Wine, Cake And Sex With A Married Woman

Hello everyone. This is D here and this incident happened a few months back. I have recently started reading erotic stories here and I felt like I should share my experience too. I had never been with an older woman. For the most part of my Adult life, I had a girlfriend. If I broke up with someone, it wouldnt be long before I got into another relationship. So I really never planned or neither was there an opportunity to be with an older woman.

It all changed when Payal came along. We met at a digital marketing workshop. We were sitting next to each other and hit it off pretty well and spent making small talk when we had the time. I didnt think much of it when she asked me for my number.

Now about Payal. She is one of those bored at home married women. She is pretty well off but started a baking business to do something in her free time. Shes 40 and quite fit for a 40-year-old and her breasts are big and firm – the kind that makes you want to juggle them or see them bounce. Her ass was meaty and smooth – the kind that makes you want to give it a tight squeeze or spank it.

About me, I am a 32-year-old single man living in Chennai, quite good looking and would like to think that I know how to treat a girl right.

After the workshop, she messaged me every day for a few days and I was wondering why. Soon enough, we became friends and were chatting every day. She would send me jokes and some of them would be naughty. I would just laugh them off. We even met for Juice a couple of times.

About a month later, it was a close friends birthday and I ordered a chocolate Vodka cake from Payal and she said that she would deliver it herself.

The doorbell rang and she was at the door. She looked gorgeous and smelt great. She told me she had to go to a party later. I offered her juice, coffee or wine.

“Wine would be perfect”, she said. Up until then, I had no idea about what was going to follow.

We started having wine and chatting.

“How long have you been single and how is your sex life?” she asked once we had gotten a little more comfortable.
“I have been single for about 4 months and havent had any action for a couple of months.”
“I haven’t had any action for a long time now.”

“Don’t you do it with your hubby??”
“Our sex life is not very exciting.”
“Ah, that’s sad.”

“I know, but how come you dont have a girlfriend? Youre good looking and cute.”
“Thanks”, I said smiling at her. “I just do only those ones which are interesting.”
“I would have dated you if I were single you know.”

Of course, I could see where this was going. “More wine?” I asked and went to get it. My mind was racing, I wasnt sure if I wanted to do something with a married woman. I decided that I will just play along.

She was flipping through a magazine when I handed her some more wine and she dropped it by mistake. We both went to pick it up and our heads collided. It was more like a spark and we both started kissing. At first, it was slow and hesitant but after a bit, we started kissing like crazy. Our tongues were exploring our mouths and I dropped and broke the wine glass too.

I went down for her neck and god, she smelt so good. She was moaning and her hands were behind my head and pulling me closer towards her. I started groping her breasts and she let out a sigh. We both pulled out our shirts together and she was wearing a black victorias secret bra and her breasts wearing waiting to get out. I could see her nipples were hard and erect.

She pulled down her skirt, and she was wearing a matching black panty. She looked like a goddess in her inners.

“Do you like what you see?”

“Ohh I love it”, I said diving for her breasts. I unhooked her bra in a jiffy and out came the melons. I started caressing them. She held my head and pulled me deeper. I started biting her nipples softly and she seemed to be enjoying it a lot.

We were standing and she removed my Denims and I took out her panties. I pushed her against the wall and turned her around.

I started kissing the back of the neck and was pushing my groin towards her ass. My dick was stuffed in her ass crack and I took my arm around her and started pressing her breasts. I brought my other hand to her pussy and started rubbing over it. She was clean-shaved. She started moaning quite loudly and brought her hand to my back and pulled me closer to her.

Well, she was very turned on and she took a piece of the cake I had ordered for my friend and started rubbing it on her breasts and asked me to lick it off!

We were so turned on that she lied down on the carpet and lied on the top of her licked her breasts spotless. Then she put some cake on my dick and put it in her mouth. She took it all in and started sucking it. She then moved to my balls and started licking it too.

Then I made her lie down again and slowly put my dick into her pussy. She was moaning again and I started fucking her. She took her hands to my ass and put a finger in my asshole and started fingering me. To be honest, I quite enjoyed it! I did the same. Her asshole was very tight.

While I was fucking her, we both were fingering our asses at the same time. It was quite intense. Her other hand was on my back and she was digging her nails into my back.

She wanted to do doggy style next, she lifted her ass to me and this time, I started thumping her quite hard. I was loving it, she asked me to spank her and boy, did I spank her. Her ass cheeks were red and they were juggling with every stroke of mine. I was going to cum and she asked to go faster and soon I let off my load into her.

We both rested on the floor for a while before we showered together and did it once more but more of that in my next story. Do reach out to me at [email protected]