Cafe Washroom Sex

Hello, Indian Sex Stories dot net readers, after seeing the response and reading the email feedback I have received, it encouraged me to write another experience of my life.

As I mentioned in my previous sex story, I found a boy elder to me online and we began our relationship from there, I shared my first experience with you all and that was just the beginning. We kept meeting on & off over the weekends sometimes for coffee or sometimes for just a snack at a cafe which was owned by his friend.

Now the interesting part of this cafe angle was that the owner knew about his and my relationship and I was unaware of the fact that it was so. What I am going to tell you have completely blown my mind when I thought of it after I got back home that day.

So it was a Tuesday late afternoon, he called me and asked me to meet him at the same cafe and asked me to wear my pink thong that I had recently bought and told him about. I figured there were plans for today and agreed and got ready to meet him. Wore my pink thong with my blue mini shorts and a t-shirt and left to meet him.

When I reached the cafe it was nearly empty with hardly any customers, the owner knew me so welcomed me and I went and sat at our usual table waiting for my boyfriend. That day, the owner stared at me from his counter for about nearly 10-12 minutes trying to check me out, it creeped me out cause he was looking at me as if he had wrong intentions for me (which eventually came true and that story is for a later time)

My boyfriend came about 15 minutes later on and I told him about his friend staring at me and stuff so he just asked me to ignore. We had some snacks and a coffee and by the looks of it, it didnt seem that there were any plans to go to his house, so I was a little upset but okay, wondering why he asked me to put on my thong if he wasnt going to see it. I got done with my coffee and decided to leave, I told him Ill use the washroom and then will leave, I got up and started walking towards the washroom and he followed me, I thought he would also want to use it so I continued walking.

I went in and freshened up and as I opened the door he was standing right outside, he dragged me inside and shut the door and locked it from inside, I freaked and asked him what he was up to? He said, “Remain quiet, we have very less time,” I asked, “For what?” he said, “For me to fuck my bitch”.

I figured he had plans to fuck me inside the washroom, it initially creeped me out and I resisted and said, “Im sorry, I cant do it in here” before I could complete my sentence, he grabbed my ass and began pressing my cheeks, it began to turn me on, he said to me “I have no option other than getting naked right now” it turned me on even more, I realized I needed it too, so I gave in.

We began kissing passionately and while making out I could feel his warm hands under my t-shirt, moving all over my chest, making my nipples erect, he felt them become hard and had his fingers over them, playing with them and pinching them, I squealed like a girl and he said, “Shhhh…Someone will hear” I kept mum after that. He removed his shirt and asked me to remove my t-shirt, I did as he asked.

He then asked me to kneel and I knelt right in front of his bulge, I could see his bulge become bigger and bigger, he unzipped his pants and they dropped down, I put my hands on his penis over his underwear and could feel the hardness, it turned me on even more, I pulled down his underwear and there it was standing hard and erect his penis, looking at it I was out of control and just began stroking it.

I could feel the blood rush through his penis getting harder, I figured he couldnt handle it even more and just pushed his penis right inside my mouth, I sucked his penis in and out licked it with my tongue while staring at him, I couldnt believe I was doing this in a cafe washroom, he moaned and said to me, “Suck me, suck my cock you little bitch” I kept doing that for a while, I choked once or twice dont remember exactly, but I was kind of taken aback with the whole situation and on the other hand it even made me a little high with the coziness.

He picked me up and asked me to remove my shorts, I was taken aback that he wanted to fuck me inside here too, I thought to suck was all he wanted. I listened to him, unzipped my shorts, he turned me around and asked me to slowly drop them down so he could enjoy seeing me remove them and enjoy slowly seeing my ass and my thong string in between my ass cheeks, I did as he said, turned, bent forward a little with my ass towards him, slowly removing my shorts till they dropped down.

I was naked now, standing to face the wall with wearing only my thong, he said, “I was waiting for days for this ass and now its here, Im going to fuck his ass like never before” I was scared, scared someone might notice but I was excited too, having my boyfriends penis inside me.

He held the thong string tightly and pulled it upwards hard, I could feel the string pressing through my hole and I squeaked again, he said “Dont scream bitch, its an order” I kept mum again, after enjoying seeing me in pain, he removed my thong, I was naked with my ass exposed to him and waiting for him to fuck me as hard as he could, but him being the enjoying boyfriend, decides to finger fuck me.

He put his one finger into my hole and I couldnt bear the pain, it was getting hotter and hotter and I asked him not to but he didnt listen and I scream literally loud this time, he spanked my right cheek as hard as he could and I was scared to scream again so I controlled myself and kept mum again.

He picked up my thong and put it in my mouth and gagged me and said “Now you wont scream” he removed a condom from his pant pocket, put it over his hard penis, and made me bent forward, I knew it was time, I was horny as hell at that moment but even afraid of the pain. I bent ahead somehow and he widened my legs, widened my ass cheeks, and spat on my hole to make it moist. Held his penis in his hand and got it close to my hole, I could feel the cold head of his penis entering my ass, and slowly entering inside my hole.

It was inside, deep, really deep inside and I could feel 6 inches of hard penis inside me, it pained like mad but I couldnt scream, once it was completely inside he waited for a minute or 2, held my penis from that position and began stroking it, I was getting harder and at the same time experiencing the pain of his penis.

He said, “Are you enjoying this”? I said, “Mmmm” (my mouth was gagged but it meant a no). He said, “I knew you would enjoy it”

He stroked my penis for a minute and then began humping, in and out, in and out, fucking my ass like there is no tomorrow, and at that time I was literally his bitch. I kept screaming “Mmmmm” but it actually was “Ahhh. Ohh my fuck god”.

This went on for a couple of minutes and I heard his moans and heard him saying things like, “This is what I have been dreaming of” & “Your body is a piece of art that I own” and kept ramming my ass and constant moaning of “Ahhh kept coming out of my mouth” it became so extremely wild that at one point I was nearly begging him to stop, but he said he wouldnt till he would cum.

He finally did and removed his penis out of my ass hole, when he did I was a relief and I dropped down on the bathroom floor, with no energy in me at all. He cleaned himself up wore his clothes and said hell be waiting outside and to come fast. I took a 2 min breather, wore my thong and sat down on the floor again. My hole hurting like crazy, my ass cheeks paining I continued sitting till I could regain some energy, finally wore my clothes cleaned up, freshened up, picked up my sling and walked out of the washroom to leave.

As I was leaving, I saw him standing at the cash counter, speaking to his own friend, walked up to him and said lets leave, the owner looked at me and smirked smiled at me as if he knew it since all along it was my boyfriends plan to fuck me in his washroom. We came out of the cafe, I asked him whether that was true, and he said his friend readily agreed when he asked for his cafe washroom to fuck me whenever he needed it. I told him to never get me there again, that man crept me to another level, he just laughed and said nothing.

He handed me a packet and said he got a gift for me and said to me to open only when I get home, I agreed, smiled and said thank you and we left from there on his bike to drop me home.

The gift he got me, was a white sports bra, I tried it, it suited and fit me well, he texted me later that night, “The gift is for a special occasion”

I was definitely taken aback by the whole session we had at a cafe washroom, never imagined that I would experience something like this, but on the other hand, it was even fun!

Oh, and the cafe owner friend is the same guy who my boyfriend asked me to dance for and fuck, but thats a story for another time! Do let me know how youll like this one.

Until then
Peace, love & sexiness!

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