The Unexpected Pleasure

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I’m Mithun, 27 Yrs, average body. I stay in Bangalore and travel every alternative week to my hometown which is around 400 Kms away from Bangalore. I always use the Bla Bla, the carpooling mobile app to book the rides. On Friday, I booked a ride with a guy named Karthick for 2 PM evening.

I reached the spot in time where he mentioned and called him, he replied that he will come in 5 mins. As mentioned, he reached in 5 mins and opened the front door for me. He looked quite charming than in the display picture. 28 yrs, should be 6’ tall, Good physic and a great smile. I took a look inside and found no one else was there. Then, we started our ride.

I asked him, is there anyone else coming with us? He replied, “no, another guy has booked but canceled at the last minute.” I said ok and we continued our ride. He was on his green color shorts and a white color t-shirt. Then, we started talking about our work, politics and the time has rolled faster, it was 4 PM. I felt thirsty and took my bottle and sip some water. He said “ oops, I forgot my water bottle at my desk. Can I have some water from your bottle”? I hesitated a bit and said, “I used to drink water by sipping, is it ok for you”. He said, “that’s fine dude, I have no problem with that” and emptied the bottle and we continued our ride.

After an hour, he said that he has to pee and parked the car on the service road. It is a rainy season and the roadside was surrounded with a lot of trees and bushes. He asked me if I too want to get off. I said yes and got off.

He went inside the bushes and I followed him. He unzipped and started to pee. Since there is not enough space to sand, I stopped little closer like 2ft from him and as usual, I pulled down my shorts and underwear till my nee and started to pee. By seeing this he smiled and asked why Im doing so. I smiled back and said, “I used to pee like this since Im not comfortable to take my penis from the pant zip. Also, it will be good if the fresh air hits our whole private area”.

He smiled back and concentrated on his peeing job but frequently, he was peaking on my bottom. After a few secs, he stopped peeing and lifted his shorts and underwear down and started peeing again. He smiled and said “Let me also try your way”, I saw him and his bottom and smiled back. After seeing that, my penis started to grow and reached its 80% of erection. By seeing that, he exclaimed, “Wow, you got nice tool buddy”. I saw his tool, now it is also grown its full length, it was 6” long but not much thick and also its a cut one.

I understood, that some great thing is going to happen. And replied, “You too got nice cock.” And shook my cock purposefully and milked till the last drop falls. He kept seeing all my actions and was masturbating his dick slowly. I did not wait, slowly went closer to him and started kissing his lips and my one hand was caressing his dick and the another his butt. He holds my cheeks and started to explore my mouth with his tongue. It continued for 10 mins and I got released from him, put on my shorts back and ran to the Car, he got disappointed and following me on my back.

Once I entered the Car, I took my bag and searched for the thing and I found it. I took it out and shown him the pack of Condom “Surprise!”. By seeing that, he was laughing out louder in a relief. Then, we got inside the car and started to find the good place to have further fun by driving slowly. To our fortune, within 3 Kms, we found an abandoned factory. We parked the car nearby the factory and went inside.

It is a small factory with a long hall and 3 rooms in the end. It was bit messy, we went and checked each room and found one room very clean and with some empty beer bottles were there in the corner. We searched around and found few plastic sacks. We spread it on the floor, sat and continued our kissing, slowly I took off his t-shirt, shorts, and underwear and he did the same. We both are nude now and exploring our mouth mutually by the tongue.

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Then, I slid down to his cock and kissed its head and swallowed it slowly and started to suck. He was moaning in pleasure and then I increased the speed. His cock tastes very good and since it is thin, it was very easy to handle. He was on could 9. Then, we turned to the 69 position and continued, he sucked my cock as an expert. He licked my balls and the feeling was amazing.

Suddenly, I had a thought. So far I just fucked others and was always curious to have the feeling of getting fucked. So I intend to try that. I asked him “Karthick, will you fuck me?”. He said, “With pleasure dude”. Then, I wore the condom on his dick and went to the doggy position. He inserted one finger with some struggle and later a minute, he inserted 2 finger and 3rd one after 5 mins. Now there is no pain and all his 3 fingers went in and out smoothly. Now he inserted his dick slowly.

It was paining little but it is bearable and slowly he started to shove the whole penis inside, now the pain was like a hell and I felt a burning inside my anus. He paused for a minute and started to fuck slowly. Now the pain slowly decreased and started to get pleasure. He started to fuck faster. Now its a heaven feeling and I was shouting little louder. There comes the problem.

Suddenly, we heard the footsteps and the sound says, there should be more than a one. Karthik released his cock and we both tried to reach our clothes, but our bad luck, two guys were standing in the entrance of the room with the evil smile on their face. Both had a very strong built body, should be in their early 30s and brown toned skin. I got scared a bit. We both bent to take our clothes, one of the guys shouted “No, Stop that. We want to see you guys as what you were doing”.

I got relieved and smiled back. The one among 2 introduces himself as he is Kumar and the other one is Senthil. We 4 have shaken our hands. Then, Kumar said, “you guys please continue, we want to watch it”. By the time, Karthick has lost his erection. I saw that and started to suck him again to get his erection back. Now Karthik got comfortable and got his erection back slowly. Now I’m back to my doggy position, Karthick inserted his penis and started to fuck me again. Senthil and Kumar standing together and watching us on curious.

Now Kumar came forward to me and kneeled down and started to kiss me. Senthil went to Karthick and started to kiss him. After 5 mins of kissing, Kumar stood up and started to take off his clothes and standing nude. Now I couldn’t believe my eyes, a thick and lengthy black monster snake was standing in front of me it should be 9” at least. Kumar catches my head and pushed my mouth against is a cock. I started to lick and suck. I couldn’t take it in completely. He pushed my head in the rhythm and mouth fucked me. On my back, Karthick is sucking Senthil’s Cock. All 4 were enjoying each other. It continued for 30 mins. Now Karthik came and he released from my anus and started to concentrate Senthil’s dick.

Now Kumar took the condom pack on the ground and took a condom, worn it. Now Im really scared. Despite I want his cock in my anus, I begged him not to do, he didn’t listen to me. He just came back and shoved his cock in a single push. I screamed in pain. Then he just started to fuck with full speed. Since I already experienced Karthick’s dick, Now I could overcome the pain within a minute. Now I feel more pleasure. Oh man, It is a heaven.

Now Senthil is fucking Karthick’s ass. Wow. Both fucked for next half an hour and Kumar came first then he asked me to lay down and he started to suck my cock. He should be expert in sucking. He just played with his tongue over my cock and balls and within 5 mins I shot my cum all over his face. He licked it and kissed me. First time I tasted my own cum and it was good.

By the time Senthil also came inside Karthick. Now we all 4 are kissing each other. Later we are back to the earth from heaven, wear our clothes. Then all 4 left the place, shaken our hand and exchanged our contacts and promised that will call them next time while crossing that area.

Then I and Karthick continue our ride. It was 6:45 PM, since it is a rainy season, it was almost dark outside. and after 1 hour of the ride, we parked the car on the service road and we sucked each other again for 30 mins then we started again. I reached my hometown, he hugged me and kissed me on the road without any hesitation. 2 guys were staring us while passing by. Then he left to his hometown. Im looking forward to having such wonderful experience again.

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