Real Unexpected Encounter With Stranger

Hi to all readers, Thanks for appreciating my previous sex story and contacting me with your friendship and feedbacks. I really value your time and your friendship. I guess friendship is the neediest thing we bottoms need in our Indian society.

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A brief Introduction again:

I am Aman living in Canada for the last couple of years but originally from a small town in Punjab. I started my gay life many years back. You can read more about me in the above stories.

This sex story I am writing is not my story, it was shared by one of a friend (I should say) who contacted me after my last sex story ‘My First Online Dating and Mating. His name is Kartik and he shared his first encounter with a stranger and asked me if I could write his story in my words. I would write the story portraying me a Kartik so that it is enjoyable for the readers.

It was in the year 2010, January time and I was working as an intern in a mid-scale company in Gurgaon. As the metro train has not yet started, I was daily taking a bus from Dhaula Kuan to Gurgaon and then the same route back home. Normally, it was regular 9-hour schedule (9 to 6) but being an intern sometimes I had to stay late for finishing my work.

One day, I finished my work around 9 and reached ‘IFFCO Chowk and 10-15 mins. It was quite dark, cold and pretty foggy. As soon as the DTC bus arrived, I board the bus, had my ticket and sat on the right side last corner seat of the bus. Another man in his mid-40s came and sat beside me and in next few stops, all the seats got full.

The man sitting next to me placed a bag in his lap and soon slept with his head partially resting on my shoulder. I did not think of disturbing him as I thought maybe he is too tired of his work but soon I started feeling his hands moving under his bag to my thighs. First few minutes, I did not notice but soon he reached my dick and started running his soft finders over it. I immediately looked at his face and saw a very naughty smile on his face. Instead of stopping he moved his bag towards my lap and started increasing the intensity of his rubbing.

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I was confused how to respond but from inside, I was loving it too. Soon, his soft touches changed to nice and long handjobs on my dick over my pants. He was trying his level best to move my zip down but somehow our sitting pose was not allowed to move it down. I was getting horny but confused at the same time coz I was a bottom and his activities were indicating that he is a bottom too. So inside my head, I was like ‘How can I do what he wants me to do!! I am bottom too.

I kept quiet and my dick was rock hard. He slowly took my hand and placed it under the bag on his dick. Oohhhhhh, now my excitement increased to another level. He was wearing the normal cotton pants so I can easily feel the length and size of his bulge. And really it was growing at a very steady rate to around 7+ inches. Under that bag, we were playing with each other’s dicks.

We were so busy playing with each other that we did not realize when we reached Dhaula Kuan stop. Most of the people started getting out of the bus. As I needed to get down too, I adjusted my dick

in my pants and indicated him to get a bit side. In a soft tone, he whispered in my ear to continue sitting and return from Karol bagh. As it was too late I could not go to Karol bagh and then return back catching another bus. This would have taken another 1:30 hours for me to reach home. So I declined his offer and got up to deboard the bus.

As I just passed his seat, he quickly woke up too and stood just behind me. His dick was totally erect and I could feel it on my ass. Slowly with the crowd, we too got down on the bus and he immediately covered is a dick with his bag again. As it was foggy and dark may be. Nobody noticed his cock may be. I walked to a bit lonely corner and he followed me.

As we reached a spot, he said ” Maza aaya (Did you enjoy)?” I answered with a YES by nodding my head. To which he said ” To Bus, mai baithe rehte na (so you should have continued in the bus)” I explained to him that karol bagh is too far and it would be difficult for me to get back in such cold and late hours. He understood to some extent but still said “Aage chalta to maza aata. Bus waise bhi khaali ho jaati hai raaste mai ( It would have been fun if you would have continued. Bus usually start getting empty after few stops)”

He introduced himself as Ashok Tanwar and was into some sort of supplies business to some export houses. He mentioned that as soon as he saw me he knew I would like that act of his. He had tried this on multiple guys when he was young and could identify the gay part of another person. In a very low tone, he asked me if I liked his dick and want to have it in coming days. I was too happy to hear that coz earlier I was thinking him as bottom too.

I replied in a yes and he proposed me to go on a one-day trip with him to Udaipur. He was visiting Udaipur for a business trip and had booked a seat in sleeper bus and a motel in Udaipur for one night. I had never dated any stranger so I was confused what to respond. As an initial response, I asked him if we can meet in Delhi itself.

As he had a family so he insisted me to join him on his trip. I guess he realized that I was confused so he asked me to give my email id, he said he will be sending me his private pics and if I like the pictures and still interested I should give him a call in the morning so that he can change his sleeper bus reservation to double sleeper. I gave him my email id and he gave me his card to call if I am ready. We said goodbye to each other and board our respective buses to reach home.

As soon as I reached home, I logged into my email id and started waiting for his pictures. I had my dinner and after waiting for like 30-35 mins I got his email. As soon as I opened the email, I just went crazy having a look at his big dick. It was about 7.5+ and so thick. He had his solo pics, pics of his dick fucking his wifes pussy and fucking a guys ass. My eyes were like frozen at his pics.

I immediately picked up my phone, entered his number from his card and sent him a text that I am ready. I waited for a reply from him but he called me the next day. We talked like for 1 hour. We discussed our gay lives, he asked me how when where it all started and confirmed the plans to meet him on Friday at 5 at the location where we were to board the sleeper bus. He asked me to remove all hair on my chest, ass, and thighs before coming. I started desperately waiting for Friday evening.

On Friday, I packed my things and after calling him twice or thrice finally reached the spot. We greeted each other. As I was wearing a pair of jeans, he gave me a small polythene and asked me to replace jeans with a loose Lower and the items inside the polythene.

I went to the washroom located inside the Travel Agencys office and found a Padded Bra, a thong and a tight legging in the polytheen. It was altogether a new experience as I had never used those items. I quickly removed my clothing and wore those items covering them with my t-shirt and my Lower.

The thong was bit uncomfortable but anyhow I managed. As a came near him he just smiled and whispered: ” Fit aa gaya sab (Is everything fitting) ;)”. I smiled and replied in a yes.

Soon, the bus arrived and we placed ourselves in our double sleeper cabin. I was on the window side and he was busy arranging the curtain so that we are completely covered. We had our casual chats and we waited for the ticket checker to verify our booking. Once that was done he immediately asked to remove my t-shirt and lower. He was so happy to see my hairless tiny boobs in the bra.

We covered ourselves with the blanket and started kissing each other. He was really expert in kissing as he was kissing my lips. My cheeks. My ears and running his tongue deep inside my mouth. He was holding me tight and in no time his saliva was all over my face due to his intensive kissing and licking.

He removed his shirt and his Lower too and his dick was pointing towards me like a loaded weapon inside his shorts. He pulled my Bra aside and started licking my boobs, he was pinching them. Biting then and leaving big red marks on them. I was almost on cloud 9, extremely crazy with what he was doing.

He lowered my legging and took out his dick from the sides of his shorts and started moving between my thighs. As requested by him I had removed all hair from my thighs till my knees, so it was giving a great pleasure. He asked me to lie with my back towards him. In that pose, he held me tightly around my boobs and inserted his dick between my thighs near my ass.His dick was so big that he was entering from the back and it was coming out from the front of my thighs.

We continued doing that for 14-15 mins with vigorous kissing. He removed his shorts and asked me to remove my leggings and the thong but to keep the bra as it is. I was just mad to see his big cock.

He asked me to get in the 69 position and suck his dick with big long strokes. I changed my position and quickly moved his dick down my throat. Although it was not fitting in still I was trying to do as deep as possible. He started sucking my dick and with a good amount of lube on his fingers, started finger fucking my ass.

Started with one and then doing big and hard strokes with two. I was going slow and steady sucking his dick so that I don’t choke and other people to realize what was going on. Soon he asked me to get doggy style so that he can penetrate my ass once. I held the base of the sleeper firmly and he applied a good amount of lube on his dick and as expected the dick went slowly and deep in my ass in one go.

My eyes almost rolled backward in pleasure as it was the biggest dick I have ever taken. He signaled me to slowly lie down without taking the dick out. Now I was lying with my face down and Ashok lying on me with his dick moving in and out of my ass.

He fucked me slowly for 15-20 mins. We were trying to do slowly but still, we were getting some noises due to which we had to stop in between. It was almost 11 so he suggested to stop and continue next day in the motel room. We had some food and slept cuddling each other after putting our clothes on.

We reached Udaipur around 8 in the morning and took an auto to reach the motel. I was feeling sleepy but as he needs to go out for a meeting he insisted me to have a bath together. We had a couple to tea, we used to toilet and finally had a shower together where again there was vigorous kissing and hugging. We had our breakfast and he then he left for his meeting.

At around 12 he returned back and as he had instructed me I was all ready with his bra, thing, and leggings. As soon as I opened the door, he just grabbed me, closed the door and started kissing me wildly. Dragged me to the bed, made me sit on the bed and opened the zip of his trouser, inviting me to blow him deeply. I lowered his pants, took out his dick and started giving him long strokes.

He was holding my head to make his dick go as deep as possible even making me choke ‘n number of times. Soon he was completely undressed, Opened his laptop and played a wild gay porn movie. He asked me to bend doggy style on the corner of the bed, positioned the laptop in front of my eyes and with a big spit of saliva entered his dick in my ass.

He was fucking me deep and wild just copying the moves from the porn movie. He clicked ‘n number of pics of his dick moving in and out of my ass. I felt as if my ass muscles are not even closing now. It had gone so loose with his dick fat dick.

He fucked me doggy pose, missionary and standing pose for like 1 hour and finally came on my bra covered boobs. It was an extreme pleasure and satisfaction for me. We went to the bathroom had a bath together where he gave me a small blowjob and then a handjob to make me cum.

We rested for some time, made love again and finally we were ready to move back home.

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