Spectacular Massage Experience In Singapore

Hi indian sex lovers, this is Rahul this happened when I went for a massage when I was in Singapore, on Business.

After a hard and tiring day, I decided to go for a massage, I found a spa near the hotel, and I fixed up an appointment with a girl named Anna.

I went to the spa; I told the young lady at the front desk that I had an appointment with Anna. She looked at me, gave a sly smile and said, “Yes, she is our best. I could hardly wait to meet Anna. When I met her I was not disappointed.

I sat down in the lobby to wait for Anna and five minutes later she walked out. Anna was much taller than I expected,
compared to the other Asian girls I have had a massage with, she was absolutely gorgeous. She may have been her late twenties, had beautiful eyes with long hair. She had a hot, sizzling body draped in a short dress; her top was low cut revealing perfect, full breasts. She had a narrow waist on an apple shaped ass. She had firm, long toned legs.

She led me back in the massage room, asked me to strip and to lie on the floor mat. Instead of going out for me to strip and get ready on the mat, she just stood there waiting for me. I somewhat awkwardly stripped in front of her and laid, face down, on the mat.

She then began to massage with no towel covering me at all. Her technique was much harder and a bit more aggressive than what I was used to. Her strong hands she went to work on my muscles.

She then surprised me when, about fifteen minutes into the massage, she said, “Tell me, you like a prostate massage. You want that?” I replied, “Yes, I don’t mind,”

She then stopped, got off of me and I heard her open the oil bottle. She then climbed back on my back and began massaging my butt and letting her fingers linger over my asshole. She then started inserting an oiled-up finger into my ass rubbing my prostate. Usually, this had always happened at the end, while the happy ending. But Anna had gone there early and seemed to be getting very into it.

She added a couple more fingers and commented, “I like tight asses like yours.” Very soon she had at two fingers banging my hole. Then she started telling me, “You like that, you like that.” And I could only moan and admit that I did.
“Roll over Please.” she said. I complied. I rolled over and my raging hard-on made clear how far I was excited.

“Mom, nice cock,” she said, as she admired my six and a half inches of rock hard cock. “I like your size,” she almost purred. “It looks delicious” as she swung her leg over my body so that we were in almost a sixty-nine position and with one swift motion swallowed my cock.

It felt incredible. Her throat muscles were contracting around my cock one second and then her tongue was working all around the head of my cock the next. She licked my shaft, then my balls, then went back to sucking my cock down her throat. I was in ecstasy.

My eyes closed, I continued to enjoy this amazing blowjob. I felt like she was trying to eat my cock, she had it so far down her throat. And Anna just kept humming, “mmmmm,” as she swallowed my dick, “mmmm,” as she licked her tongue down my shaft, “so good,” as she paused to take a breath. “Give me your cum” right before she swallowed and started bobbing on my cock, I was absolutely out of my mind. I couldnt believe how hot this was.

When I opened my eyes, I was looking straight up her skirt, there I saw the outline of a cock in her panties. I was kind of shocked, then I asked: “You are a Shemale?” “Of course, you didn’t realize?””No, I didnt.”” So, Should I stop sucking your cock?”I hesitated, but said, “No, please dont stop.”

Anna slowly stroked my cock with her hand three or four times like was considering her next move. She then reached under the skirt, moved her panties to the side and let her cock and balls fall out of her panties. I couldnt believe my eyes. This shemale had a cock bigger than mine, she asked me, “You want to feel it.”Without hesitation, I opened my palm and let her drop her dick in. I took her cock and played with it, gently stroking it. It was warm & sexy. It was getting bigger and harder.

I stroked her dick up and down. I could feel her harden and her cock was growing in my hand. I was a surprised to hear her moaning, “Mmmmm” She was fully hard now and her cock was easily nine inches and quite thick.”Would you like to taste of Annas cock?””Sorry, no, I don’t like sucking dicks” I answered,

Anna stood and pulled off her panties, hiked up her skirt, and wiggled her ass at me. She then turned around so we were no longer in a 69 position and she was now sitting on my chest. “Please suck my dick,” I told her, “Lick it like ice cream” “Lick my dick” and she did, with that she renewed her efforts of aggressively sucking my dick down her throat. She was furiously sucking my cock, She pleaded “I want to eat your cum.” I was ready to comply, when she suddenly shoved two fingers up my ass, with that I shot a load of cum straight into her mouth. She then sucked my cock into her mouth deeper and I shot two or three more shots. I could feel my cock spasm in her mouth and it felt like her mouth was completely filled with my cum. After I was spent, she began to play with my dick and I was teasing her nipples.“That was good. But next time you fuck my ass. I replied “Ok.”Anna smiled a big smile, Picked her panties off the floor and went out the door. “See you soon,” was she said, as she walked out.

I laid there on the mat, looking at the ceiling, wondering what in the hell had just happened.
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