My First experience Of Satisfying A Hot Divorcee

I am Rahul aged 27 brown skinned with a decent body.

I was studying in Calcutta for MBA. Things were going well till my 1st year. But after that, I was not able to pay a fee for last year due to no financial support. So the time came for me to leave my studies.

One day I was reading an English daily beside a tea stall. I gazed into classifieds but could not find a part-time job. Desperate for money I thought of suicide but could not make it.

The next day I was on a bus traveling to the airport. I was thinking of a job and suddenly I saw a hot chubby woman in a saree entering the bus. She sat in the front seat and I was behind her. I was staring out of the window when she turned back and looked at me.

I was completely unprepared so looked down as my response. My stop was near so I stood and was ready to leave the bus. She also got down at the same bus stop. After that, I was walking slowly and she was behind me.

She asked me an address which I did not know. So I asked a local person and gave her the direction. She said thanks and asked where I was going. I narrated my story to her and she understood that I needed money.

She asked my number and told that she was a divorcee. Again she asked whether I was free to talk to her. I said yes so she said that she has to meet someone now and would call me in the evening. Saying thank you she left.

That evening at around 6 my phone rang. She called. She talked about herself mostly, especially how her husband cheated on her and she was feeling lonely now. I sympathized with her which she liked.

She gave me an address and asked me to come there. 2 days later I went and found a big bungalow with a guard on the gate. She was outside and asked me to come inside.

I said how beautiful the house was and thanked her for calling. She took me to her bedroom and said that she arranged it only once in the past 2 months. She had a maid and she asked her to bring two cans of beer.

We sipped and talked for 5 minutes. Then she said she was feeling lonely and had no one satisfy her. She thought for a while and said you can satisfy my needs. We were in the bedroom.

She was getting drunk more than me. Within a span of 1 hour, she finished 2 cans of beer when I had only one. We both were getting high. All thoughts of job, management school vanished from my mind. I was slowly getting intimidated due to poses made by her.

She suddenly came near me and kissed me on my cheek. I had not had such an experience before so I thought of having one and kissed her back on her lips. She took out her tongue and started teasing me. I too did the same.

She now sat on my lap and we were kissing each other again. Her saliva was mixing with mine and she was turned on. She asked me whether I had experience of sex. I replied no and she said lets have it today.

She took my hand and placed it on her neck. I was now turned on. I slowly started kissing her neck and she moaned. I enjoyed it and went below. Pressing her boobs. I took off her kurta to find big boobs covered by a white bra.

I sucked her nipple teased her and kissed her. Slowly I removed her jeans and saw her panties all wet. She now took my shirt off and started to kiss me, moving below my nipple and unzipped my jeans.

She said wow seeing my dick and started playing with it. And in no time started sucking it. She continued for 5 minutes till I cummed and she took it all and swallowed. What a taste she said.

Now I removed her black panty and started fingering her pussy. She moaned and asked me to lick it. Till that time I had not licked a pussy of girl even once. But I did it.

My tongue was in her pussy slowly moving up and down. She moaned now with higher sound. Oh, god yeah and I was enjoying every second. For 2 minutes I licked and she had an orgasm. It felt very good.

She stood up and sucked my cock again. Then I grabbed her waist and pushed her making her lay down. I brought out my dick and had it inside her. She said make me cum hard harder and I increased my speed. For about 10 minutes I gave her the wildest missionary sex.

As I was about to cum she said, “Baby, I want you to cum inside.” She was ecstatic and finally, I cummed inside. We lay down for 10 more minutes. She kissed me and again sucked my cock saying, “This is the best sex I have ever had. Thank you.”

She was still sucking and I was out of gas. So I told her the same and for one last time she kissed my ball and tip of the penis and took me to the bathroom. We went into the tub and sat there. I sensed that she wanted more but I said I cannot do it today.

She said ok and we got cleaned up. She went inside her room and gave me an envelope. I said I dont require it but she insisted and I kept. She told me she had the best experience ever and would like to do it again. I replied, “Ok miss,” and kissed her forehead and left.

The very next day she called and we did it once again. For 5 consecutive days, she asked to come and we did try a different position every time. When I was about to leave she said, “You really fuck nicely. You could be a good pornstar but I will not let that happen. I want you to serve only me. I love your missionary style the most.”

We enjoyed for 3 months over and over again. One day I received a message that she had to go abroad as she was promoted. She gave me her international number. She said she would arrange everything and only required my presence there. But I declined.

I had over 4 lakh rupees in 3 months time which she gave and completed my MBA. Now I work in an MNC and travel across India. I look forward to meeting such women who can pay me well and get all services in return

Guys this is my experience and do message me your feedback or queries if any. If women want me then email me I will get back to you.