Fucked, Pissed And Slaved By Servant

Hi, I am Madhav (Name Changed), this is my story of me knowing the world of sex and getting fucked by my own servant. I am now a straight guy with a dick size of inches and white skin tone. Hight of about 6.1 inch and a fit gymnast body. But it was not the case when I was of that age. Back then I was a bit of a chubby kid. Had a nice boobs and a perfect ass. One of those who anyone would love to fuck like a mad man.

Back when I was just 19 year old, we used to have a servant in our house. His name was Shyam (Name Changes). A dark brown, fit 23 year old buy. Shyam was from one of those guys who used to get together with everyone and thus was a trusted guy. I used to be very close to him and he used to talk to me about girls. I was a guy who didnt knew anything about sex back then so it used to be very strange to talk about all these. So this one time (when my parents were not home and went on a wedding ceremony for 4 days) I told him that I didnt understand what hes talking about. To which he was surprised and showed me a porn video. For the first time I was so excited and horny to watch it. I had never seen any girl nude before that. But soon he took the phone from me and showed two guys having sex. And gave me a “sex smile”. I was in the high sky when I first saw all these. So I kept watching that video.

After about 10 min or so he said to my ears “Tu karega?”. I was just the happiest and the horniest man alive. I said “Ha magar ghar par mat batana please”. He didnt even said anything and took me to his quarter. He straight up locked the door and took off my pant and shirt. And in no time started licking my face, arm, stomach, legs and what not. I was enjoying each and everybit of it. Then he started to get a little aggressive and with that aggression he kissed me. I wasnt even ready for it but I did respond to my full capacity. But his aggression kept getting more and more. He started to beat me like anything. I was scared and asked him “Kyo mar rahe ho?” “Mena kya kiya h?” “Please maro mat”. But he didnt answer any of it.

He then took some wine and made me drink it. I didnt wanted to do so but he slapped me and forced me to do as he says. Out of my fear of getting beaten up, I did as he said. After which I remember he took some oil from his store and rubbed my ass like anything. Took his dick out and started to fuck me. I was completely blown away after looking his 7 inch dick. Even in the videos I saw, there were just no dicks that long. Honestly, I dont know why but I was enjoying each and every bit of it. But that changed soon. Soon after he started to ass-fuck me, I started to feel utter pain in my ass. I was screaming “aaah, aah, please mugha chor do”, “bohot dard ho raha h”, “please, aah,aah,aaaahhh”. But he didnt care a bit. Infact it felt like as if by every screem of mine, he was getting hornier. After fucking me for about 15 mins, he cummed inside me. And then as expected. He started to beat me again.

After all this he was about 50% satisfied. Because then he took my face and threw his cock inside my mouth and was mouth fucking me. He didnt cared if I can die or live because he was somewhat possessed by sex. I was all red since he didnt allow me to breath at all. I was not at all capable to store that long dick in my face and was feeling like pucking out any second. He wanted a nice blowjob and also to show me who was the real owner there. And he did show me that very well. After cumming inside my mouth and making me drink it all, he took me inside his bathroom and ask me to lie down with my face up. I was super confused on whats coming. But I didnt ask any question at all and did as been told. He was standing with his body covering my body for about 4 mins and neither did I say anything and nor did he. After 4 min he said “Aabhi jo hoga tu use bhage ga nahi!”, And I just nodded my head.

And after that he pissed on me and I was just helpless. He pissed and kept pissing. After all that he had the energy again and asked my put my face on the pot of the toilet and face to ass up and I knew he was going me fuck me yet again. But this time I was ready. But that was not it. After all that next morning when we both woke up completely nude and horny and being pissed upon. He asked my to follow him to the bathroom, I expected to be pissed on again but after that, he went a step further and also shitted on me. While shitting on me he asked “Poty ka maza aa gaya mugha to! Tera ko aaya?” I said ” Ha aagya”. To which he said “Aagaya to tu bhi karde” and me while getting shitted over me, shitted there and then while laying on the ground with pee and shit all over my body. After which, he obviously fucked me with me not being cleaned. So he fucked me again and again and again the entire night and the entire next day and this all kept going on and on for next 4 years.