Passionate Night Of Sex With My Schoolmate Stella

Hi again! For those reading my story for the first time, I am Amit from Mumbai, 510”, athletic build, quite adventurous and fun loving.

This was a unique experience for me as it was completely unexpected or planned. Stella and I were schoolmates, since childhood. As we grew up, we were not exactly friends, but just a bit of regular talk here and there. Then I lost touch with her once we went to the college and got busy in our career and making our lives.

Many years passed by and then one day, I got a friend request on FB. This was from Stella and I immediately accepted it. I went through her profile and saw her changed and much more beautiful than what I had seen her after the school. As I was browsing, she pinged me on messenger.

Stella: Hi, been so long, how are you?
Me: Hey! What a surprise, nice to get in touch! I am good.
S: Where have you been? What are you doing these days?

We discussed each others lives a bit and then shared our numbers. In the meantime, we planned to organize a school reunion and started connecting with all the schoolmates. I traveled to my hometown and met Stella. She looked so beautiful and not at all her age. We were excited to meet each other and talked a lot about school days, teachers, etc.

Our planning for the reunion was underway and we were working very closely, as both of us were heading the organizing committee. We would spend hours together planning and shopping for stuff. This got us close. I also told her that she was a genuine person and has not changed a bit since school days.

Later on, I learned that Stella was divorced. She lived alone with her son and was working in a bank. She was a caring person and sweet by nature. To describe her, Stella was 5.6 in height, very fair, with an athletic body, a fitness freak and hence was in shape. She had the right curves and a beautiful face. She was a hard worker too.

During those days we got very close and she shared a lot of personal stuff with me. Our school reunion was a success and we partied after that to celebrate. This brought us even closer. However, I never had any sexual attraction towards her as such. I just loved her as a friend and someone whom I connected with well. It was the same with her too.

Stella had a boyfriend, about whom she would discuss with me. But somehow, that relation didnt work out. She was upset and told me about it. While she was dejected, I consoled her and gave her a lot of confidence, with which she was able to forget everything. We had mutual admiration and respect for each other.

Even after I returned to Mumbai, we were in regular touch through messages and calls. We even met for lunch once, while she visited Mumbai for work. Then, our communication became limited due to us being busy and we hardly interacted. One day, I just messaged her on some school topic and we got to chatting again. After a long chat, she told me that she had been to Goa recently with some women friends and shared pics with me.

S: Life is monotonous ya. I had been to Goa with some friends. Chilled out.
M: Thats great, hope you had fun.

(She shared those pics and I reacted)

M: These pics are hot!
S: I know, thats why I didnt share them anywhere else.
M: You look the hottest of the lot!

S: Haha, thanks, you really think so?
M: Of course, no prizes to make that out.
S: Hmm. Theres one more pic, wait I will share.

(The pic she shared was from a trial room of a store. She wore a very short skirt.)

M: Wow! Thats awesome.. and sexy!
S: Hmmm. You are my friend, so you can say whatever.
M: But you look stunning in this.

(She then shared more pics of her in a backless swimsuit.)

S: These are the benefits of keeping fit.
M: Stella, these are stunning pics. You look so hot. Keep it up!

That moment I got a hard-on. I dunno why, but those pics, that too Stella sharing with me had an effect and I was mesmerized. I had a plan to visit my hometown the following month and told her so. She was glad and told me to come over to her place on Saturday.

We planned to meet for dinner and met at a lounge, near her place. Stella was in a one-piece knee-length, sleeveless dress and I was in denims and a white shirt. I ordered a beer and she had a gin. We got on to being as talkative as ever, discussing various things and also gossiping. Slowly, the alcohol was taking effect and the talk got emotional.

Stella held my hand and thanked me for being there when she needed it the most, during her break up. I looked at her and gave her a wink saying she neednt thank her friend. She had tears in her eyes and she gave me a light hug as we were sitting adjacent to each other.

We had dinner and then planned to leave from there. I was to drop her back home. As we reached her place, she offered me to come in for some time and chat more over a coffee. She was alone as her son was at her mothers place. We went in and she brought coffee, which we sipped and talked.

Good music was playing and the alcohol still was in the head. I got up and lifted her for a dance. We smiled and we moved around. At that moment, we were very close. Her perfume was having an effect on me and vice versa. I held her waist firmly and brought her closer. We were slowly moving with the music, in a hug and suddenly she rested her head on my shoulder. I thought she was tired and so we sat on the sofa.

Stella was still close to me, with her head down. I put my hands through her hair on her cheeks and lifted her face. She looked into my eyes. Something sparked and we kissed. I still dont remember who initiated it. It just happened. We both were high. We kissed and kissed hard. I grabbed her in a tight embrace and now lust was taking over. Her boobs crushed against my chest and we knew no bounds.

I kissed her neck, shoulder, and arms that were exposed through her sleeveless outfit. She sighed and hugged me tighter, placing her leg on mine. She unbuttoned my shirt and started kissing my chest and neck.

This got me crazy and I unzipped her dress and pulled it down. The top of her big boobs was peeping out of her bra and the cleavage made me so horny. I dug my face in it and Stella just sighed again. Then I removed her bra and those lovely globes beckoned me to place my mouth on them. I sucked them in gay abandon. Stella moaned and took off my shirt.

Now we both got out of our dresses, completely in ecstasy and started devouring each other. I placed my hand on her pussy, which was dripping by now and her panties were drenched. I rubbed on it, while I was still munching on her boobs. Stella was moaning with pleasure. She then removed my undies, caught my rod, looked at it in awe and kissed it. “Oh God.. you are so manly!!”, she said. Then she took it in her mouth and blew me well.

I got so high that I caught her, made her lie on the couch, spread her legs and placed my mouth on her shaven pussy. She was surprised but enjoyed it. I licked her wild and she moaned loud and burst out as she came, pulling my hair.

Then I placed my cock on her pussy, rubbed it here a few times and started fucking her slowly at first, then deep and harder. Stella threw her head back and closed her eyes. She was enjoying every thrust and was moaning too. She held my arms tight and allowed me more access inside. We were rocking on that couch.

In a while, I got up and turned her around. We did it doggy and my hardness was increasing now. It was ripping through her pussy and she started to scream. I could sense that she hasnt been fucked in a long time. Her juices were smeared on my crotch. She reached out to my balls and started caressing while being in complete submission. I was alternately kneading each of her tits.

Stella was so fair that she had turned pink. I pushed her down and pumped in a speed bump position. Then again I came beside her, turned her half way and spooned her. She loved it and said that she has never done that and it was awesome. I kept fucking her and we also kissed. This went on for another 20 minutes or so. I couldnt control more and I withdrew from her pussy and shot my load on her belly, which also sprayed up to her boobs.

We didnt speak a word and lay beside each other, spent. We lay like this for a few minutes, then got up and cleaned ourselves and got back into our clothes.

S: Amit, I dunno how all this happened..I ..I..
M: Shhhh (keeping my finger on her lips), if you enjoyed it, I am glad. You needed it badly and I am your friend after all. Dont think too much as I couldnt control myself either.

Stella hugged me tightly. We remained in an embrace for a while and then I wished her goodbye and left. We didnt speak to each other for a week. Then she pinged me one day and we chatted and gossiped like we normally do. In the end, she asked me, “When is your next visit planned?”

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