Beautiful Experience With A Beautiful Stranger

Hello guys, this is my first story in iss and this is totally non-fiction story happened last week to me with a beautiful stranger. For a small introduction, my name is mogembo (name changed) with the hight of 6feet and not that heavy muscled guy. Have a great 6.5inch tool for lovely ladies. For contact: [email protected]

As you know this is my first story, so please pardon me and my mistakes.

Lets begin with the story… I am a type of guy who loves to go everywhere alone and also love to go different places. I really enjoy my own company than with any other person. So, one day I went to a mall in Ahmedabad just to do some shopping so went there and did some shopping.After a bit of shopping, I was sitting at the Dunkin donuts, drinking coffee. They have a really nice open place at that mall so I was just looking at the people walking casually while taking a sip of coffee.

After some time I saw a lady (with whom I got into action) coming towards the shop. Give me some time to describe her, she was tall, maybe in her 30s, extremely gorgeous with clear skin, open silky brown hair and had perfect curves that every guy, even a girl would die for. I got an instant erection but did nothing at that time and wait for the right moment.

She was there too for some food (I think) so she directly went to the food counter bought something to eat and started looking for some table to sit when our eyes clash. I was able to see that something was there towards me by looking at her body language (I studied on body language for a long time so I can catch people’s emotions by watching their body languages). We both were stranger to each other so no one introduces at that time but our eyes were crashing in every little time and I was getting more and more hornier..

By the time my coffee was finished and went back to shopping but I really wanted to just sit there and look at her for the rest of the day!!

I went to Levis to buy some denim. I took some pants to try and went to the trial room, and as soon as came out from the trial room I saw the same lady with the denim on her and trying to check her fitting with the back facing to me. I dont want to miss this golden opportunity to lose her so, I told her that those pair of pants looks perfect on her.

She turned toward me, gave me a smile and told me thank you for that. Thats when I introduce my self and start a conversation. We talked almost 2-3 hours while shopping in the mall. I told you, she has something in her mind towards me.

She told me that she came from Delhi and came to Ahmedabad to attend her friend’s marriage which was the day after we met and came to shop some stuff for marriage. After 2-3 hours of amazing chat, we were about to leave the mall where she invited me to dinner as all here shopping was done and she had nothing to do and was alone in the city.

Who was going to say no this beautiful stranger? So I agreed and went home back after exchanging our phone numbers.

I texted her time and restaurant near her hotel and I told her I will pick her up at her hotel.

I went to her hotel on time. The beauty was standing there and waiting for me. She was in one piece and I can not even tell you guys how sexy she was looking. We hugged and I complimented her that she is looking so beautiful and opened the door of the car for her. She thanked me with the big smile.

We had a dinner and talked almost an hour. She was so happy. (I told you guys, to be with girls. You have been an awesome listener=pro tip from my side) after a dinner, she invited me to her hotel for some movie. I told her no but she was too much insisting so I told her that I will come just for some time. She agreed and we went to her hotel.

By that time she became fully frank and open with me. Don’t know she was horny or just being frank.

I open the door, she went in the room and as soon as I closed the door she lip locked me. It was so fucking instant. I too started kissing her opposite the wall. For 10 mins we were just kissing and chewing each others lips and tongue fight. We both became horny at that time so we went straight to the bed by passionately kissing each other. She was on the bed and I was standing in front of her and both looking into eyes lustfully. I removed her one piece and her undergarments and she stripped me out.

We were fully naked and what was the view (the best figure I’ve ever seen), those perfect pair of boobs, I just started licking one and pressing another by my hand, and she started moaning softly and biting her lips. After 5-10 mins of that, we went to 69 and guys I have to tell you that she was pro in sucking cock. After some time I came and filled her mouth in full of load and she swallowed everything. She came twice in no time. I licked her pussy amazingly (that she told me that it was the best experience she ever had)

We went to take a bath after that and cleaned our selves. Just after a bath, she lied on the bed to have some action. I took my little brother (was saluting to her) and started teasing her by just touching and rubbing her pussy with it. After 2-3 time she bagged to fuck her and I inserted into her pussy and she moaned out loud. I was on cloud 9 too. I started fucking faster and her moans become louder and louder which made me hornier. I was about to came and she told me that she wants it in her pussy as she will take pills after that. We both came almost the same time.

We had two more sessions at that night and she was telling me that it by far the best time she ever had.

We had another session after her friend’s marriage with one more girl. It is altogether a different story that I will tell you later.