My Conversation From Gay To Cd

Hello indian sex stories friends, my name is Zeenat.

This is the third part of my story. If you didnt read my first two parts so you have to read that stories “Became gay because of my friend” and “Became a gay whore after a hot threesome gay sex”. So you can understand this story very well because this story is connected with them. So without wasting time lets start the story.

So as I told you in my previous story that my friends father caught me. Then he fucked me with my friend. He taught us so many new things. So it was superb for me and I also told you that after that his father and my friend fucked 2-3 time individually and threesome once. The second-time threesome was awesome because that was a first time I was fucked in the night. My friend fucked me 2 times in his room. For the reason of studying and his father fucked me 2 times in the hotel that he booked for that was a very thrilling experience for me. I will tell you about that in my another story series.

As I told you that they did threesome for one more time because his mom was not at his home so we did a threesome on his home at night I was there for the night out. They fucked me almost till 3-4 am. That was somewhat awesome experience and that will be also included in that series mentioned above. So lets start this story.

So after 3 sex encounters with his dad, I became so comfortable with him now he is like my friends with the benefit. So that was a Sunday. I was playing the video game on my pc. So at that time suddenly my phone rang. I checked my phone that was an uncle ( my friends father ). I took his call. He told me that he and his son is alone now at their home so please come to my home now. I told him that I will come at evening. So he told me that at the evening his wife will come.

So he requested me to come now. So I closed my game then went to his home. My friend and his father were watching the tv. When I was entered into their home they welcomed me. We sat on their sofa. His father asked me to have some snacks. So I was hungry so I replied yes I want some. So we had some snacks there. When I was eating snacks. They were trying to touch my ass and rubbing their dicks slowly.

So I told to his father that I want to do something new this time. His father was thinking about the what new they can do because everything we had done. So I completed my snacks and I walked towards his kitchen. His father also came with me. He saw bra and panty hanging on the wire outside from window. So one dirty idea came to his mind. He told me to go inside. He will be bringing something new. So he went outside took that bra and panty. I was with my friend sitting on the sofa. So he closed the main door and came towards me.

He came near me and told me that wear this bra and panty that will give you feel and we will also enjoy this by watching. So took off my clothes. I also took off my underwear in front of them because now they had done everything to me so now there is no fear of them. Then I take the first bra from his fathers hand and try to wear that on my chest but I cant reach the hooks. So I told his father to hook that bra from the back side. Then I wore panty. That was a simple thing to do but that panty. The panty was somewhat tight because that was made for the vagina, not for the penis and bra was also little bit fit.

Then his father told me to close my eyes. I did that. He grabbed my hand and pulled towards somewhere. Then he told me to open my eyes. When I opened my eyes. I cant believe that I was looking for a girl now. I became so excited that my dick also became hard but that was more painful in that panty. His father realize that I m in pain. So he told me that this is the new thing that you want to do. I felt that pain.

Then my friend started to took off his clothes because he was already hard by looking me in that bra and panty. Then he pulled me towards his side and then gave his hard dick in my mouth his father also removed his clothes. Then came towards my ass. So I taught he will now remove that panty so I can relief from that pain in my dick. But he didnt do that instead of that he started to lick my asshole by the slide that panty one side. That pain was so much ah . . . . . . . . . Fuck. . . . . . .That. . .. . . . .Then my friend told me to suck his balls so I started to suck his balls. His father was continuously licking my ass. It was a moment when I was feeling excited because of the bra and panty. Getting pleasure by asshole licking by his dad and sucking his balls by me. And I was also in pain because that panty was hurting my dick continuously.

Then his father started to finger my asshole. I was sucking my friends dick head at that time so he became so horny because of that. Then they changed the position. His father told him that doesnt remove my panty. It will be more pleasurable. So he started fucking from the one side of the panty and his father started to give me blowjob. At that time I can fell that how a girl can be felt while fucking in their vagina and ass at the same time. In addition to that, his father was fucking my mouth at that. That was felling of the gay gangbang.

Then my friend was about to cum. So his father told him to come near my mouth. So they switched their position. So I started to suck my friends dick and his father started to fuck my asshole. To increase my pain he pulled that panty from behind and started to fuck faster. At that time my friend jerked in my mouth. So I had taken that in my mouth. His father was saying something. So I replied that I know I have to drink that cum. He said no give this cum to my mouth. So I was in doggy style so he turned me. Then we kissed. I gave my friends cum to his father. His father gave that back to my mouth. Then he told me to drink that cum. So I did that.

Then his father pushed me on the bed again and started to fuck my ass with my legs on his shoulder. After 10 min his father was also about to cum. So he suddenly takes out his dick off my ass then jerked in my mouth then after his cum he also spat so much saliva in the mouth and then he told me to drink that. So second time I drank their cum and spit. Then they told me to jerk. So took off the panty and took both of their dick in my mouth and when I just touched my dick it automatically jerked within 5 seconds.

Then we wore our clothes and sit for some time and watched the movie on tv. At that time his mom came back to home.

After this experience they always forced me to wear panty and bra beacuse they can enjoy that, and actually I was also enjoying that. After two times sex like this his mother was going to his home for the 3 days. So that was golden opportunity for us.

So in my next story I will tell you how I became mom of my friend for that three days. In my next story “Became mom of my friend”. That will be so much enjoyable.

So stay tune.If you want to contact me/ want to know more about me/ want togive any suggestion. You can contact me on planet romeo. My id is “Gandmarvaneayahu”.