My Lust For Madhu

Madhu a lovely lady I have always dreamt of! A perfect-shaped women even after giving birth to two children. What a sight to look at her! She is essentially the one most men lust for. Perfect round boobs, well-shaped love angles, not flat and not to fat tummy, perfectly swinging ass! Man, I get an instant hard on every time I see her. But she was a homely type and never exposed or expressed a desire that men should watch her.

Hello friends, this is abhir back with another story of life and this time it is Madhu! A mother of two I would die to have in bed and eventually I did get her to bed.

Madhu stayed very close to our house and I knew her family very well and we used to sparely meet each other. We used to cross paths once in a while and have always exchanged smiles whenever we see each other. She dint knows that I used to lust her and had an intention of getting her to my bed. She was friendly, casual and jovial with me. Yeah, she did like (not the way I like her) me for the very nature of mine. I am talkative and have the ability to make anyone listen to me for hours. Rarely at some family gatherings or at social events, we used to meet and have a small talk about life, work, and other such things. But every time I had an opportunity to talk to her, I used to scan her completely from top to bottom and enjoy the sight of a beauty. May be her bust was about 34 with a waist of 30 and a lovely ass of say 36. She was a mouth-watering master piece.

Every time we met, she always made a point to enquire about my marriage and was very eager to know when am I getting married, I on the other had had no interest in getting married, after I lost the love of my love, I truly loved someone and she left me. Anyways coming back to the point of discussion, Madhu used to always tell me that we should get married at the right age, you are young and its the right time to be married and have fun. At one such incidence, I dont know why but I said, why should you be married to have fun? I am not married and you think my life has no fun in it! I do everything which makes me happy! She kept quiet for a min, gave me a stare meaning you are dumb and left. A few months later on a family social gathering, she said the same thing- you should get married soon and enjoy your life. But this time she was more specific by adding a few more words. She was very vocal in saying you know fun with wife, dating, outing and adding pleasure in life. Firstly I was surprised to hear it from Madhu. She was very conservative and this is the first time I heard such things from Madhu. I thought this is my opportunity and gave her a wink and said yeah you are right. A couple of days later, I met her near her house and exchanged greetings. She immediately enquired, so any thoughts on what I told you?

I was sure this was my opportunity to impress her, I said yeah I thought about what you said, but Madhu one can have all those dating, outings and add “Pleasure in life” without being married. She was unsure of what I was saying and asked me how? I said, you dont need a wife for that! I could simply hit on hot and sexy women to spice up my life. That way there wont be any strings attached! She gave a wicked smile and was said so how does that work abhi? I began to explain her. You know Madhu all I need to do is find a hot ass and show her the lust I have for her. She would for sure fall for me. I just have to ensure that I take care of her needs emotionally, mentally and she will surrender physically. The moment I finished saying all she did was to give an expression “Wooow”. It came as a surprise to me, inside I was sure I am going in the right direction but pretended to be surprised and looked at her. We stared each other for a short while, I could see the same lust in her eyes. We broke the stare and smiled. She was getting curious and asked me, so have you found a hot ass yet! I wanted to jump and say yes its you but took a deep breath and said not really. I should start to look for someone who is as beautiful and as charming as you. She got the hint and I suppose she was waiting for me to make the move, she immediately said oh really Abhi! I just winked at her and smiles she said why to go look for a hot ass like me when you really want to hit on me.

I was over joyed and dint know how to express my happiness. I just gave her an expression of satisfaction and a desire to fuck! She knew what was coming. Guess she wanted it as badly as I wanted it. She said, why dont you join me for coffee I am alone at home any way. What more can I expect! The women I would die to fuck wants the same and is giving me an invitation to let me be inside her. I was over joyed and went inside with her. I sat on a corner sofa and she went inside to make coffee. While making coffee she said something I couldnt her and I went inside the kitchen to talk to her. She was standing with her back facing me and just by looking at those round swinging ass I had a hard-on. I went close to her and place my hand on her ass under the kurta and gave a slight squeeze. She let-out a soft moan stating abhiiiiii. That whisper off her mouth made me feel like I am cumming. I started kissing her neck and kept my already hard brother near her ass and gave a gentle push! It felt like I am completely inside her and she was moaning out of pleasure. I said lets leave the coffee and get inside a blanket. She gave me a wicked smile and a kiss in the air. I followed her to the bed room and I couldn’t resist any more. I hugged her from the back and embraced her tightly. There was no air between us and we felt like we are one. My hands started roaming all over her body and I was just below her lovely boobs and I was teasing her. She understood that, help my hands and guided to her boobs.

Wooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww what a feeling it was. I had never felt so good holding boobs before. Like I said she was a masterpiece. I started playing with her boobs and I was getting rough minute by minute and her moans started getting louder every minute. I thought before someone catches us, let me get her to bed. I turned her around and looked straight into her eyes and the lust took over both of us. We started kissing and we kissed for a long time, lips between lips, sucking, kissing and then I inserted my tongue in her mouth. She responded very well and she sucked it and even played with her tongue. She was an amazing kisser. I slowly moved my hands to her ass and pulled her close while I continues to play with her lips. She responded the same way, her hands help my ass and started to pull me closer. I moved my other hand to unhook the button at the back of her kurta.

She understood, broke the kiss and moved two steps behind and took off her kurta. A beauty standing in front of me in just a yellow bra! What a sight! I asked her if she could loose the leggin also. She smiled and took it off. She saw the happiness and lust and smiled. She observed that I was really hard and my dick was literally struggling inside my jeans. She said why do you want to punish it so much! Let him out. I said would you do the honors to free him? She was full of lust. She came close to me, took of my t-shirt and removed my pants. She saw the tent, and started to rub it gently. She knew how to control men. She dint take of my inners or put her hands inside, she was rubbing it on my undi. She held it to the length of my dick and started stroking it with my inners on. I was at the peak of pleasure and had never enjoyed the company of any women this way. I kept both my hands on her love angles and pulled her close and started kissing her again. I kissed her lips, sucked it and slowly moved to her neck. Yes! That was her soft point. I started sucking her neck and I could feel the effect on my chest! Yes her nipples started getting hard and was poking my chest. She couldnt control any more, she herself unhooked her bra and pushed me to her juicy boobs. I started sucking it like a hungry kid drinking milk. She was enjoying my hard play and held my hair and started pushing me to take her complete boobs in my mouth. I just raised my eyes to see her, her eyes were closed and she was dancing in pleasure. I was proud of myself. I while going hard on her boobs, I slowly slid my hands into her undi and found she was already leaking her love juice. I slowly slid my hand to her pussy. She was clean shaved (I like it shaved). I started circling my finger on her pussy and she went wild and started screaming in pleasure. I was scared that the neighbors might hear it. I immediately stopped myself and took a few steps back. She pulled me on the bed and made a gesture that she wants me to go down on her.

I removed her pantie and saw her clean shaved pussy with thick load of her love juice. I took a cloth, wiped her clean and saw those beautiful vertical lips. She had closed her eyes and her hand were on my head. She pushed my head to lick her. I kissed those beautiful pink lips and started playing with it. Each time I move my lips up and down, she would move her ass to feel the maximum pleasure of my licking. I even inserted my tongue inside her pussy and she jumped out of joy. I started to tongue fuck her and immediately I inserted a finger on her pussy while licking it. She was at the peak of joy and started moaning loudly. After a few pushed of finger I tried two and fingers and she was over joyed. While fingering her and licking at the same time, I slowly inserted my thumb in her ass. She was surprised and denied it. She said not there. Enjoy my pussy the way you want. I kept fingering and licking it. She held me tight and pushed my head hard on her pussy.

I knew what was happening, she gave a loud moan and started squirting. I hadnt seen it. I have only watched it in porn, but here my sexy milf is squirting. I was very happy and tried to drink some of her love juice. Once she was done, she pulled me up and started kissing me, ignoring her love juices in my mouth and on my face. She pushed me down, came on top of me and went to remove my inners. The moment she took it off, my 7 inch dick hit her face. She was happy, gave a naughty smile and kissed it. Madhu was the best. She kissed the length of my dick, and kissed my balls holding my dick with both hands. She squeezed it gently and came back to the top of my dick. She pulled back the skin and kissed my dick head. She took her tongue out and started licking it like an ice-cream. I was moaning this time. She saw my and winked. I asked her if she could take it in her mouth. She smiled and took the head in her mouth. Wah! What a pleasure. It felt warm and satisfied. She started sucking it and every now and then she took my dick completely in her mouth. She sucked it for a few minutes and then started deep throat. Oh my god! I had never seen anyone who has so much of lust. She was the best sucker and what a blowjob it was. I couldnt hold it any longer and I said I am cumming. She started to suck me hard and I came deep inside her mouth. I felt like I came a lot this time but she dint even let a single drop fall off her mouth. She drank it all. She got up and started walking away from bed. I asked her what happened, she said I dont want to let go of this. I was unsure of what did she say.She drank some water and said, it want it in my stomach so I had some water to ensure its not just in my mouth but its in my stomach.

I didnt know what to say, just pulled her close to me and started kissing. We kissed for a while and then she said, isnt it time for the main action? I said hell yeah and rolled over her. She was dominating type. So she rolled back on top of me and said, I wanna ride you. Thats actually my favorite and I was more than happy to let her ride. She held my dick, adjusted her pussy and started riding me. She was moaning loudly and every now and then would kiss my lips. This continued for a while and we switched to missionary pose. I kept ramming her pussy hard and squeezing her boobs hard. I was rough and she liked the roughness in me. We kept kissing all the while and I would suck her erect pink nipples every now and then. We continued in that pose for a while and then I said lets switch to dog style. We fucked each other’s brains till we were on the verge to cum. I said I am cumming and but at the same time, without notice she came and she said I want you to cum inside my pussy. I came really hard and filled her pussy with my juice. She lied down on the bed and I lied on top of her with my dick still inside her. I kissed her neck and her back till my dick shrunk. I took it out and we hugged each other and kissed. We fell asleep for a few hours and when we woke up, I had a hard-on. She smiled and said lets do it in the shower. We got into the shower and played with each others private parts.

We got dressed up after our plays and I said how about the coffee we wanted to drink. We had coffee and I hugged her tight and kissed her and said its time for me to leave. She was both happy and said. I said, there is lots to do with you. She felt happy and said sure many more times to come. I said, I haven’t explored you completely. She knew what I said and said no not in my ass. I did fuck her ass, which I will explain in my next story.

To all ladies of Bangalore, this is abhir and I will be happy to help you emotionally, mentally and physically. To all readers, please share your feedback at [email protected]