Qasims True Story 3

Qasim’s True Story 3

By: A. W. Chohan

The story of a sexual episode after getting separated from David in Story 2

Sultan, The Pakistani Doctor

Hey Qasim, have you ever been fucked by a cock of this size? Dr. Sultan asked me while I had my mouth in his groin, licking and sucking his manly armament and soaking the deep aroma of his masculinity. His cock had barely started to grow and I could not tell how BIG it was going to be in size. Limp, it was not at all an alarming size. Could not be more than 4 inches at the most with a CUT beautiful chisel designed and screwed on cock head and a much larger hole at the top. I took a breather pulling myself out of his crotch; but doctor, you tell me how you Pakistanis have larger than average dicks and the Indians being the same people from the same region but they never could match. You will be the third Pakistani exploring my ass and I could never forget the other two Pakistani guys; both my college mates. Cut cocks, always shaved clean and ample meat to fill the mouth and the ass for mutual pleasure. I have never been fucked by a cock larger than almost solid 8 inches and thick as a pole or may be a tree stump with rugged appearance because of the engorged veins all around. Saleem was his name and he actually discovered me and initiated me taking my virginity and making me his fuck toy for 2 years when we were assigned a dorm room at the college in Ohio State College.

Dr. Sultan chuckled; I cannot tell you how or why we Pakistanis have bigger cocks but it is music to my ears to know if you say have also noticed and found it true. I have never been naked with an Indian before you. Have you been fucked by Indians too? I would not say so if I did not experience it myself, I answered confidently and started nursing myself after taking a deep breath. My eager wet and warm mouth, tongue, throat and lips all fully engaged to make him grow the maximum and find out what he was boasting about to be his size. As he lovingly put his fingers through my hair gently pushing me go deeper in his groin, I kind of slipped in thoughts but not missing a beat giving his cock and balls all due attention.

It was September of 2006. I had finished my M.S. in Microbiology and was feverishly looking for a job. My mother, who had brought me to USA with her from Africa after getting divorce from my father, was no more due to a terminal illness and I had to manage a lot in addition to my expenses and the study loans were to be paid off also. I was still in Cleveland area but only as a part-time worker for a family owned small laboratory nor far from a Medical Offices building and a hospital as well and was hardly meeting my expenses.

I was told by the owner that coming Friday; some doctor was coming to visit the neighboring hospital and giving a presentation about the tests done in the Chemistry laboratories in and outside the hospital settings. At this present job, running the Chemistry tests was also in my realm; so I was given half a day off to go see what was presented there and how we could benefit from that. As the presenter introduced himself; his name was Dr. Sultan. He was a Pathologist by profession but somehow had a fancy for Biochemistry too. After attaining his specialization in Pathology, he went back and did his M.S. in Bio Science from Miami University in Ohio. (He did emphasize Miami University in Ohio and I like many others thought there was only one Miami in Florida). Anyway the lecture was more geared towards the Bio Machines and Equipment’s to run some complicated tests more easily and I did not find it of value for my employer but even then did take some notes to show and discuss it with him.

At the end of the presentation there was refreshments arranged in the next hall room where the attendees were mingling and talking with Dr. Sultan as they took their coffee, tea or other soft drinks offered there along with cookies etc. I was not at all keen to talk or ask him any question; honestly because I was not a Chemistry man. My subject was Microbiology and I did not think Dr. Sultan was the man to talk about Microbiology; but I noticed more than once his eyes gazing me and I did give him a hello, hi smile in return when our eyes met. Slowly the crowd thinned out and there were only a few people left when I saw Dr. Sultan walk towards me after we exchanged smiles once again with his hand extended for shaking. I took his hand warmly in respect as he asked me my name.

Qasim, Qasim Khan, I answered.

Nice, Qasim! Are you an Indian or a Pakistani? He asked very politely. Indian Sir, I replied to which he gave me a very hearty hand shake. What do you do Qasim? I mean are you a medical professional. He asked bit eagerly. No, no! I said I am not a Medical man but of course one of the links of the patient care chain. I am a Microbiologist by profession recently earned my M.S. and looking for a job but working for a small outfit meanwhile.

Ah ha! Microbiologist, he said out loud; in search of a job. Would you be willing to move South, Qasim? He looked at me with a full gawk and kept talking to complete his sentence; if I could call a friend of mine in Virginia, who is a Chief of all labs in a large teaching hospital and arrange an interview for you. I guess you are a smart young man and given an opportunity, you could prove your worth and get a nice job. They were looking for a Microbiologist, when I spoke with my friend about a week ago.

Suddenly I felt a shiver run through my whole body and that brought me back to the reality of the moment. Dr. Sultan had attained a full extension of his cock and unconsciously I was gripping it with both hands still sparing an easy inch and a half of his shaft and awesome shaped cock head which was also no less than of another inch and a half in length on the top. His length must be over 9, may be 10 inches and balls undoubtedly bull sized and hanging far lower while his sac was jammed into the sofa he was sitting on. A generous flow of the very clear, silky and slick precum oozing nonstop making me slurp and swallow as much I could and still more than enough left over to spread onto his glorious red hot cock tip and the throbbing shaft. His cock was getting very slippery as if it was made of smooth marble and my mouth was gliding with relative ease from top down to almost 3/4 of its length. I admit I was an expert cocksucker by now, thanks to Saleem, my dorm room mate who taught me how to suck and not get choked with his big cock; but Dr. Sultan’s cock was giving me a bit of a difficulty because of the position he was in and I was not being able to swallow the lowest about two and a half, three inches and not clamping my lips exactly at the joint where his majestic man tool was shooting out of his nicely shaved pubic area showing a mild growth of hair stubbles of a day or two at the most. Plus his cock was surely larger and thicker than the one Saleem had hanging in front of him.

My sighs and sobs were getting louder as I struggled to enjoy the full length of his enormous sex when he suddenly pulled me up from his mid body and made me go in a tight cuddle as our mouths hovered near each other and our tongues licked the sweet love juice from each other’s lips and allowed the tongues to dance around in the mouths for a while. Let us go have a shower, I heard Dr. Sultan say letting me go from the tight squeeze of his arms and started to unbutton my shirt. I returned the favor as well and slow like if we were presenting a strip tease show for the audience, it took us good 5 minutes to be stark naked and standing face to face, toe to toe. Dr Sultan’s blazing shining huge cock protruding straight out, precum still dripping in a thin rope shape showing its slickness and balls, ahhhhh those tremendous balls only fitting to compliment the super cock they were supposed to supplement in his fucking
expeditions. I heard Dr. Sultan telling me of the nice sized cock and balls I had as well but my cock was still completely soft although a big flow of precum had completely stained my underwear and a huge patch was clearly seen on my jeans as I removed them.

I need to shave as well doctor, I said. Would you mind if I go ahead and start shaving and you join me as you finish your drink, I raised my glass, made a cheer wish and finished it with a larger gulp placing it back on the table. That’s fine Qasim, go ahead, I shall join you in a minute; said Dr. Sultan and I started walking towards the bathroom. O’ fuck…. I felt a bit light headedness but I controlled myself and entered the bathroom leaving the door ajar behind me.

Standing naked in front of the mirror with safety razor in my hand my thoughts wandered back again as I saw Dr. Sultan in the mirror instead of myself and he was holding his cell phone in his hand.

How are you Zain?

That’s nice…. Is she fine?

I am ok, on a road trip right now.

No, I don’t have anything planned in the near future but you know the nature of my work.

Ok, I hear you, Ok Zain. Thank you. Very nice of you!!!

Hey Zain, remember last time we spoke; you told me you were looking for a Microbiologist to work at this hospital. Is the position still open and can I send someone to come see you? Wonderful, Oh thank you very much really. Should I give him your telephone number, I mean your cell phone number so that he can call you and make an appointment on a date and
time convenient to you both. Of course, of course; I know him. Yes he has M.S. degree in
Microbiology and he can take on the responsibilities. I think you better tell him this at the time of interview and let him decide. Yes sure, make a note in front of you….. Qasim; Q A S I M. Last name is Khan.

Hey thank you once again Zain. Say my regards to her as well please. Bye for now.

Lucky devil you, Qasim. Dr. Sultan turned and looked directly into my eyes and said. I am sure you will get the job if you have what they are looking for but you will have to move and also he said it will be a Managerial position and you will be the in charge of night time shift for all labs activities in a larger hospital with good salary and benefits. I looked around, it was I and Dr. Sultan alone by now in the hall, and everybody else had left. Thank you very much Dr. Sultan, I said humbly. Oh, you are welcome dear. Pleasure is all mine for sure and much more if you were selected for the job. Jot down this number and call as soon as possible and speak with Mr. Zain Monsey. Remind him that I called him about you and he must have your name written in front of him. Oh man, this coffee is good, I need another cup. How about you? He made me note the phone number of Mr. Zain Monsey. Although I did not feel like having another cup of coffee at the moment but I did not refuse simply showing the courtesy and we walked to the table where the service was stalled.

I am obliged Dr. Sultan and assure you, I will not disappoint you. I know the subject; I am young, energetic and confident that I can do the job to the best of my abilities and satisfaction of my seniors. I remember being very gracious and polite as I expressed my civility asking him if I could be of any service to him. He had a huge smile spread all over his face as he took a sip of the coffee, his eyes quickly running down to my toes and then focusing right on my slightly sheepish eyes. I am sure you can do me a nice service Qasim but are you sure you mean that for real? He was so blunt and open in saying the words that there was no doubting what he actually meant by it. It was a moment of Six Million Dollars question and I could not afford to spoil it, I thought in a split second. His eyes were still focused at mine as if waiting for the correct answer.

Why not give me a chance Dr. Sultan, I spoke with no uncertainty. I am not 100% sure but I do think I licked my lips as if there was a drop or two of coffee which actually was not there!! And why not, said Dr. Sultan in a very refined and polite tone. He gave me the name and the room number of the hotel where he was staying in and asked me what would be the best time for me to show up. Well, Dr. I have the afternoon off and it is up to you to tell me what time you want me to be there, I answered with same sophistication. Oh man, he sighed in kind of regret and said, I would love to spend the whole afternoon and evening with you Qasim, but I am sorry; I do have another commitment but we can be together until about 9 P.M. and that shall give me some time to refresh for the other commitment.

We both looked at the watches. 9 P.M. meant, we had a lot of time for our rendezvous if I got to him in the 1—1 ½ hours after rushing home and changing into jeans, shirt instead of the suit and necktie. Would it be OK if I reach you within 1 hour at the most, I asked. That shall be ok, he took last sip of his coffee and we shook hands once again. This time Dr. Sultan massaged my hand with both of his hands, which meant lot more than the simple shake hands and we said bye to each other.

He was surely waiting as I arrived and let me in the room locking the door behind me. I don’t think anything was left to imagination as I saw a bottle of a top brand Scotch, Ice bucket, Soda, Bottled water, 2 glasses decorated on the center table and Dr. Sultan wearing only a white shorts like brief. I was absorbed to see his manly masculine lightly hairy chest with deep pink nipples showing, broad strong upper body, punched in well defined abs and solid pillars of meaty thighs, legs. Although I wished to but did not dare to stop and look intently at his crotch, thinking of plenty of time we had on our hands to inspect each other fully naked and ready to be inspected. As I was taking my shoes off, Dr. Sultan told me to be comfortable, while he moved to the large cabinet fixed along the side wall of the room & I could clearly see him opening a safe box and taking out a box of dozen pack condoms, two different bottles of lubes and placed them on the small side table. By then I had removed my shirt and under shirt revealing my very sexy upper body. All smooth non hairy chest, little larger than average, brown nipples, very appropriate muscular shoulder blades, bronze brown intimidating flat muscled middle torso showing, as I turned Dr. Sultan had his arms wide open and::::::::::: Oh my God, I never knew he was so aroused. His body almost scalded my silky skin as he very lovingly filled me up in his strong arms and placed the first stamp of approval on my lips; a long smooching kiss it was. But soon he let me loose and walked to the sofa and started
pouring scotch in the glasses. Hey young man, what would you like with it; water, soda or just on the rocks. He asked as I almost got to the sofa on his side. Wow! Soda please or at least water, I said hurriedly. I cannot afford to lose my senses and miss out enjoying the time here.

Ok sexy, Dr. Sultan just hummed and next moment we had our glasses raised for cheers. I took a larger sip and placed my glass back on the table while he kind of relaxed letting his body go limp and all spread in the sofa. His legs wide open at knees and very bulky sized meat outline in his crotch was visibly seen. I quickly sank on my knees in between his feet as he relaxed his head on the back of the sofa balancing the glass in his hand and sensing my both thumbs in the waist band he raised his hips and I made his underwear slip off slowwwwww!!! Mmmmmmmmmm, there it was; the marvel of a man. Surely a bit darker than the body skin color but a grandiose looking manhood so obviously inviting and exciting arching over the huge bed of balls, naked and all for me to play and enjoy with. Dr. Sultan still so calm and peaceful slightly moved his head and sipped his drink; I also took a large sip and dove into his groin eagerly licking his beefy sex organ and very delicious meat balls. Digging in as deep as I could, struggling with ever growing length & thickness. Dr. Sultan slowly swirling and swaying his hips, running his fingers through my thick hair helping me to go deep down as possible and giving very conspicuous smile whenever our eyes met along with muffled moans of approval as I sipped my scotch making my mouth wet to glide a bit easier on the solid marble made cock of his. Oh my, my, my!! I was sucking him so wonderful.

Are you done shaving? I heard Dr. on the bathroom door as I was rinsing my face; I came back from my wandering thoughts to the bathroom. Do you usually shave twice a day, he asked. No sir, only for you; I replied laughing. I want to offer you my best. Ah thanks cutie; chuckled the doctor as he walked in stark naked. His cock had gone flaccid and resting so royally over the heavy mound of balls. He leaned and made the water run in the bath tub mixing to the nice temperature and then stepped in the tub and I followed him too. We helped each other washing the backs I drooled over the most powerful looking strong buttocks of his, rubbing them clean as he scrubbed his cock, balls and napes of thighs creases. Bending me on to the edge of the tub he pulled my buns apart spraying powerful stream of water inside my butt hole with the hand held shower head and used soapy body sponge along with his fat fingers making sure I was clean and smelling nice inside out and then he turned the water off pulling the towel off the rack and we dried one another only to the extent that we were no more dripping but were still wet and bit soggy. I noticed Dr. Sultan was almost as tall as I was; 6 feet, may be an inch lesser. I am in for a nice fucking session, I kind of thought out loud. He looked to be of mature age around 45 or so, solid masculine structure, wonderful looking and wonderful performing larger than average weapon to satisfy any greedy asshole.

I was once again pulled out of my hypnotized fantasizing stage; he very adoringly held my hand and led me out of the bathroom on to the bed.

Qasim my dear, should I prepare one more glass for you, I surely need one right now; he said without breaking the sentence. Whatever light headedness I was feeling earlier was all gone so I consented and followed him to the sofa again and kind of let myself loose spread on it but soon he was offering me the drink and I had to sit up, I just stood up and offered Dr. Sultan to be seated. We clinked and raised our glasses for cheers and I was in mood. I was dancing…… Oh fuck no, oh yes I was. Slow nude dancing for Dr. Sultan watching intensely my amateur moves turning my butt to him and trying to wiggle as best as I could. I was consuming my drink as well while I noticed Dr. watching me with a wide grin on his face and even clapping and appreciating my dancing effort. I backed into his face with my ass cheeks jiggling and inviting him to touch, squeeze and play as he wanted; so he did. Ahhhhh! Impish Dr. made me finish my glass quickly asking me to do so and it worked like it does and should. I remember vividly, Dr. Sultan clutching and kissing my well rounded ass buns. I was feeling slightly dizzy when Dr. Sultan made me sit in his feet, licking his balls, sucking his cock and worshipping his total crotch enjoying the manly meat; not only tasting delicious but also smelling so sexy and manly odor arousing my innards, my mouth, my throat and lips wrapping around the thick very thick impostor. Silky slick precum kept oozing from the humongous cock hole up on top and I was constantly licking swallowing all I could and also glazed his length to show the sheen. Dr. Sultan kept encouraging, helping and fucking my mouth but I could not go much lower than the 3/4th of cock length because it choked and gagged me the worst. The awesome wedge looking cock head was the center of my attention as I licked the precum off it and sucked the glorious length to the max I could.

Hey Qasim!! I heard Dr. Sultan call my name with much love; I have no reason why you will refuse; he said but still I am asking you. Why 2 men of the profession and well aware of the risks can’t fuck without using condoms. I am clean as a whistle and pretty sure about you too of not carrying any disease. So what do you say, baby?

Says who, we cannot and should not; I barely took his tremendous flag pole looking cock out of my mouth and said, looking into his eyes waiting for the proper answer. I have not been fucked by anyone without a protection on for the last at least a year and I am sure you as a doctor & being well aware of all risks of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, must be most discrete and taking no risks with any one. As a matter of fact; if you would not say first, I must have asked you to fuck me skin to skin and forget wearing any condom providing you thought and believed I was clean. Ahhhhhhhh!!! Sweets, Dr. Sultan dragged me up from his feet and hugged me, I remember. His huge hot and wet cock poked into my belly as we kissed and adored each other’s naked body for a while and then I heard him whisper in my ear; get to the bed and let me prepare and open you up, dear. There was no reason to be shy or show any hesitation. I already had been fucked for countless times and knew well what it meant when the fucker said, he wanted to prepare my asshole and open me up getting ready for fucking to follow. I had been rimmed with lips and tongue while blowing warm air on my back entry hole making it relax and dilate. I had been finger rimmed by few who did not like to lick my ass although it always was spic and span clean and smelled delicious too. Dr. Sultan’s fingers were as thick as they come. Only 2 fingers up to the 2nd knuckle gave me the feeling of my
ass being abused and extended beyond limits. The feeling, the sensation of cold air breezing on the well relaxed and opened asshole was obvious soon. Keeping him busy at my hole, Dr. Sultan had soaked his fucking rod with the liberal amount of the polishing precum.

My uncontrolled, deep guttural moaning made him finger fuck my asshole as far deep as he could making my body whim and gyrate on his powerful hand and long thick fingers; I believed he had shoved 3 fingers by now in me. Haaaa!!!! The awareness of my ass still showing some stubbornness and being pushed to extend against its will was creating a nice mix of pain / pleasure when Dr. asked me to ride his cock. He wanted me to sit on his hefty bull and fuck myself with his enormous sex as best as I could to be ready for him a bit later when he would like to fuck me in many different positions. I want you to be wide to accept me all when I do you; he said in uncertain words spreading liberal amount of lube along his full length. I happily got standing up with my legs parted and my ass at exact angle, slowly I squatted down. Dr. Sultan had positioned himself and his back was supported by the rounded pillows behind him and his manly masculine cock protruding straight upwards for my asshole to house it inside. Slow, I came down; his well designed to penetrate cockhead felt on my inviting entry hole. OOuuueee!! It slid in but not before my inside feels a serious piercing and as a reflex the ass lips go rigid clamping the sphincter rapidly tight right below the ridge of mighty cock crown.

My body whimpering and like a flash of light I move up. The powerful hands of Dr. Sultan not quick enough to hold me in place and cockhead slipped out. A sharp shooting pain felt from the tip of tail bone to the middle of my belly. I could clearly see, Dr. being not very happy making me feel bad as well. He smiled though and winks at me to give it a go again but this time his larger hands move to my waist gripping me firmly to make the joint again. My asshole gently pulled lower, rapidly pulled sideways sliding the cockhead in again, fat shaft swiftly stretching me again but oh God: his hands not letting me make any unwanted move. His solid length, widening every centimeter bucking into me slowly as I feel his hips rose slightly up from the bed influencing the filling of my ass canal. Intense pain, overly thick shaft getting even thicker going down making me faint, room spinning and ass ring completely giving up; I started gasping for air.

My total body melting and overwhelmed with pain as my ass ring is thinned like never before. OUHHH !!! Why. Why is my asshole being so defiant? My body quaking, my eyes shut tight and eye balls rolled back into the head. Ohhhhhhh God, I was hurt but still Dr. Sultan not letting his grip any loose making my ass compelled to keep half of the length stay in the burning raw hole but plenty still outside yearning to beat the resisting ass muscles and ravage IN. Unbearable misery and wretchedness caused by extremely fat cock continuing the pressure at the already shattered ass entrance was increasing by the moment. Constant sighs produced by rapid exhaling was not proving any good to have mercy from the savage stubbornness of horse thick cock size in fact. Suddenly in an attempt to push the beast out of me, I found myself milling my asshole on the length sending an abrupt relief into my guts and a tinge of pleasure too as the ass tunnel sheathing got tightly wrapped and swirled on the thick axis flag pole. The nasty cringing with emotions and pain came to a rapid arrest spreading a slow but sure surge of joy and delight into my rectum. Ahhhhhhhh that special bliss and heavenly pleasure of getting the ass fucked with a great performing manhood started spreading in our bodies. Dr. Sultan draped my naked sexy upper body in his arms as I bucked over him letting him take charge. I made sure my ass muscles kept pushing outwards and grinding in circles on his cock while he moved north south pulling out and shoving back, all the inches he could with limited pace of thrusts. Time stood still as the dutiful meaty cock fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked with shallow strokes into my needy asshole. Dr. Sultan was pinching; twisting and tweaking my nipples in his fingers making me moan louder appreciating his move. My asshole was definitely ready to meet the insurmountable challenge it faced earlier but failed to lodge the brutally fat lower half of fucking dong and he sure sensed it too announcing that he wanted to change position and fuck me in a dominating position.

So we broke the joint and he made me go on my back raising my legs up and pushed backwards bringing my fuck hole in an open view for his dick to enter into. A rather swift and quick manipulation of his lower body and AHHHHhhhhhhaaeeee!!!! I was once again nailed onto his full hard sex. His body weight plus the position of locking me in place had made me go in complete submission unable to evade his attack even if I wanted to. I felt Dr. Sultan grunting and showing his anger because my ass was once again resisting and being defiant and insubordinate. I felt his thighs draw closer and a tremendous pressure ensued quickly. My hole was already jabbed on almost half of his rock hard, plump fucking bludgeon and now his power packed thighs and muscled hips were making my ass go weaker and weaker and so it gave in. O’ my God; MERCYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! I could almost sense my sphincter thin out beyond it should have and a solid Thumping was heard loud. My ring was surely broken.

Ounghhhhhhhhhh!! Haaaaaaaa!! My head thrashed from side to side, a much uncalled for, violent cruelty had happened. The burning searing pain gushed from my fuck point and swelled through my body. I could feel the pain in the hair on my head and nails of my toes. Surely my ass was ripped, I had no doubt. The twinge was unbearable and my body was stiffening as it summoned all the power it could and a big tussle followed. Dr. Sultan wanted to keep me pinned under him and screamed to relax but my body was hurt so much and resisting all it could. Face contorted, teeth clenched, I opened my teary eyes and saw Dr. struggling as he felt losing control of my stiffening body and his cock slipping out of me. AND…………. Perhaps it was only proper thing to do. I only remember doing as I sensed Dr. Sultan wanted me to do but do not recall exactly how I went on my knees and shoulders from being on my back while staying plugged on his rock hard cock. The position change surely made him slip out couple of inches but then…………… my God, Fuck!

His enormous thighs forced split my knees under me, big burly hand roughly jostled between my ass cheeks, exposing my tight hole to the burning heat of his fat slick wet firm sex. I started to snake away but he drives himself into me, and my rectum is seemed ripped apart by his big manly prowler. My body goes in shock from the sudden rigid and massive impaling of my innards, the pain; Ooouueeee THE PAIN from my split ass teetered the thought process and snatched the speech as that hard precum lubed dripping wet shaft of colossal manhood tears its way deep deeperrrr into my ass. The fucking long wide hard length of Dr. Sultan drove into my screaming ass, then he forces it in and out again and again couple of times past my dilated, violated ass ring. The obvious gaping begins and I can feel it as well, thanks to his sudden brutal anal assault on my ass which swiftly reduces me to helpless mumble of dull pain/pleasure. My poor ass ruthlessly forced open, violently stretched wide inside and out with the big knob and wide fat long length ripping across the smooth tender walls of my ass as he immediately starts fucking me, nailing my ass with quick hard brutal strokes and my ass gets completely conquered by his manhood, as my body is taken by him, I know I am used by Dr. Sultan. The pleasure part melts away and I feel terrible deep pain as Dr. Sultan fucks me balls deep with power slams. He fucks me hard up the ass, pounding persistently with what feels like a horse of thick hard relentless man cock. I wanted to know how deep he was in my body as he goes still more animalistic and violent with guttural howling and screams pouring from his lips as he fucks me, nailing me balls deep and then pulling almost all the way out. Abruptly his voice heard, you fag boy; there was a reason when I asked if you were fucked by this large dick earlier. You told me that you enjoy being submissive but your attitude has to alter from now on pleasing the men who fuck you. His hard muscular body on top of me, his thick manly legs forcing mine apart, exposing my ass to the thick cruel hard driving lust of savagely fucking man meat of Dr. Best fucker Sultan plunges back into me. My rectum being destructed and wasted but I feel more smugness and pride than I woke up this morning.

He fucks me solid and harder. His thick knob thumps my pleasure spot while his big fat shaft widens my indoors. Dr. Sultan kept bashing my ass and I am powerless beneath him. He raised his hips, twisting and grinding above me, inside me, tearing away deep inside me. He fucked my ass raw as it burns and hurts with each hard brutal savage burning aching twisting stroke. This is what a foot long cock will feel up your ass, I heard him speak above me; although I am almost touching 9 inches length but my 9 inches girth compensates for the rest. He digs all the way back into my soaring velvet hole. Ouh fuck! I don’t know if I want him to stop or not but I cant stop him. He scalds and burns and burns within me abusing my ass, the surge of pain/pleasure with every deep thrust, grinding of his bull sizes balls on my fucked up ass hole, the desecration, the violation of my ass by the savage thickness of his massive member as it pummels and pounds into my brutalized love hole. Only God knows, I did not feel defeated or damaged but proud and honored for Dr. Sultan’s huge, hard and strong cock fucking me. The influence of his muscled body on top, driving his gigantic ravaging cock fucking in and out of my newly redesigned back entry is spreading and there is a marked DECREASE IN PAIN. The experience of thick manly ripper plowing deep inside my guts, the feel of his hard muscular body grunting and busy pumping on top of me, driving thick hard manly dick in and out of my hole, each hard driving thrust of lusty man meat searing my insides, reaching home but it is all pleasing me now. He wont stop. He wont stop fucking me and certainly I DO NOT WANT HIM TO STOP. I can feel myself writhing, shivering and trembling beneath him as my body is being forced to take it over and over and over and over…he keeps pulling out and then ruthlessly penetrating me, swirling his hips, twisting his monster dick deep inside me, Dr. Sultan kept me nailed helpless and weak with that big fucking hot manly cock in and out of my insides and IT WAS ALL JOY.

Oh fuck! Hes fucking stretching out my ass walls with his fat weapon, rubbing it rock hard up and down, in and out again and again setting the range of motion inside of my ass … Fuck! I am burning inside as he brutally fucks my ass ablaze… as he stabs me with every fucking burning inch of his thick hard skewer… as he spears me with that fucking monster cock…he pulls out only to plunge back in my ass, balls deep in one long vicious stroke after stroke. Dr. Sultan fiercely used my ass, fucking me, taking and making my ass as his own. THERE IS deep JUBILATION IN MY ASS. His each balls deep thump driving me insane reaching home to my pleasure gland and then his very low hung sweaty balls banging far below my asshole sending electric like shock waves when they slam my spot from outside. Dr. Sultan surely treasured fucking my asshole, going into overdrive with deliberate increase in speed and force to fuck me harder and faster like a pile drive. Fuck!!! THERE IS ELATION IN MY ASS. I asked, I begged to keep fucking me harder. My total body is like a fucked up ass, I feel I am fucked, I know I am fucked. THERE IS EUPHORIA IN MY TOTAL BODY AND SOUL as well. He fucks and fucks and fucks me, he fucks me nonstop up my ass. I quiver with every forceful thrust, I shudder with the speed and pace of the fucking size and strength of him, his cock plugging in and out of me fucking me senseless. My moans change into cries for more, feeling my balls slick and wet with lube and my own fucked up ass juices oozing out and sweat dripping between my legs. My boy hole, my prostate rammed again. And again. And again. And again.

Out of shear animalistic instinct, I felt Dr. Sultan pushing my upper body down ordering me to stay in place and keeping my ass motionless and my asshole steady for him to destroy it the best he could. His howling was not of joy now but of that special ache too which a top feels when his already, extremely tented and inflated to its maximum manhood gets to further engorge raw tender and swell in a natural physical response to the cascading of orgasm. Dr. Sultan went ballistic, bucking over my body; his both hands ripping my nipples, his very hot, hardened shallow breathing felt on my neck as he bit and chewed on my neck and ear lobes. He was most deliberately pulling my fucked up, ripped up, whining asshole to get further destroyed by gloving and sheathing on the most substantial, most sizeable last inch and a half of his WEAPON of ASS DESTRUCTION and my ass was fluttering with extreme JOY. A very LOUD HOWLING noise was heard and then I felt him PULSATE, I felt him FLEX, I felt him THROB. I felt Dr. Sultan rummaging far beyond my navel and his cock started jetting out the lava like a cannon blasting.

He shoots. Gooey squirts of fire pumping into my ass tunnel. Pumping out, again and again his long length, Dr. Sultan fills me, deep inside, holding me pinned down enjoying the sensation, hot man seed ferociously pouring out, now hes filling me, pumping his big manly load into my ass; pulses and pulses along the whole long flaming length buried inside my burning guts. Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Burning heat of his male envy!! Liquid fire……… Fluid heat.

We were both spent, but the extreme rapture and joyousness that is the hall mark of post orgasmic time engulfed us both. All sweaty, all drenched in unexplainable happiness and exhilaration, we laid there quiet for a while. Time is the best essence and so it proved. We kissed, thanked each other whispering until the pulsating huge ANACONDA went limp and crawled out of my asshole. I was yearning to lick and suck him clean, taste the sex seed of Dr. Sultan but controlled myself knowing that the time we had plenty still for his cock and my ass & mouth to have all and more till 9 P.M and he was already in mood too knowing Qwell that an opened up ass is the most needy ass and he had my ass opened up and of course needy for pleasure, much more PLEASURE!!!!!!!!!!

The End……. All sex is life and healthy, do it with love, passion and more often.