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Hi, readers after a long time,

This is Srikanth, I am a regular reader of indian sex stories dot net . My previous story got a huge response which made me share this true story of my friend.

This is the story of my friend and mine. I introduce my friend his name is sameer(name changed). And his age is 36.

For a bottom gay, it always dreams to have a big fat penis in his asshole.

I have few friends who ride me whenever I wanted or they wanted fun.Mean every time as I love to bed fucked any time.

Sameer met me in one of the gay chatting sites. As we are chatting for a long time, we were willing and meet each other.

As sameer reader of indian sex stories dot net , he read all my stories and asked to meet.

So we planed for Sunday to meet in a mall, which is middle to both of us.

It was Sunday afternoon and I was waiting for sameer in a mall.

I was sitting in a coffee shop there, it was an open coffee shop and I had taken a corner sit and was enjoying coffee and thinking of sameer ,
How would be our day, how will he fuck me like boss or like sameer or like others

It was awesome thinking

Suddenly, I noticed that a group of 3 black young people was starring me. It was really awkward for me and I tried to avoid them but they were continually starring me. I got a call from sameer and he said, he is coming and I being normal and was thinking to leave from there.

Meanwhile, sameer came, laughed at me and introduced himself.

He was the good muscular guy and I was in the shirt .
He called his friends who are staring me and introduced them.

Suddenly, one of black guy came to me and said – I am sorry if u didn’t like to stare us but you are beautiful and we three friends wanted to play with you.

I said – sorry, I don’t do with strangers.

He said – we know, you have come here for sameer , if you like we will touch you, we know, you are the complete bottom and believe us; you will enjoy us.

I said – three are more and I never did a gang bang. I wanted a black dick and with a naughty smile, he said, if you wish you can get 3 like this and pointed to his dick with his finger.

I said – you dick must be good but I can take one by one not all three in the same time.

With a smile, he said – ok, our room is nearby and you can come with me. My friend will come later.

I said ok.

We both went to his room and all followed us.

I wanted a shower before anything, so went to the bathroom and opened my clothes there. I didn’t know that the door was not working well. I was all nude and taking shower; suddenly door opened and all three Africans came nude inside. They were shaking their dicks; they were huge even they were not hard and erected. I told them, I said no for three together but they were laughing and said no worries, we all will fuck you one by one.

I was scared but thought that I always wanted to be raped and rimmed by the gang. They were around me and started licking me and sucking my body. Their tongue was long and super and very juicy and it was making me mad. They were licking my body and my very small dick was achieved its maximum strength. One of them was licking my lips and sucking my lips strongly and another guy was pressing my bums and rubbing his big finger on my asshole. And the third guy was pulling my small dick. They were laughing and playing very strongly. They asked me to sit down my knees and one guy has positioned his dick in my mouth. It was big and thick but he forced me to take in and I started sucking his dick, other two guys came my both side and gave their dick in my hands. Now, one guy was fucking my mouth and two guys was having the pleasure of masturbation.

The guy whose dick was in my mouth, then came down and settled him on the floor he started licking my asshole, his long tongue made my asshole very wet and I was moaning in pleasure ahahahah…ooo…it was superb and none one my friend did this before. Then, that guy turned himself and position his big black dick on my asshole and other guys pushed me down. The force was so strong and due to wetness, his dick entered in first shot completely inside and my asshole was so tight. I was feeling that a thick rode is been inside and hitting hard. I was shouting please leave me.Oo..Ooo…I am gone die.Ooo..Ahaha..But he kept pumping his dick strongly. My body was broken and I couldn’t feel anything. He took out his dick they asked me to stand up and bend me and opened my asshole.

The second guy was now positioning his dick on my ass and pushed hard and now my asshole became so big and opened and his dick been inside and his hard shots were waving my body. I was feeling that current is flowing my body and I was shouting with pain aaaahhhhhhhhhhh…ooohhhh..Hhhhhh…it was paining and burning. Now the third guy came to my mouth and started pushing his big dick my mouth. He kept his hands on his back and driving me deeper.
And then gave me a full in and out stroke.

They both were fucking my holes as if they were fucking me for the first time.

It repeated for an hour. All three of them enjoyed with me.

And after that, I became permanent bitch to them,

They fucked like a donkey fucking. Their dicks were awesome.

Black, thick and long like donkeys dick, love to take in my all holes at a time.

We kept laying holding each other for some time and then we all went to the washroom to clean ourselves. I mentioned to all the three that I enjoyed.

That was one of my experience. Please email me at [email protected] and share your views about the story and also share how I can make my experiences more interesting and erotic. Your friendships are most welcome