How I Turned Gay

Well, many of them have been sending me mails for my story of an encounter in train and theater. Im overwhelmed by the responses. Many have been asking me my first experience as for how I turned gay.

Here it goes. This is a story of my first gay encounter with my college senior.

I was in my 11th grade in college in Mysore (Cannot name the college). I was 18 at the time.

I had a huge crush on one of my senior, Supriya. She looked ethereal and stunning in those college uniforms. She was the brightest in the college and I always adored her looks.While going in college bus, she used to get down before me and I used to give her a goodbye smile. She used to smile back. We used to strike a conversation in college bus about the lectures and the movies and all. I had taken her contact number and used to text her.

Though I never used to get many replies from her, I was constantly greeting her with Good Morning and Good Night messages. I used to be the first to always comment on her Facebook Profile Pictures and WhatsApp Display Pictures.
I never had a clue that she had a boyfriend from her class and they never did any kind of PDA in college. It was all kept secret and only a few from her class knew about it.

Her boyfriend, Akhil has somehow learned that I was trying to get close to her.

One day, he cornered me in the boys washroom in the college and started asking me questions. “Why are you behind her?”, “Do you like her?”, “Do you think you can win her?”, “How dare you eye on a senior girl?” and all these questions.

I was petrified as there were five of them and I was alone stuck in the middle of these boys. I admitted that I have a crush on her and said, “I will not look at her from now on”
They gave me a final warning and let me go.

A couple of days later, on the school bus, Supriya came and sat next to me. She initiated the conversation and started talking about Shahrukh Khans Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

I did not know what to do and did not want to avoid her. I talked with her.

Little did I know that Akhils friend was sitting behind me and was reporting everything to Akhil.

Next day, in boys washroom, as soon as I entered with my friends, Akhil and 5 other seniors ordered all my classmates to finish their loo soon and leave the washroom as soon as possible. They told me to stay there and they told they need to talk.

As soon as my friends left the washroom, they started in a rough tone.

“Do you need a girl? Do you think you will be able to satisfy her? Do you think you love her?”

I was scared and I said that I did not have any such intentions and just wanted to be her friend thats all.

One of them hit me on my head and said, “You are a junior and junior should always eye on their juniors. Not on a senior”
I kept mum and did not reply and was bent my head to hint them that I was not defending at all.

Akhil said, “We will teach you a lesson today. It will make you not look at her. Not only girls, you will also stop looking at boys. I will teach you a lesson in that way”

Now, I was dead scared. I did not know what they meant. I was looking around for some help.

Akhils friend, Arjun came near me and held both of his hands behind his head, in a position as if he was posing as a male model and told me, “Just imagine my hands are tied from behind, open my pant zip and take out my dick and help me in pissing”

I looked at them in shock. I did not know whether they are serious or not. And more importantly, this is happening in the boys washroom and what if someone sees me doing it. I was totally scared and embarrassed.

“I aint joking. Do it”, he shouted at me.

“If you dont do it, we will start a rumor in college and say that you sucked our dicks”.

My hands were shivering and now all five of them including Akhil stood in one line and tied their hands behind. They were expecting me to unzip all of them and help them into pissing.
I had never touched someones dick and now Im in a position to take out their dick from their pant and point it at urinals and make them piss. This is unreal. I was praying and wishing someone to come into the washroom and stop this ragging.

Slowly, I unzipped Arjuns pants. All the other boys were giggling and smiling at me.

Arjun tilted his head back as if I was giving him a blowjob.
I was wondering whether to put my hand inside and take out his tool.

“Stop it”, Arjun ordered me. “This shows where you stand in front of us. You sloppy junior. You are fit only for this. Next time you look at my friends girlfriend, imagine this situation. Got it!!!”, he warned me.

Akhil did not wanted this to stop. He intervened and said, “Guys, let him do it. He should learn a lesson and he should not look at her. Never again”

“Na na na. This is enough. Now he knows what to do and what not”, another friend of Akhil said.

Arjun zipped his pants and all of them gave tough looks and went out of the washroom.

For the next few days, the same thing used to happen in the washroom.

One of the five friends used to come to me and ask me to unzip their pants. Once I do it, they used to go and piss and come back. I used to zip their pants again.

The first time, it was quite embarrassing, a couple of days later, I had started liking it.

I had started watching gay porn on my phone and I used to get turned on seeing boys. Especially Akhil and Arjun.
Sometimes, I intentionally used to touch their dicks over the pants. I was sure that they were noticing my move and sometimes I felt both of them used to enjoy it as well.

One fine day, I got a call from Akhil. He called me to a place which was around 10 km from our college. I had never heard of that place before. He told me to meet at a church.

I went there in my bike and I saw him there. I asked him what that he wanted to talk. He did not speak a word. He told me to follow him.

He went on riding into the bushes and parked his vehicle under a small tree. It was completely isolated and there were no human beings around.

“Okay. Let me come to the point. I want you to blow me. Right here right now”, He said directly, without any hesitation.
I knew this would happen and silently from past few days, even I was expecting something like this. I had started fantasizing on Akhil and Arjun. (In fact, I had imagined many things with Arjun)

I slowly went close to him and looked at his eyes and went close to lock my lips and kiss him. He stopped.

“I dont like all these things. Just go down and finish the job”, he said.

I went on my knees and unzipped his pants. He leaned back on his bike and spread his legs out. He was totally prepared to enjoy the pleasure.

I unbuttoned his pants and pulled his pants down. He was not wearing his undies.

His 7 inch tool was popping out and was looking fresh as a cucumber. I started kissing his inner thighs and tried biting the skin over there.

His legs were trembling as he was going weak on his knees. Then I switched over to lick his balls and this was the first time I licked someones balls. The skin was so soft that I almost felt like I was having marshmallow in my mouth.

I rolled two of his balls in my mouth and played with them for long. This was a long tease that I had not yet taken his tool in my mouth yet.

He couldnt wait long. He held my head with hairs and forcibly directed me to suck his tool.

I started with the tip of his tool and took the whole of it in my mouth. He moaned loud and pushed my head towards his dick. He wanted me to take it deep throat.

I choked for a second and couldnt breathe. I took my hands and pushed his thighs back to indicate that Im choking.
Akhil understood that it was painful and he took out his dick. His dick full of saliva was beaming brightly. His pink dick head looked so cute. I took a second run on to his dick and now I started sucking it even harder.

Akhil liked it a lot. He started making his hip movements and started face fucking me.

Now was the time, I wanted to hint him somehow and wanted his dick in my ass.

I got up and went back and bent on my bike. So that my ass is easily accessible for him to fuck. I gave a strong pat on my hips hinting him to come and fuck me.

He walked towards me and asked, “Shall I fuck you?? I dont have a condom”,

I replied, “Thats okay. But do not cum inside me. Put it on my face”.

He pulled down my jockey sweatpants and spit twice on my asshole.

He was tapping his dickhead on my ass and said to me, “It will pain a lot. Do not shout”.

I just said “Hmmm” and waited for that penetration.

He slowly moved it in and it pained like hell. I closed my eyes and started breathing heavy and tried to feel that pain.
He took his dick completely out of my ass, pointed it again into my hole, and BANG. He rammed it again. He was a pro at it. He was quite a hardcore. I felt like he was tearing my ass apart and I was loving it.

Even he enjoyed it. He continuously rammed and each time he pushed it inside, It was feeling like it was the first time. He is the guy who the girls would love in bed.

He continued for few mins and then told me to lift my leg.
Now, he held my leg in one hand and inserted his dick and placed it perfectly and started fucking rigorously.

He was making sounds like an animal and fucked hard. By this time, I was exhausted and I told him, “Can we finish this off. Cant bear the pain anymore”

He did not reply. He pulled out his dick and asked me to turn and go on my knees.

“Keep sucking my balls”, he said. As I started sucking his balls, he was shagging his dick fastly and splashed his load on my face.

As soon as the white cum got sprinkled on my face, I took his dick in my mouth and the second splash hit my throat.
Now, my throat was filled with his cum and he was moaning with pleasure.

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