How I Had The Best Sexperience

This real story happened in Bangalore recently. I was visiting a relatives marriage last year and was alone and quite new to the marriage party. I had to attend due to the absence of all my family as they were attending other functions.

Now, coming to the story, I met Raani my distant relative at the marriage hall. I met her long ago may 10 years back and we both were good friends before our marriages. Now, both are married and settled in life with kids. I never had any bad intention when we were chatting nor I had paid any attention to her body. I just wanted to attend muhurtam and want to leave immediately to Hyderabad. It was a midnight marriage and they have arranged a service apartment nearby. So, I came back to the room to take some rest at about 7 pm and the marriage was at 5.30 am.

Now, coming back to the real story, it so happened that Raani is trying to open the room next to my room. This is on the top floor and has only two rooms. She was struggling to open the room and I had to help her to open her room and for which she thanked me a lot. While trying to open the room I had brushed my hands to her boobs and at that time I had noticed her body. Semi-dark complexion with firm tits and a great ass to die for. She must be about 37 years. I had started feeling the heat. She told me that even she came alone and want to fresh up and take rest for some time. So, we bid goodbye and entered our respective rooms. I was not able to sleep partly new place and also because of beautiful lady. It was after some time theres knock on my door and when I opened the angel is in front of me in her nightgown.

She came inside my room and started asking about my family and common relatives etc but I was staring at her boobs only as I couldnt believe my luck. She also noticed this and gave me a smile. I just shook up and felt embarrassed and continued talking to her. Now, we both are sitting on the bed and talking for almost 2 hours. Then suddenly she stood up and said good night. With a bit of disappointed look I said bye-bye. While leaving the room, she told me to come to her room in case if I dont get sleep with a naughty smile. I was on cloud 9 but controlled my self and closed the door.

After 1 hour I want to try my luck and went to knock her door with the pretext of water but to my utter surprise the door is opened and she is watching TV. She saw me and gave a big hug and invited me inside. Again we resumed talking and this time I have taken enough courage and put my hand on her shoulders. She was very casual and didnt react and gave me mischievous smile. I slowly started rubbing her shoulders and she was giving very weak resistance. I moved my hand little below to touch her boobs. She brushed me aside but I was little strong and touched her nipple and thats it. She started moaning slowly. I took as invitation and kissed her cheeks and lips. She gave in immediately and put her hands on my thighs. She started rubbing my junior

I lost my control and slowly started kissing her neck and pressing her boobs simultaneously and this gave her shivers in her body. I slowly removed her nighty and she was not very anything under and in no time she was completely nude. What a structure she had, firm tits of 36 and flat tummy. I just moved my tongue all over her body and she started moaning very loudly. Not able to control herself she took my penis and started rubbing. Oh, what a feeling and even I started moaning. All of a sudden she started giving blow job and it was the best job I ever had. She gave best blow job for next 20 minutes and I loaded all my cum inside her mouth. She took it happily. We both washed ourselves and again into the act. And its my turn now. I gave best tongue job on her cunt by touching every nerve of her vagina and she too came with her load in quick 10 minutes of my job. By that time we were more passionate like lovers than hungry animals. Finally, I had inserted my penis into her and it was so slippery with her juices and in no time I had buried deep inside her and started giving slow thrusts. She was so encouraging for every thrust of mine and started moaning with unbearable pleasure. I did for 15 minutes with all my energy oscillating with different speeds which gave her lifetime pleasure.

Even I enjoyed every second. Finally, we both came simultaneously and relieved. We were so exhausted and took rest for a while. Again after 15 minutes she started giving me blowjob and I was ready for another round. This time we wanted to try doggy style. I was little rough this time from behind and she too was ready for my rough attack from behind. We both had another great orgasm together. We parted our ways with gentle kiss and hugs. Again we met in the morning post the marriage to check out from the room. It was about 6 am and we wanted to try one last time in Bangalore. So, here again. This time she was more beautiful with her pattu saree and low neck designer blouse. This gave me instant erection. I just removed her saree and she was with blouse and petticoat

What a sight it was. I just jumped on to her started smooching her and for which she reciprocated with early morning blowjob. She instantly removed her clothes and started riding on me sitting on my top. She was so excited and riding me as if theres no tomorrow. And we had a great quicky and our best till date.

Both of us happen to live in Hyderabad and we keep meeting at our convenient time for a quick session.

We maintain our relationship like lovers. Thank you
Hope you enjoyed my real story.

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