Being A Bottom, The Urge

As usual, Ivan was standing naked in front of the mirror after having taken a shower. He stared at the athlete in the mirror. The one with great legs, strong thighs, but was sorely lacking in upper body strength. He was not as tall yet as he wanted to be. He shook his head and frowned at the crew cut hair style my parents forced on him.

For as long as he could remember he had always sought out pleasure and soon found that some of his greatest pleasures came from other people touching him. His mom used to give him back rubs that felt incredible. Then he got one after taking his shirt off and that was a phenomenal experience. Every opportunity after that; Ivan would take off my shirt the first thing. It was not long before he realized that being totally naked was amazing fun, so whenever his parents were gone, he stripped down and stayed nude until they returned.

Being naked in public was exhilarating to him, although in his particular area it was risky. His house was at the end of a dead end and there was only one other house across from his, occupied by a solitary man. There were enough trees around so that you could not see any of the houses that were further up the street. When his mom and dad were out, he did go outside in the nude a lot, but never actually ran into anyone as long as he stayed in our yard.

He was most exposed when he would go out to get the mail from the mail box, but even then he never saw anyone else around. As it turned out, his parents would go out and leave him alone quite often. They were both in real estate and had done well investing their money. Initially he was on his own after school a lot; simply because their work kept them out of the house. Now they were semi-retired and would take three or four day weekends to go on a cruise or travel. They did not take longer than a week trips without taking him along, but still he had plenty of time available to enjoy being a nudist.

“Ivan!” his mother called him as he stood in front of the mirror. “You have company”. He quickly threw on the jeans and tee shirt and went downstairs. His friend Danny was standing in the doorway holding a box that was sealed with duct tape. His mom invited Danny in but he said, he had to get back home. Ivan came to the door and Dan gave him the box saying, it was the stuff needed for the class and wanted Ivan to open it only in private. Ivan thanked Dan with a smile and Dan wished him happy birthday before getting on his bike and heading home. Ivan took the box upstairs to his room, shutting and locking the door behind him quietly.

Then got out a small knife and opened the box. As he lifted the lid he stopped and just stared at the contents. It was a magazine but more, it was a truly hardcore porn magazine. Ivan had seen many nudes and talked sex with the guys at school however, he had never seen the actual hardcore porn before. The unique thing about this magazine was that it was Bi-sexual. As Ivan started to flip the pages he froze; one guy was on top of the other guy and had shoved his cock deep into the bottom guy’s ass. Ivan stared long and hard at that picture and tried to imagine what that must feel like.

From that moment he was hooked to his prime goal in life; to get fucked by a hot hard cock. He went through the magazine and separated the pictures that turned him on from the ones that did not. Now he had a nice short stack of guys giving blow jobs and getting fucked in various positions. He lay down in the bed and looked through them as he jerked off. It did not take long to shoot a load into one of his socks, he used for the purpose. Once that was done he started planning. School had already gotten out for the summer and in a few days his parents were going on a cruise for 4 days.

The home computer was in the living room and his parents had some potent porn blocker software installed. He thought about the situation for a long time and came to a nice decision. He had a reasonable bank account that his parents had set up. He took the bike ride over to an electronics store and bought a small, used laptop. He also had it set it up and made sure the Wi-Fi was working. Without difficulty he brought it home, snuck it up to his room and started searching.

Ivan was surprised at the number of little tips and tricks that could be the difference between great pleasure and a crappy experience. He ended up putting together a bag for sex sessions. It was a medium sized beige cloth bag with double handles. He knew lubricant was the most important and the first item he needed. He also knew the need for the lip balms for soft lips when performing a blow job and for his clean ass before getting fucked, he picked up bottles of saline enemas at the drug store. He also had a bottle of water in the bag and a medium sized towel. It was impossible to get any condoms so he decided to go without them. Lastly he looked for cruising spots in the area to get an idea; where to go. Luckily he came up with several likely places and kept notes on all of them.

If things worked out well, he could try all or at least most of them. For his venture he decided to go to the one which was the closer to home. Soon as his parents left; Ivan stripped down naked and goofed off mostly to gain some experience. Today, expecting to be out till late he took a long nap and by the day end he took a shower and also gave himself the enema to be clean, taking a shower again when all done. Waiting to walk out, he dressed lightly, used chapstick to make his lips soft and fingered his ass sole with lubricant.

Putting on his sandals, he grabbed his fuck bag and walked out the door in total darkness.

Reaching close to the area, Ivan stripped naked and enjoyed the warm breeze caress his naked body feeling a bit of thrill of anticipation strolling toward the trees. He was headed for a rest area off the interstate that was around 200 yards away. A narrow trail between the two properties led him into the woods and joined a separate path that ran parallel to the interstate. Following this path ended in the rest area, which had no facilities and no lights. It was simply an area for drivers to pull off the sleepy, tired drivers on the interstate to sleep for a while. As he came to the edge of the woods that marked the rest area, he saw 6 cars parked in a single file, with 2-3 car lengths between each vehicle. As he did not really have any kind of a plan, he randomly decided to approach the first car and see how it went. In the darkness he noticed that the first car was a big sedan, looking like an older model Cadillac.

The side and back windows were tinted or not, was not possible to be sure. There was someone in the driver’s seat clearly seen. Keeping some distance, he walked across in front of the car to show the driver that he was completely naked and then walked up toward the driver’s door. As he approached near, the humming sound of electric window rolling down was heard and he stopped by the window facing the mature man occupying the seat. Ivan smiled and said “Hi” and the man put his arm on the door and replied “Hello, do you always go naked for a walk?” As he spoke to Ivan, it was clear that the man was looking right at his gay boy cock. “Yes” Ivan answered with a grin. “I seem to meet more people when I am naked for more mutual fun”.
“So you like having fun with strangers that you meet?” asked the man as his gaze shifted toward Ivan’s firm ass. Ivan, playing naughty turned sideways a bit, giving him a better view and said “Oh yeah.” The man wanted to know if Ivan came there often and Ivan answered him with a smile that he been there a few times and always was very lucky.

The man patted a spot on the bench seat next to him gently with his right hand and asked Ivan to hop in if he was ready for great fun time. Ivan nodded with a big smile and walked around the back of the vehicle heading toward the passenger door. As he got to the middle of the car trunk, the headlights from a car behind him came on to shine brightly on his naked body. Although Ivan hesitated just for a moment but he smiled, turned to face the headlights making sure his legs were spread out for a show and then turned quickly to continue towards the passenger door. Once inside, Ivan took ample time to put a show for the driver man inside and then he placed his bag nearby before settling comfortably in the passenger seat sliding a bit closer to the man in the driver seat. The diver had quickly moved the bench seat back and adjusted the tilt steering wheel so there was plenty of room in the front seat area to stretch out for the special purpose. Suddenly Ivan noted that he could not see from outside but the man had taken already off his pants and was wearing a tee shirt only to be naked and hoisting his flag pole-sized cock.

“I am Ben” The man said with a smile as he offered his hand and Ivan introduced himself as he shook man’s hand. Ivan noted Ben’s grip to be firm yet gentle, as Ben held Ivan’s hand a bit longer assuring that they will be having a lot of fun. Ben had a big grin as he said this and stretched his right arm across the top of the seat behind Ivan. His left hand guided Ivan’s hand down between his legs to feel the heat from his cock. Soon Ben started rubbing Ivan’s back with his right hand; which felt soooo good and Ivan began to stroke Ben’s already hard, thick like a bamboo cock. They took their time as Ivan loved Ben’s sensuous hand gave him the sexy rubbing and lusty massage even groping his ass in between, playing twisting tweaking the young nipples also.

Gradually Ivan was easing his way closer to Ben’s lap also tried to give Ben’s hands full access to his entire teen body while stroking his hot cock. Ben’s right hand felt so wonderful slowly reaching on the back of boy’s head, gently pushing him face down between beefy thighs. With his heart flying with excitement Ivan opened his mouth and prepared to suck the adult cock. Ben moaned as Ivan’s hot lips slid over the cock head tasting the sticky pre-cum, licking and swallowing. Surprised with the good taste, Ivan started taking a bit more of manly cock into his mouth each time he went down on it.

With Ben’s left hand on the back of boy head, Ivan went down on him over and over and over again taking almost half of his cock down the throat and that too with great difficulty of getting choked. Ivan was so focused on giving Ben a great blow job that it took him a few minutes to realize that Ben had been fingering his hot ass with right hand for some time and had already worked two fingers in, going for a third, plunging in and out, stretching the boy out a bit. The feeling was great. Ivan inched a bit further onto Ben’s lap to give him easier access all the while sucking his now rock hard cock down deep.
Soon Ivan felt something different. It finally dawned on him that Ben had found the lubricant from boy’s fuck bag and was lubing up the tiny ass thoroughly while jerking the boy with his left hand. Quickly, just the thought of getting fucked made Ivan shoot his hot cum onto the car seat and floor. Ben smiled as he continued to stroke the boy’s cock and drained every last drop of that load. Then he went back to deep fingering the lube inside the ready aching teen ass.

Finally, Ben had Ivan stop giving him the blow job turning the boy around on the seat so that he was on the young but able hands and knees facing the passenger door. Now Ben grabbed those ass buns, spreading them wide as the head of his steel hard rod pressed against the hole. This is it! Teen boy thought to himself; I am going to get fucked! The excitement got him instantly hard again trying to relax enough to take the huge cock inside the hole. Ben had used a lot of lube for a reason. He was not interested in slowly easing his cock in and gradually working it in deep. He was there to fuck fast and deep.

Once he was certain his cock head was squarely positioned with the boy’s asshole, he groped Ivan’s hips with both hands and shoved hard! The ass resisted for just a moment and then the hard shaft breached every resistance as the man drove the entire length deep inside the boy! The pain was shocking! But Ben knew it would be painful, so he ignored the sudden yelp. Once fully penetrated he immediately started pounding the hot virgin ass, driving the entire cock balls deep inside the warmth over and over and over again. The boy gritted his teeth and tried to tell himself it would be over soon as waves of pain shot through the spine from his ass.

But then something odd happened as Ben continued to drive his shaft in faster and faster; the pain subsided. It was gradually replaced by the sensation of being filled up by Ben’s huge cock and that sensation was fucking SPLENDID! Ben was moaning with pleasure and hanging on tight as he fucked Ivan faster and faster. Ivan savored every thrust, loving every sensation each plunge gave him. Ben’s thrusts had moved the duo up to the passenger side door as the bottom boy was rejoicing in receiving the wonderful fucking, suddenly realizing the window in front of him going down. The confusion faded noticing someone outside had been watching and jerking off to their fuck fest and Ben wanted to let him join in. As soon as the window was down a hot cock came through and went directly into the open mouth who took it in all the while being hammered by Ben’s hard shaft in the ass. The guy in the window was ready to cum from the get go and only a few thrusts in the hot wet mouth were needed to make him shoot his heavy stream of thick cum down the willing throat.

Knowing of more was coming, Ivan quickly swallowed just before the second shot. He swallowed again and got a third and a fourth; soon losing the count. Finally licking all clean, he pulled away from the window and then Bob rolled it back up. Ivan was surprised at a very different taste of the cream; the man outside had shot in my mouth. Suddenly he felt Ben’s hot cock inside the ass swell even larger and somehow knew he was about to blow his load. Ivan felt the cock explode, shooting hot cum way down deep inside him. It was a fantastic feeling as Ben continued to shoot stream after stream. When finished, he reached around and stroked boy’s hard cock again making him shoot his second load as well.

Holy Fuck that was great! They both just lay back for long minutes until the teen boy could feel the cum start leaking out of him making him ask for the permission to go. Ben dropped a piece of paper with his phone number into boy’s bag and whispered, “Thanks for a great fuck!” Ivan picked the bag, opened the door and eased out of the car. Ben waved as he started his car and slowly drove out of the parking lot. As Ben drove away and Ivan started walking toward the path home, he could feel the hot cum crawl out of his ass reminding him the bottle of water and the towel in the bag so he stopped for a moment to clean up a bit when 2 men approached me. Probably they were the two men who had seen Ivan when the headlights had been shining on him.

When they got close, Ivan could see, they both had unzipped their pants, their cocks were exposed and they were stroking their already hard staffs. Ivan said hello but did not get a response, instead, one guy put his arm around the teen, proposing to take a walk into the trees. Once they were in their comfort zone they double teamed for the next hour at least. Ivan was bent over to let one of them fuck his already cum filled ass as the second one shoved his cock down the tight throat. When one shot his load of cum into the ass, they switched places and repeated the process. Ivan ended up sucking the first one hard again by the time the second guy shot his tasty nectar deep inside him. They dropped two cum loads each into the boy’s hot ass before finishing and promising them that he would come back if and when they wanted and then all of them headed home.

The End.