Aunts Place Became My Honeymoon Destinations

Hi, all. I am a regular reader of Indian Sex Stories dot net and really enjoy reading peoples experiences. Today I thought of sharing one such true incident which happened while I was doing my engineering from Bhubaneswar. About me, I am 24, height 5.8, 66kgs and have a slim body with slightly protruding man boobs and a round ass which people take notice of. Sometimes I look at my ass and feel it be too round for a guy and looks quite sexy.

It is not the first time I got involved with a guy but incidents before were very short which I would share in my other stories and mainly had oral experience but this was the first time my ass was explored by my own cousin brother who was 28 then while I was only 19.

My college is 45 mins from my cousins home I stayed in a hostel and would visit my cousins place occasionally on festivals. It was during my visit to my cousins place for four days during Diwali this incident happened. My aunt lived in 2bhk flat wherein uncle aunt stayed in one room and Prabhat my cousin brother lives in the other room where we use to share bed whenever I went there. About Prabhat, he was, 5.9 healthy, not very good looking bit dark and had a big belly.

It was on the first day of Diwali when we burnt crackers and did with Puja and all had our dinner and now it was time for us to sleep. Prabhat and me in one bed in one room and that day he locked the door saying there was a lot of noise outside. We turned off the light and went to sleep. Usually, I take a deep sleep and directly wake up the other day but that night I was completely not able to as I was getting up after every few mins. I could realize my brother sometimes cuddling me sometimes I could feel his breath near my lips sometimes near my ears as it was very dark I was not able to make out.

He uses to keep his hand on top of my shorts near to my dick sometimes rubbing his dick against my back sometimes his weight on me. But slowly I fell into a deep sleep and woke up the other day. The next day was normal we had our food the regular time but I noticed my brother looking at my ass wherever he was around. I guessed his look to be quite lustful and could remember his actions which made me a bit horny the whole day.

It was night again some time and he slept as usual sliding but today I decided to act I was asleep and see what he does the whole time. We slept, as usual, he locked the door and turned off the light. I acted I was asleep but slowly the fun began. I could feel him close to me and slowly he cuddled me from the back. He pressed his semi-hard dick which I could feel on top of his shorts against my back. I could smell alcohol moaning he was very close to me now and could feel his hand inside my t-shirt trying to explore my upper body. I was shocked to be in such a situation that too with my own cousin brother.

He slowly moved down and touched my dick. A current passed through my body and immediately I was aroused. He played with it on top of my shorts and meanwhile kept rubbing his dick against me and was started kissing my ears, I heard him mourning softly. I was getting turned on now. I was shocked but wanted him into despite the fact that he was my cousin brother. I wanted to feel him inside me as he was around 90kgs I into his on top of me so that I was shocked by his weight. I was so turned on. He kept doing that and after few mins stopped suddenly, I was disappointed.

I wanted it to continue so it was my turn now. I acted as if I was asleep and moved a bit closer to his arms in a way that I positioned my ass and pressed it hard against his dick. In the process I was completely in his arms I could feel his belly his breath and his dick. I guess he sensed my thoughts and suddenly I could feel his lips searching for mine and in a minute we were kissing each other.

He was smooching me his beard rubbing against my face his tongue slowly exploring my mouth. I felt weak on my knees, felt like a bride been seduced by his man on the wedding night. I wanted to open up my ass and invite him so that I could be rammed the whole time. I dont know from where I gathered courage I raised my hand and kept it on his shorts. I felt his semi-erect dick under my hands which started growing in my hands and I feel the heat from his shorts. It was fully erect too big and fully erect ready to make me his slut.

I was too hot now, I wanted it in my ass, it was so hard and I knew he would open up my ass today. He slowly turned me facing the roof and started kissing me hard. By now he knew I was awake and ready to obey him as I kept rubbing his dick from top of his shorts. I wanted his cum all over me, over my tits my face, I wanted to taste it. He quickly got into action and removed his t-shirt and removed mine also and climbed on top of me. Ahh, was the sound I could make.

He was too heavy and my whole body was submerged under him. We went wild and started cuddling each other very hard. I held him tightly against me and was feeling his body on the top of me. He started kissing me vigorously. He bit my lips..sucked the life out from my mouth. He pressed my boobs very hard and smooched me hard, he almost choked me. His Dick continuously rubbing against mine over our shorts now with increased pace. He kept pressing my boobs and now moved down and kissed my neck my ears and suddenly gulped my nipple into his mouth.

I started mourning and pressed his head hard against my boobs. He bit them rigorously and kept pressing one boob while bit another one and then change sides. He kept doing that for 10mins and I felt like cumming in my shorts. I held him by his back as hard as I could. He stopped after he got tired of my man boobs and said nothing in few seconds I could feel his dick on my lips. I knew he wanted it inside my mouth. He was ozing precums without taking a second I gulped it and started sucking it. It was salty huge, and I loved the taste.

I sucked his dick as if I was a hungry bitch to which I could hear him mourning now. He kept thrusting it deep into my mouth and I was almost chocked but kept sucking it. He was too big maybe 6.8 and was large in breadth too. I kept sucking him and made his dick completely wet with my saliva. I could feel the slut in my awakening. I was not stopping when suddenly he held my neck and stopped me, maybe trying to stop himself from cumming. He unmounted me and lay beside me now, the room felt hotter from our heat combined, it was dark and we were horny.

After few minutes it started again, we removed our shorts and he asked for the 69 position and I climbed on top of him with his Dick inside my mouth and he sucking me now. He was also good at sucking and sucked my precums, he played with my ass and balls. Slowly he started massaging my ass cheeks and slowly I could feel he his middle finger sliding into my ass. I knew he applied vaseline as it went smoothly but it started hurting as soon he reached his middle finger.

I started moaning again my legs getting weak as if they were never there, my nerves getting tight he kept sucking me and kept finger fucking my ass. I sucked him harder and took his whole length in the mouth and could feel his tongue exploiting my ass. He licked me and I started oozing cum. It was such a different feeling guys. I felt so horny and took his complete dick my mouth and spat a lot of thick Saliva on his dick as I free my mouth from his monstrous dick. We breadth heavily.

I knew he was not going to stop now he was like a bull too horny to dig his dick into my ass. He was getting wild now inserted two fingers into my ass. Now it became very painful. I had never taken a Dick there so his two fingers felt too painful. He slowly moved it in and out and I felt I would die of pain. He kept doing it for sometime and I started enjoying it. I started mourning loudly now to which he chocked my mouth with his underwear which smelt his precums and I kept it inside my mouth and enjoyed his finger fuck.

After few mins he went wild, hunger to fuck me now. He removed his finger now and faced me towards the roof and climbed on top of me and positioned his Dick. He was ready to Fuck me and I was eager to take it inside me. He covered my mouth with his one hand and with other held his wet dick and slowly pierced it into my ass. I felt as if a knife cutting my ass edges. It was not in yet and I felt I would die of pain. I started screaming to which his grip on my mouth became tighter. I tried pushing him but he was too heavy for my escape from there. His thighs kept my position intact. He applied lots of Vaseline in my ass and some on his Dick and now again positioned his monstrous dick in my ass.

He was not stopping now and me trying to get some air when suddenly he entered his full length and penetrated my ass. I made a loud noise and tears rolled down my cheeks. I was in pain but he didnt stop and kept thrusting me and with each push he went deeper in my ass. My legs felt weak and slowly I started enjoying the pace. He separated my legs as far apart as he could and pushed the complete dick inside my ass.

I held him very hard and started smooching him now. I started enjoying him while my ass still paining yet enjoying his big tool. He increased his pace with each push and suddenly he positioned both my legs on his shoulder and pushed his tool again completely in my ass. He kept pumping me in that position for few minutes then he asked me for doggy. I felt tired now but obeyed him and slept in doggy style. He came to me and started entering again. It was still a bit painful but now more pleasurable.

He again slid his dick in and fucking my ass at full speed now and there was lots of noise of his tights colliding my ass cheeks. He spanked me in between and kept fucking me till he was completely satisfied. We tried few other positions and he was very wild while fucking me. Now he was about to cum to which I asked him to cum in my mouth. He said I was a sweet whore brother and he asked me to keep sucking him. I kept masturbation him sucking his dick when suddenly he released o hot load of cum all over my face.

He kept shooting and I felt cum all over my face, some inside my mouth, my neck. It was hot salty and had a weird taste. Finally, I held his dick and sucked all the remaining cum from his dick and swallowed it all. He fell nonstop of me and we stayed in that position for few more minutes. He whispered in my ears that he is going to Fuck me wherever I was at their place. We kept doing it during my entire college whenever I visited their place.

Now I shifted to Gandhinagar, people interested in me can drop me a message. I want guys who are Decent, we will get naughty of course but lovemaking is what I prefer. I will please you to the extent you want. So interested people can drop me a message and we can meet up and have fun. You can mail me: [email protected]