and began fondling with her breasts. As she started enjoying it, I sucked on her boobs and licked her nipples gently. She then took my dick in her hand and stroked it very softly. She was an experienced lady and knew how to please men. She licked the shaft, played with the head with the tip of her tongue and finally took it all inside her mouth. We then lay sideways on a 69 position. I then took off her lace panties, and saw her beautiful ass. I started licking her pussy while she continued sucking my dick. I slurped on her labia and tickled the corners of her pussy with the tip of my tongue. I found her large clit; I sucked and licked on it till she started moaning in ecstasy.

When we were, ready, she lay on her back, spreading her legs, Mrs.Shaheen expertly guided my dick inside her pussy, and pushed her body to enable me to thrust my dick all the way inside, our bodies were in contact, I could feel her soft body beneath me, it felt so. We stayed in that position for some time, kissing passionately, with both my hands on her boobs, We started pumping in and out gently, feeling the my dick in and out of her pussy, This made the pleasure even more intense, we, then increased the speed started banging each other. I would take my dick out completely and when entering again I would hold with my hand and stroke her labia and clitoris to excite her even more before diving all the way inside her again. I would stop when my dick was deep inside, and hold for some time. I would then pat her pussy with a subtle movement of my dick.

This really excited my mature lover; she began pushing upwards in ecstasy. We were in such a high tempo that the bed started creaking. She could no longer bear the excitement and pleasure. She exclaimed, “Thats the way! Thats the way!” Yes, Rahul, Fuck me; Fuck me hard, I need it. I too was glad to please her, and I fucked her deeper and continued kissing her and sucking her boobs, while she had orgasms after orgasms. I had enough and shot My load inside her in huge spurts, The feeling of my spurts hitting her walls,excited her even more to make her scream and moan. I kept on until she was completely satisfied.

We spent the next few days and nights in total sexual bliss. We were like lovers, holding each other most of the time. We had sex in the living room in the in the bathroom in the tub. Once even when her husband called, we kept on having sex.

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