My First Gay Experience

My name is sunny. Im a 27 years old bi sexual guy with an athletic body and 6 1/2 inch dick. I have been with iss for quite a long time so thought of posting my story here.

My first experience was happened near marina swimming pool loo. For the people who dont know about marina swimming pool, it is one a gay cruising spot in Chennai. I have read many articles about this place so I wanna try this place once. So one weekday evening I went to this place to explore what kind of things are happening around this place. By unfortunately no one was there at this place as this place gets locked at the night times in weekdays. I went to that side and see if there is anyone, to my luck there was 2 guys who where pissing at the side of the walls. I went there and started pissing. I took out my tool and I started pissing. One guy was done pissing and he left and the other guy looked at me. I smiled at him and nodded my head as a greeting. He took it as a signal and came near me. And our conversation as follows

Note: most of the conversations are in Tamil. So Im describing it in Tamil and the equivalent translation is in English for all non Tamil readers.

He : enna pakurenga? (looking for something?)
Me: ila.. Enna keka varinga nu puriyala.. (no.. What do u mean?)
He: bayapadatha.. (why are you scared? )
Me: bayam lam ila. Ninga enna ketenga nu puriyala. (Im not scared bro. I dont understand what you meant.)
He: variya?(means are you interested in sex? Or shall we have sex? Colloquially)

He said in such a way that he is inviting me to sex. So I responded back

Me: evalo(how much?)
He: 1 hour ku 500 bro (500 for an hour bro)
Me: enaku kundi adika pidikathu bro. Sapparathu na okay.. (no.. Im not into anal dude. I like only blowjob?)
He: apo 200 ruba bro(then 200 for a blowjob dude)
Me: 200 ruba ah? Nanum ombanuma? (200 ah? You want me to suck your cock?)
He: athu unga ishtam bro (your wish)
Me: apo nan kaasu thara maten. Mathi mathi omibkalaam. Ok va? (then I will not pay. Its mutual fun. He said ok.)
Me: place iruka? (is there a place?)
He: ila pa.Ingaeh panalam..(no. We can have here..)

That place is barely having a light. It was like 07:30 pm and the place is dark. I saw few vendors in a short distance. There are chances that anyone might come.

Me: inga vendam bro. Kada yelam iruku. Yaravathu vanthuta? (no bro. There are shops around. What if someone comes?)
Me: inga safe ila. Vera idam irruntha sollunga. (not safe here. Take me to some other place.)
He: then follow me. (sari vanga bro)

He took me to the nearest place where it was under a tree. That place was deserted. No people, no light. That place seems okay to me but I feel little hesitation. That was a weekday so no people will come here he said. I felt some what relieved, he broke the ice by touching my cock over my track pants. It was partially erected. It started to grow after his touch. He was wearing a jeans. I touch his cock. It was fully erected but wanted to get free from his pants. He opened the zip, took out his cock. It was black around 61/2 to 7 inches girthy and the tip was in black color. I caught hold of his cock and started shaking it in one hand and I lowered my track pant and trunk brief in other hand. He catch hold of my cock and he started moved his hands up and down. I felt scared,pleasured a cocktail of mixed emotions but I never failed to enjoy that.The he bent down started licking my cock. He opened the foreskin and started licking the tip and the bottom of the tip. The he licked around the cock and he put the entire cock in his mouth. I never felt such pleasure before. It was heavenly every time he took it deep. After around 2-3 minuted I bent down started to suck his cock. It was hot, big cock. I tried to deep-throat it but unable to do because it was big and girthy. I sucked his cock for around 5 mins. The we switched. He started to suck mine. He sucked my cock like 8-9 mins. I felt like cumming. I stopped him.

Me: bro. Vara mathiri iruku (bro.. I feel like cumming.)
He: bro wait pannunga bro.. Yennaku konjam pannunga.. (wait for sometime. Suck me for some more time. )
Me: seekiram (sure bro.. Come on.)

The I started suck his cock. He hold my head and mouth fucked me. His stroked are so awesome. Every stroke went deep throat. I opened my mouth fully so that he can mouth fuck me properly.After some time he said he was cumming. I dont want cum in my mouth so I got up.. Took his cock in hand and started masturbating. He closed his eyes and he murmured some name and he released his load. It was thick, huge load. I stroked his cock until he releases the last drop. He slowly opened his eyes and came back to normal. Then he wiped the cum in his underwear and started stroking my cock. Then put my cock in his mouth and started sucking. I said I wanna fuck your throat like you did. He nodded.He opened his mouth. I catch hold of his head and moved my hips front and back slowly. He responded well. He sucked it like a lollipop. I increased the speed slowly. I was like oh my god. There was his saliva around the cock. I felt like cumming.

Me: bro.. Vara mathiri iruku (bro.. I feel like cumming.)
He: en vaai la eh oothunga bro (do it in my mouth bro.)
Me: are you sure?
He: hmm.. Panunga bro.. (yes.. Do it. Please.)

He continued sucking. I lost control I screamed in pleasure and I released a huge load of cum in his mouth. He sucked it carefully. He cleaned my cock and he got up. I felt like a heaven.

He: eppadi irunthichu? (how was that?)
Me: sema bro (awesome bro.)
He: thanni? (want some water?)
Me: aah.. Konjama..(yes. Bro. Please)

He opened his bag and gave me some water. I drank it. The I cleaned my cock in my underwear. I got dressed. He wore his jeans also. Then I asked him

Me: sari naan pannum bothu yetho peru sonenga? (when you were cumming you were murmuring a name what is that.)
He: eppo (when..)
Me: ungaluku nan kai adichi vidum pothu.. (when I was giving a handjob)
He: oh.. Ketutengala? Athu yen girl friend peru (oh.. U heard that? That was my girl friends name. )

Me: girl friend ah? Athan girl friend irukanga. Aparam yen ithu yelam? (girl friend?. You have a girl friend right? Then why are you doing this?)

He: athu vera ithu vera bro. Avangloda elam nenacha nerathula pana mudiyathu. (its different bro. We cant do anything wenever we want bro)

He: nan ithu varaikum avangaloda pannathey ila. Time kedaikathu. (till now I havent had sex with my girl friend. We will nevar get our private time)

Me: so..Naan panathu avanga pana mathiri nenachukitengala?( so you pretend that she was doing that when I was sucking you?)

He: avanga ithu varai panathu ila. So avanga pana ippadi than irukum nu imagine panitan (she didnt suck my cock before. I imagined the same feel it will get when she does this).

Me: okay. Sari bro naan kelambaran bye..(ok bro. I am leaving. Bye.)

I left that place and walked towards my bike and then something crossed my mind. I went back to him and..

-to be continued

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