Qasims True Story 4

Qasim’s True Story

By: A. W. Chohan

This is the 4th and the last story, Qasim told me and allowed me to share with all for the sweet satisfaction and enjoyment of gay erotica. I had been twice to Dubai with Qasim. We fucked in the privacy of our hotel room and did try to get some Arabian “Bottom” or even a “Versatile” boy but the warnings and scares were very intense and we could not get any partner and only 2 of us got naked as much, as often and as intense as the land of divinity would afford. Only once for 3 days and 4 nights we got the company of an Italian born American Citizen who stayed in the room next to our room. I had the honor to fuck his ass and he fucked Qasim for each session we had and all of us enjoyed immensely. Qasim wants me to write about these 2 trips to Dubai in one story but I do not see myself fit to be writing about my sexual activities of fucking bois, men and women as best as I can in fictional fun stories.
I have promised Qasim, one day if my courage gets up and hard along with my dick, I shall dare write those stories with as much truth as possible. Until then, sit back, relax and enjoy the very intense story of sex Qasim enjoyed that day. Have fun.

A Best Quickie

[Getting Fucked by SUGAR DADDY]

My name is Qasim. I work as a Microbiologist (night shift manager of Labs in a hospital). Having come out of a 7 months long relationship that did not work out for us, I recently moved to my present location. Being new in any area has its snags and hookups are not easy, so I was almost starved for a nice young cock to satisfy my oral and anal needs. Last time I got a man in my ass was my ex-partner and now the only enjoyment for me was to go for some sexy cyber chat, watching GAY porno and masturbating. About 3 weeks ago, there was a meeting of Microbiologists in North Carolina for which my boss asked me to go attend it. I wanted to go and had a hotel reservation made as well. A bit hesitation was that before the start of this meeting, the organization had also arranged for 2 hours of CME (Continued Medical Education) credits. This was to begin quite early in the morning at 7AM till 9 AM. Hospital paid all the expenses for CME as well. Now the debate was, should I travel by bus for good 56 hours journey with a few stops in between or should I drive. Almost reluctantly, but lucky for me; I decided to drive and made my boss to agree to book my hotel room for 1 extra night. I told him, I shall reach there by early night fall and rest till 6 AM to wake up fresh for the 7 AM, CME meeting before the start of the Microbiology (Recent Reports) meeting.

I must admit, being a Sunday evening I got lazy and all the plans to leave by 6 PM got ruined. Frustrated and angry for being silly for wasting my time in front of the tube and on lap top, I decided to leave as quickly as possible because it was already getting close to 10PM. I thought I shall be there still early enough to rest for couple of hours before the day started and soon I was on the road. The night time traffic was very little and I cruised at a nice speed for good 2 hours till I thought to stop at the next rest area coming after 1 mile. I wanted to stretch my legs, go to wash room for a leak and freshen up until I reach my destination. As I entered the rest area, I noticed it all empty but 1 SUV parked about 5 spaces away where I parked. I did not notice anything special about it because the lights were not on. Anyhow I locked my car and walked to the Men’s room. It must be less than a minute as I stood on a urinal relieving myself, the Men’s room door squeaked open and shut and an elderly man walked in. He came to the urinal next to me and unzipped his pants. It was then when he said hello and I had my head turned to him to say hello to him.

I had no doubt in my mind that he was purposely standing at least a step far from the urinal as he had his manhood pulled all out and showing. I looked and although did not want to give him any hint, I got so mesmerized at what I saw in a glance. A hefty sized meaty shaft hung out from his hand with a large head on the top, I could easily see. Suddenly I looked up and saw him smiling as our eyes met. I quickly zipped up my fly and turned to move away and walk out. I know you have liked what you have seen, didn’t you? He said loudly as I walked to wash and freshen up at the faucets behind us. I did not want to answer him nor did I want this to continue the dialog here in the public restroom, so I just smiled and started to wash my hands and face as he joined me there.

Ah, fuck! His pants still unzipped and his cock hanging out, he opened the faucet and started pouring some water on his dick as he washed it with the other hand. All out in front of my eyes, I could see the enormous size of his majestic cock. I also noticed his cock being uncut because a very loose foreskin covered the knob well as it dangled little bit beyond the tip. He must have pulled the foreskin back as he stood at the urinal revealing the large head down there.

You did not answer me young man, he spoke as he tucked his cock back into the pants and zipped it up before starting to wash his hands and face as well. You sure seem interested in what you have seen, I know and it can be yours to be had and enjoyed if you only admit and ask for it. Oh God, what a predicament I was in!! I had no intention to do it here in the public rest room, I had no nerves to refuse and miss this nice offer to have this grandiose looking cock in my control. Shit, I thought no, I should not get into a situation that could land me in trouble. I stopped the water running from the faucet and looked at him again. I am sure I was blushing by then with desire. I looked at his face for few seconds. Few wrinkles, full head of salt and pepper hair, rugged looking face but age showing as well, was very obvious too. No, was the only answer I could mutter out to his question. What you mean young man, you don’t like what you have seen or you don’t want it? He said with a strong tone as he splashed his face with water turning towards the sink. Fuck, why but why! I wanted to walk out but as if I had my feet glued to the floor, I stood there pondering about how to answer him. In all those years of getting fucked and used by men, I have never been naked for an elderly looking man and never even had a desire as well; not because I was an age freak but was always attractive to young men for my innocent looking face and very nice figure.

How old are you Sir? I had the courage to ask him. By now he was wiping his hands and face dry, with the paper towel. He giggled and answered, give me an honest guess. How old you think I am? Whatever your answer is, I only want you to know that I am not old enough to start what I cannot finish specially for a young cutie like you with my very well performing equipment here. He grabbed his cock and balls through the fabric of his pants and spoke with an authority. I licked my lips quite involuntarily as I heard his determined and decisive answer. I do not want to guess your age but if I must, I would guess between 55 & 60 and I am 30. I said hurriedly, but can we walk out of here and talk outside. I do not want anyone to walk in and see us here. He really looked like 55—56 at the most as I thought again. He grinned and giggled again. Sure baby, let us walk out; he said and we stepped out. Not a soul had come into the rest area other than us two. You are slightly off guessing my age dear, he said with a smile. Honestly I look much younger than my real age of 63 because I always had a very active and athletic life. Wow, I am amazed, I said with a real feeling deep inside me because I had purposely guessed his age to be slightly more than I actually thought it was. I am sorry Sir; hope you understand that I was not trying to be funny or rude. No sweet baby, he laughed out loud.

No harm done and by the way stop calling me Sir. I am Hubert, Hubert Murray. What
is your name? I am Qasim Khan, I spoke humbly as I got impressed a bit more by the way he was conducting himself so far. He looked young and sure could do me much better; was my thoughts. Let us not stay out here either, Qasim. My van is very comfy and I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised some more when you see it from inside…… And without any hesitation I started walking with him to his van. He
had clicked open the keyless doors and we both jumped in on the front seats as he locked all the doors from inside.

Now Qasim, tell me what are you into? He asked a straight forward question looking right into my eyes, I could see; although it was total dark inside with very little light
reaching us from the electric pole about 3 spaces away. I am a bottom, Hubert. I gave a short and simple answer. I know I am born to please the men who know how to get pleasure while being naked with another man and also make me enjoy the most. Only one request though, Hubert; I said with no uncertain words. I even enjoy when a good top knows how to dominate to a limit without losing the sense of lusty passion of love making. I almost hate rough sex, I said. O’ Lord, who would be rough with such a darling like you, Qasim, he said with drooling voice and you better believe I hate to be rough too. Sex is far more fun when done with envy and desire to please and enjoy and I promise to be making it a lasting impression, and I thanked him for being understanding.

Are you Indian or a Pakistani, Qasim? He asked. Hope you don’t mind my asking this. I only asked because your appearance and attitude is compelling me to ask. I have spent many years with a very famous Pharmaceutical company as a salesman and had known many Indian / Pakistani men with these sweet features that you have.

I am an Indian but my grandfather moved to South Africa well over 70 years ago. My father was born there in South Africa; I was born and raised there too. My mother is an American and when my parents divorced; my mother brought me to USA after I finished my high school there. I have achieved an MS in Microbiology and work in a Hospital as a night shift manager of labs. I answered in detail to give him all the information because I wanted this question answer session to end quick and fun started. Awesome, said Hubert. Should we move to the back of the van now and get naked, Qasim? I think he got my loud thinking and asked politely to which I said, yes, yes and yes. It was dark but he flipped some switches and Ahhhh!!! My lungs sucked all the air they could. It looked like a bedroom with a leather top bed looking bench in the middle surrounded by the tiny LED lights all around and even on the floor. The lighting was not at all intense but barely enough to reduce or diminish the darkness in there. Seeing me in shock, Hubert said it was his play ground as he and his wife Barbra did take lots of short trips on the weekends before she suddenly passed away. Soon after that I took an early retirement to enjoy life to the max. I had a full check on my desire for man to man sex for all those 36 years of marriage and never cheated on her but now I have come back to it full force. I still travel a lot to Florida to see my son and Vermont to visit my daughter and of course I now enjoy sex with men in here. I live in New Jersey, he added.

I am sorrr!!! I was about to say sorry but Hubert stopped me quickly. I did not tell this to dampen or sadden the moment but only to let you know about my passion of being
sexy while enjoying the outdoors is still very much with me. The windows of the SUV are tinted and I even have drapes on them for maximum security, he said with pride and confidence. And with that we both melted as he opened his arms and wrapped them around my sexy body to which I reciprocated. Soon we were bonding, his both hands slipping all over my body feeling and awakening every inch of my young, sexy and charming body and I was helping him to take me as his boy submitting to his desires by letting him hold & cuddle me every which way he wanted and desired. Our lips were joined and tongues in between were licking and sucking the love juices; roaming and sprawling to the deeper end of the throat. A very continuous and robust low tone moaning from both of us was like a proof of appreciation as well as the desire in nonverbal way to keep it up and I was slipping into deep hypnosis as his large hands provoked my sex. We kissed, we licked, we sucked, and our tongues, mouths and throats were slithering more and more with the sweet saliva drooling and dribbling with these so passionate activities. Hubert was kissing my face, licking my neck, ears and behind the ears making me heat up fast. Our sexy desires grew very rapidly.

Ouhhhhhhhhhhh, I moaned into his ear as he once again was licking, sucking the side of my neck and whispered; let us get naked. Sure sweetie, he said and we both separated from each other’s arms but not before he gave me a long kiss on my lips. We took seat on the bed looking bench and quickly removed all clothes to be naked. I noticed few things in a flash as Hubert removed his pants. His cock was a marvel no doubt, I could see as he stood in front of me. Well hung at least 5—6 inches long, still soft and limp growing out of the pubic area so majestically and with grandiose thickness hanging over the bull sized balls really. The light was enough to see his total front shaved. Not a single hair on the cock, balls or pubes. I gasped because; I love my partners to be shaved or at least nicely trimmed. I hate hairs in my mouth plus the hair soak all the aroma of a man. I want my man to fill my mouth with his cock meat and nostrils full of the manly robust and sexy odor bursting out of the pubic area and or balls, creases of the thighs, as I suck that man meat eagerly and fervently.

Before I could reach and hold that awesome meaty cock in my hands, Hubert noticed my cock and balls too. O’ boy! He said, you have a decent sized cock there. What do you like to do with it?

Pee, I answered back quickly and we both laughed very loud. Honestly, I said, I am a bottom only but have fucked a few men because they insisted for it after they fucked
me. I like my cock sucked though and enjoy 69 as much as anybody else. Hubert did not give any indication or answered back, so I figured out that he was not going to suck me off and I did not care either because I was there to get fucked and have a good time. With that Hubert took me in his arms once again and I also wrapped my arms around his fully naked, hard muscled body. We were once again lost in the cuddling, kissing and body play. Loving this bonding as precious and delicious it was, I could feel Hubert’s hands gently pushing me down and in submission, I slowly went down. I kissed and finger tweaked his large, slightly erect hard nipples while my body slipped down until I was kneeling between his legs, strong pillars of meat, I felt his thighs as my hands glided over them down to his sturdy calves. I felt his hard cock touching on my cheeks as my face drew closer into his groin. And then I gently held his manhood in my hands. A loud sigh escaped my throat as I held it for an obvious reason to have such a manly cock in my possession but I think the main reason was kind of a relief to feel that his cock was not much of a grower but a “show’er”. After seeing at least 6 inches or longer shaft, with no sign of hardness or swelling in a fully lit restroom, I was a bit concerned about his size thinking if my 2 inches cock could expand to full 6 inches or slightly more, what would happen if his cock grew to 11 or 12 inches or even much more. Surely I was not afraid, I have been fucked by a certified 10 inches long cock of my ex live in lover, but it was months now that I had nothing but my own finger in there while masturbating at lonely times. Charmed to see Hubert’s cock not growing much in length and guessing his full hard length being not more than 8 or 8.5 inches relieved much of my worries; because I was getting ready for a surprise. (I shall come to it soon). My hand was moving on his splendid thickness, feeling a rich network of engorged and warm blood filled puffy veins spread all over, around and underside of the shaft running and mixing into each other like a methodically planned highway system near a larger metropolitan city. I could feel the heat from his rod radiating into my palm as I held and massaged his sexy manhood and the real bull sized balls in a low hanging soft meaty sac, I realized his dick getting suddenly very thin at least 2 inches before disappearing into his body. I had used butt plugs and was very scared of them because my hole always clenched and grabbed the thin portion immediately after the maximum dilation of the ass ring. If Hubert fucked me with his 6 inches maximum length, I was safe but if he pushed in all 8 inches and hesitated even for a split second to pull back, poor ass hole of mine was apt to close shut on the thinner portion at the end and now pulling out could be a rampage of utter pain and discomfort and even cause a split or a rupture and the mother load of pain when ass sheathing is getting pulled out.

Oh my God, I was worried but still worshipping this marvel so much imagining nothing else was happening in the universe when I was brought back to the truth of the moment by Hubert making his manhood hover on my lips. Deep musky aroma of his sex, hard cock and precum was so obvious to me reaching my brain through deep breaths I was taking. Fully hypnotized by now, my finger moved over his cock hole to feel the silky wetness and then my mouth opened and his foreskin pulled back, I took his cock knob in my mouth along with the fully soaked finger of mine. Ahhhhhhhh, I moaned loud tasting the sweetness. For a while I felt Hubert’s hands on the back of my head and his fingers in my hair making me take larger portion of his manly cock deeper in my mouth. I looked up and noticed Hubert looking down and smiling. Lusty bonding was peaking as I started showing my skills of cock sucking. Having no gag reflex, I had started bobbing my head swiftly taking all the length and gulping it down my throat making my nose toil into his shaved clean pubic bone. Ooounnngh! I heard a very loud groan fill the SUV and Hubert’s upper body quickly bended over mine. I knew how he felt as I sucked his cock so deep; sending waves of ultimate sensation run through his body from head to toes. He sure needed it as much as I if not more and I was not going to show any dereliction. Before he could endure the joyous moment, I quickly pulled back a bit and taking a deep breath lunged back on his meat. With my tongue drawn out I was now licking his balls and my throat muscles were enveloping around his throbbing cock shaft. Hubert was in a painful
ecstasy, I could tell as he suddenly flipped his bended over body go straight up again. His hips moved back in a flash and his extremely wet cock was out my custodial control.

Fuck you boy, I heard him mutter as he gasped to breathe and filled his lungs with air. You are a champion cock sucker. Kind of disappointed and hurt like a baby whose toy gets snatched as he is enjoying it, and listening to the compliment, Hubert had made appreciating my cock sucking talents; I promptly took charge again of his sex rod soaked with my saliva and oozing precum from his cock hole. Making sure he would not be able to deprive me again, I held his balls sac and forced my lips, mouth, tongue and throat to feast on the hardness of his dong. And now we were in a new frenzy. Hubert gyrating his waist and I was making my head go in and up and down motion in circles, completely swallowing the length to the balls. Utterly taken by his balls size, I was rolling and pulling on them too making him growl and twist his whole body. I loved it but something was telling me that Hubert was overwhelmed with pleasure. I felt his dick throbbing much harder in my mouth and even grow more as he whined and gasped for air making deep guttural noise. I was almost sure he was close to reach the orgasm and spray his seed if I did not stop and right now, so I did although most unwillingly and let his cock out of my mouth.

Oh my God, Ahhhhhhhhh my my my! Soon I let his cock go free, Hubert took deep breath and shook his head as if he had come out of a roller coaster ride and grabbed my arms to pull me up. Once again in each other’s arms we were hugging tight. I was enjoying the musky, manly smell of his masculine body while he kept exploring every inch of my Gay, young and submissive body. While we deep kissed, his hands were gliding from my shoulders down to my very well rounded butt and a bit further down, he was separating my ass buns again and again. His long cylindrical fingers were running on my ass hole, soft expanding it a little as I felt cold air on my back entry door. I was continuously moaning and groaning in appreciation to what he was doing to me and in turn it excited Hubert to do it more intently letting his finger go into my ass up to his 2nd knuckle at least. With no hesitation, dithering or shame I whispered in his ear to fuck me now. I could feel his solid meat poke into my groin and spewing the silky smooth lubrication crawling over my erection and balls.

Sure my darling, he whispered back to me and then for the first time I felt his hand gripping both cocks & rubbing them in his palm spreading the precum all over his 8—9 inches just before we broke our bodies apart from one another. Hubert opened one of the cabinets like door under the bed looking leather bench and took out a bottle of “Gunoil” lube and a condom before closing it shut. We smiled as he rolled the black condom on his fiery red cock slightly curved upwards like a sword. It gave the look of a proud soldier with head raised up and high; ready to take over the enemy region and claim it his own. Slightly worried but not threatened by the size but the shape, I slowly took position on the bench on my knees and shoulders which raised my butt up in the air; very close to the edge. I was assuming that Hubert would fuck me as he stands on the floor or maybe he would need some room to put his one foot on the bench close to my knee, for which I had left some room. With my head turned I saw Hubert slithering his sex tool with the lube and massaging it. He had a smile on his face, a smile of a very confident and convinced man; sure that he was going to do a job for which he was not only capable but gifted as well and then he walked proudly towards the bench where my ass was awaiting the moment. I felt my heart beat a bit faster and just involuntarily my head bowed and rested between my hands, my body in total surrender and my ass in complete capitulation.

O’ Mother fucking feel of his large hands on my meaty ass cheeks. With one hand he kneaded and molded my perfectly round ass globes while the other hand worked on my hole. His thicker, longer finger was soiling and expanding my ring and spreading
lube on and around the entry. The time was near, I knew. Soon Hubert was going to start fucking me. Although it was not new for me, but still for some unknown reason, I felt a shiver in my body. I was getting tense and of course my ass hole was clasping and clinching tight. I heard Hubert asking me to relax, as he rotated his long middle finger inside my ass all the way to the last knuckle, lovingly slapping and spanking my ass as it wiggled and then slowly he pulled out his finger. For a split second I felt the cool air on my dilated sphincter and then it clenched and puckered up tight. His cock had replaced his hand and now I could feel his burning hot pole at and around my hole. He was spanking the eye of the target with his solid and stiff meat rod splattering and splashing the tiny beads of lube and pre cum which I could feel on my
globe like ass buns. And then I heard the All Powerful, All Commanding word, “Ready”.

I did not only hear but felt what he meant; ready or not; he was NOW going to fuck, reshape, enlarge and destruct my ass hole, of course for the mutual pleasure and enjoyment I knew. With my head bowed and buried between my hands, I could feel
Hubert’s left hand gripping my waist and pulling while my imaginary vision could see his right hand holding his cock and rubbing it on my ass sphincter. I could feel the pressure on my hole as he was using his authoritative thigh muscles and his broader middle body, especially the groin area to invade my ass; constantly asking me to relax and push my ass hole out, in a commanding tone. I knew why I was there and what was being done to me but still my control on my ass was almost lost and I pushed onto his shaft, my ass hole was definitely being disobedient. I was getting ashamed for not being a fuck worthy boy for the man who identified my need for a cock in my ass and now when he was doing the favor, I was disappointing him. Don’t let me do what I do not want to, Qasim!!! I heard the warning loud and clear. Hubert was getting frustrated and might resort to opt for a drastic or potentially severe measure if I and specially my ass did not cooperate quickly.

Why do not you open me up a bit, PLEASE!!!!!!!!! I pleaded very humbly. Even though he was not the longest or the thickest of the cocks fucking my ass but still his Butt plug shape was causing me the worries. My voice I know could hardly be heard as my head and face was all obscured. What do you think I am trying to do here, kid? Help me and let us get going sweetie. I could still feel some anger in his tone but realized his aggravation too and wanted to do something for a quick resolution of the situation on hand. Supporting my weight on shoulders I pulled my both hands back and went straight to separate my ass crack which in turn stretched my ass hole for him well. Now all Hubert had to do was penetrate the hole and not struggle with multitasking of making a way into my ass with his fucking meat pole and trying to stretch my ass also. As I heard some chirping, squeaking noise, I knew Hubert was spreading more of the lube on his cock and right then I felt lube being dropped inside of my warm soft ass chute.

With no warning, soon as I felt his one foot touch my knee on the bench, Hubert had made use of the full force he could muster and ……… I could feel the SUV spinning like a merry go round. I guess at least half of Hubert’s long length must have pierced into my poor ass. It seemed as if a grenade or fire bomb has exploded inside me. My ass lips were dilated thin, my ass tunnel was on fire and an excruciating pain was spreading from deep inside me to the inner thighs and disseminated from there to all of weakening flesh. My reduced alertness was fading fast as I heard Hubert’s voice coming from a distance. Very nice, very well done babe; now just take some deep breath as I hold your wrists here as reigns. And with that I felt a tight gripping of my wrists in his large hands. Now pulling me back on to his fucking gizmo was one part, his one foot on the bench was another and his dominating powerful body quickly turned into a war like machinery working as a lever that could inflict far more injury and damage than needed. Push, push, push, push…. I kept hearing and so I did with the thickest portion of his ass ripper machine gently but firmly disappeared into me nice and slow little by little.

Fuck you boy, I thought to myself. The misery of not getting fucked for quite some long time had taken effect and my ass sphincter had lost the ability to stretch and thin out easily. Hubert was constantly praising, applauding my ass for completely gulping his giant dick so hastily and now his totally shaved naked pubic bone was crushing my defeated ass into total submission while his extra large balls were grinding very potently on the lower side of my completely redesigned and reshaped ass hole. I think I fainted for a moment or so but as Hubert pulled his foot back to the floor and let my wrists go free from his hands to give some patting and massaging my quivering ass globes and shivering body, I came back to the reality feeling like a chicken hung on an extremely hot skewer and being roasted inside out. My ass felt jam packed to the capacity with man meat which had caused the expansion of my inner chamber to far beyond limits. Oh my God! I was in pain although I did realize the need or I should say the want of this. For a few seconds I did feel proud of my ass accommodating such a marvel cock in it and now clamping, fitting glove tight on it. But that gave rise to the real concern and that was my ass rapidly gripping the last couple of inches of Hubert’s thin meat.

There was the desire of getting fucked; so ever so slowly I did feel the searing pain and intense reaction of my ass lips being torn apart, reduced quite a bit. I was fully awake again and into the game. Ounghhhhhhhh I moaned and whispered with a mix of pain and pleasure. Yeahhhhhh stay inside and drill grind me to grope your cock with my internal musculature. I had not even finished my sentence when the tree stump thick cock of Hubert got pulled back a little and then wedged in again so fucking hard. An extremely loud thumping noise must have been heard out of the USV too, I was sure. AHHHHHOOOOOOUUHHHH, Oh Lord, save my ass!!!! I had a severe surge of pain in my ass. Hubert had his both feet now firmly placed on the floor behind me, his both hands on my shoulders, his body humped over my back, I could almost feel his heat as he started to repeat the INNN, outtttt, INNNN, outtttttt moves with a rhythm and beat. He had started to fuck me with looooooooonngg strokes. Although I was getting sweltered with the extreme friction of his fat fucking monster, but I knew what I was supposed to do and how to endure the jarring pain because it was not the longest or the thickest man destroyer fucking me but an odd long, thick butt plug and that was the struggle . With all the courage I could possibly summon, my semi mesmerized brain and body decided to join the effort and make it as much fun as it could possibly be when 2 willing men are at it, naked and ready. I started slow but caught up the tempo quickly as I reciprocated and complimented Hubert’s fucking action; pulling up as he pulled out of my damaged ass hole quickly after sinking in deep to home and then smacking hard back into his groin as his thruster jabbed while my ring was still stretched. A very deep stabbing into my ass canal was still very painful but I reminded myself of the need. Having a happy hard fucking manhood inside my manhole was the key to make my ass happy and I was
all for it without faltering or wavering. Soon we were in complete harmony and I could feel the pain faint and fade out and pleasure taking hold instead. Oh man, I was ass fucked …… I felt very happy and satisfied.

Hubert fucked me like this for good 5—6 minute, jamming my ass canal with his sexy cock and then he placed a hand right onto my groin and only then I noticed my erection had fizzled all-together. He picked me up and pushed forward on the bench all the way. Now my head was at the other end of the leather bench. I had just glanced down seeing a puddle of pre cum which had leaked out of my cock hole. Making me go down in submission once again, with my head bowed, he slithered his fingers with my pre cum and started to shine his cock with it spreading it all over the furious looking shaft with thicker bulging veins now even more prominent. Even in deep submission, I felt so proud for being fucked with my own essence and also a bit dirty. Before I could pretend what he was going to do, Hubert straddled over my back with his feet firmly placed on my sides and then he came down slowwwww. His cock knob once again was felt on my ass entry and then slightly stronger push and it rammed in inch by inch plugging my hole completely. His both hands were pushing my upper body to stay down and to keep my ass up at a proper angle to get its due fucking and I obeyed. A short while he adjusted his cock inside me and then the routine started. In and out, deeper, faster, harder he went at his will and I made sure he did not have to adjust the position of my ass and let him fuck me as he pleased. Of course, I kept asking him to fuck me and not to stop any longer than he had to for catching his breath. His larger pillar of meat thighs slammed into my sides as his long cock whammed into my ass hole. His enormous balls hitting like the sledge hammer onto my balls making me shout in pain. It was amazing and surprising to notice that although Hubert did get breathless and gasped for air couple of time in the next 10 – 15 minutes he fucked me but he never seemed to lose control or showed a sign that he was going to hit the orgasm soon. What a man!! I thought to myself; and only if he lived closer to me in Washington D. C instead of far away somewhere in New Jersey. All during this I ouhhhd and aaahhh’d loud to charm him and let him know how much I loved being his bottom boy as a fuck buddy. My ass was almost getting sore with constant and repeated humiliation and fucking it was getting from his super cock. Then he stopped but not before complete whamming his huge monster into my ass and started kissing my neck, shoulders and behind the ears while his cock kissed me deep inside. He then placed both hands under my arms onto my chest and fingers started fondling, teasing and tweaking my sensitive nipples. His groin was exerting full pressure to keep me impaled onto his manly dick. I really could feel him wedged deep to the hilt and hitting home. He was making me turn my neck and we were doing our best to kiss each other on the lips but my ass crammed onto his manhood, it was not easy. Hubert let me loose and slowly pulled back. Ahhhhhh fuck! I had my ass hole emptied out. I must have gaped by now because even though Hubert was off my back and his cock out of my lovely sexy vault, there was the feather soft feeling of air going in.

The next moment I was pulled on my back, legs raised high and wide open; Hubert took place between my legs. I could see his irate heated looking cock in his lap. As he leaned a bit forward, his body weight pushed my legs back over to my head raising my hips and ass hole for his cock to fuck. In a flash, the giant was deep inside me. Once again for no apparent reason, I felt being pierced with his solid fat spear. Ahhhh Fuck! Was the only word I could mutter as his nasty cock and bull balls started brutal slaughtering of my ass hole. I could tell Hubert was having fun as he humped his upper body and started kissing me, lips, tongues and mouths mingling and steady flow of saliva flowing for the benefit of both. He fucked me very lustily, he pounded my ass very passionately, he ploughed me deeper, he plugged me harder, he made his balls swing and slam below my hole; as we kissed and sucked on each other’s tongues. My arms would go around his neck for all the time we were in a kissing match and then he would raise his torso and inspect his hard on for a while making sure how his manly machine was making the joint bonding us two together.

Oh God, what a fun time it was. We both were grunting at the top of our voices which was a nonverbal communication appreciating each other along with my verbal shouts asking him to fuck me harder and he constantly asking me to squeeze my hole. Surely the inner muscles had lost all elasticity, cylinder walls were distended and now the ass canal was far wider than it was about 40 45 minutes ago when I just pulled into this rest area. I knew the size of my hole was enlarged once again to a befitting one for a bottom. I suddenly felt my face turned red and blushing with pride of a real bottom. It would have not been more than 15 minutes of constant and complete plunging and pumping my ass in this session when I saw Hubert trying to control the contouring of his face showing the start of the end of the game we both had enjoyed so much.

Great fucker Hubert!!! He did not lose focus and kept on his effort to give me the best fucking possible but his orgasm cascading and growing faster was so obvious from his shallow breathing, tensing musculature and other facial expressions. I was consciously squeezing and constricting my ass muscles to provide him the maximum friction and sensation possible. AHHHHH, AHHHHHHHHH, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !! Fuck you, fuck you Qasim, Oh my God, Oh my God; I am climaxing soon. I heard him almost shout but his saliva must have all thickened making him choke and I could hardly hear him whisper. “In my mouth, in my mouth please”, I responded quickly and then very quickly, like a flow of electric current, Hubert pulled his extremely puffy and engorged cock out of me and peeled the condom off. My mouth wide open was ready to receive the feeding. In my mouth, in my mouth, not on the face; please do not let a single drop go waste, I begged. And Hubert hunched over my face with his extremely throbbing and flexing fucking device, massaging it so rapidly. His head pulled back and total body stretched, I had no choice to raise myself up on my arms and take his cock head in my mouth. This proved to be the last straw that broke the camel’s back and with a huge grunt rising from his throat, I felt his sex gadget swell and expand larger with a tremendous squirt of his balls brew hitting the back of my throat. Then the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th spurt were that I could count. The awesome flavor and smell of hot CUM was scalding my throat and I had to swallow quickly but thankfully, the supply was not ending yet and his cock was still providing some throbbing jolts in my mouth and hot lava was still spewing out of his cock hole and my lips and mouth were being very active at the receiving end.

Oh Fuck, I heard a gargling sound from Hubert’s throat with his neck pulled back in ecstasy and he was asking me to squeeze his balls and drain them all out. I readily reached for his tremendously large meat mound knotted and looking massively gigantic. Not only that the balls sac was dripping wet with sweat, I felt bad not being able to bring my nose in here and breathe in all the aroma of manly sweaty balls but was contented to be enjoying the colossal meat rod still looking like a flag pole and cum drops spilling out of it. I squeezed those balls, rinsing all that was left in the plumbing and savored it for the relishing taste and texture before gulping it down the throat. I could feel Hubert enjoying the post shooting elation and euphoria as I sucked and licked him clean while his body writhed and shuddered from head to the toes. I was also in a state of complete delight. My ass was fluttering, my lips were quivering and my throat was trembling feeling a thick coat of Hubert’s seed.

Slowly but surely the surging tide of amazing session came to an end. Hubert’s cock shrank little but it lost the thickness that made his erection to fizzle and his balls
dropped low again into the balls sac. We both went into bare hugging and naked body play, kissing and bonding with each other. I thanked Hubert as he thanked me as well. We both praised each other for being the most fitting partner in the marvelous session for the last almost one hour more or less.

As we finally started to dress up Hubert asked me if I wanted to jerk off and spill my load, for which I told him that it was not necessary. My best orgasm and climax is, I told him when my ass and mouth specially and whole body generally makes my top to shoot his cannon; for which we both laughed louder. I told him that sometimes my hard on stays and I do try to ejaculate with my partner but if not, I don’t care and can masturbate later enjoying the whole scenario all over again. As I got just ready to jump out of his SUV, Hubert made me an offer: hey Qasim, he said, I would love to be a SUGAR DADDY for you. You and I are a perfect match kiddo and it will be a true pleasure to host you if you ever could come to New Jersey; whenever you could and I will be honored if I could stay a night or two with you at your place when I am going to Florida to go see my grandkids. I usually make one trip at least in 5—6 weeks. I hope you consider it seriously. I would love to take care of your sexual needs and much more, God promise; he touched his Adam’s apple and flew a kiss towards me. I shall give it a very serious thought DADDY, I said and walked away smiling, to my car waving to him behind me. There was still not another soul show up in this rest area. Nothing had changed in the past one hour but only the size of my asshole which was feeling extended but unluckily empty. What a tremendous experience I been through I thought, I had no clue when shall I be screwed next time and by who. I opened my car door and threw myself in, thinking should I drive quick to my destination or wait here for a while and see if Hubert did not drive out, I shall ask him to fuck me again. But no, I heard him honk behind me and wave Good Bye as his wheels squeaked and he left the rest area leaving me no choice to leave too. Oh’ I have not met or seen him since….. I do not need a daddy to fuck me but a YOUNG STUD.

The End…………. Thank you for your time…………………. A. W. Chohan