My Future Wife And Her Lover

Hey, guys, I am back with a new story. Do check out my other stories. My name is Rahul and I am 26 years old. I was in a relationship with a girl named Nisha she was 25. Our relationship lasted for 5 years.

We both worked in IT living in Bangalore away from home gave us a lot of freedom to fool around as often as possible. But during all these 5 years I have never fucked her as we both wanted to be virgin until we got married. We used to get naked and kiss for hours, cuddle.

We also had oral sex but I never penetrated her. But things didn’t work out. She wanted a life abroad and I wanted to stay in India. Then we broke up. I didn’t see her since then. Like, everyone, it took a while for me to overcome my breakup and eventually I was alright.

Now let’s get into the story. The heroine of this one is Kruthi. She is going to be my wife this November. Yes, it’s an arranged marriage. I met her last January in her home. Let me introduce her. She is 23, also stays and works in Bangalore. She is a bombshell 5.5 ft with figure 34-25-36.

I said OK for marriage the minute I saw her photo. Honestly, she can’t get a rejection as she is that beautiful. After our first meet in January, we started talking over phone regularly and meet as often as possible over weekends.

Initially, our conversation would be very dull. We used to speak about our college days and our work life. But things changed when I first told her about my history with Nisha. I didn’t tell everything the same day. But slowly I told Kruthi about Nisha and how we use to fool around.

Kruthi was open-minded but she was also jealous. She didn’t care about it so much but she was ok with my history if I don’t see Nisha anymore. As days progressed we started getting close and started having intimate conversations. We used to chat dirty every day and we use to have phone sex.

I started telling her what I will do to her on our first night and how I will fuck her in different positions. She used to get so hot with my conversations and she used to have an orgasm now and then. The sexual tension was very high between us.

One day I invited her for a lunch over a weekend at my apartment and after lunch we started having casual conversation which led to topic about our phone conversations. Suddenly, we both were in the mood and I kissed her on her cheek for the first time.

She was hesitant at first there was not much of cooperation from her. I was holding her hands and tried to smooch her. I did smooch her but something was missing she was not that into it. Suddenly, she started crying. It was a total mood cut for me seeing her cry during our first ever encounter. I had no option but to console her and apologized if I have done something wrong.

She hugged me and she said, “It’s not you. It’s me!” I told her to calm down and asked her what happened. She explained everything as how she was in a relationship with her classmate from college. She also broke up with him as her parents didn’t agree for inter-caste marriage. She was very upset as she couldn’t forget him and never even got a chance to properly break up with him.

She also confessed that she is not a virgin as she had sex with her boyfriend multiple times when she was in college itself. His name was Jerry. He was from Kerala. I was open minded too and I could understand her feelings as I was in her situation a few months ago.

I consoled her saying I don’t care about your history. I also told her to meet Jerry once and properly break up with him once as that’s the least she deserves. She thanked me for understanding. She told me she asked Jerry to come to Bangalore over next weekend.

But she didn’t know where to meet him. I had to go to my hometown as I had some marriage work to look after. I told her my apartment would be free and she can meet Jerry here. I was curious about her meeting. I didn’t want to miss seeing what happens.

So I installed two cameras one in my bedroom and other in the hall which had a microphone too. I took off to my hometown after she reached my apartment and she told she will be meeting Jerry the next day. I told her to be brave and break up with him properly explaining all the situation.

Everybody deserves a proper breakup. The next day around 10 am Jerry reached my apartment I was watching the live feed from the camera in my laptop from my hometown and Kruthi doesn’t know about it. As soon as Jerry reached my apartment Kruthi locked the door and they started hugging.

Kruthi was hugging Jerry so tightly I could feel the heat by just watching on camera. She was crying her eyes out. I felt sad for her. Jerry consoled her and they started talking for hours. I simply called her to check what’s happening. I was surprised she lied to me Jerry left half an hour ago.

I was so angry and disappointed but I could understand her feelings. I just thought everything will be done after today. She will be completely mine from tomorrow. I didn’t say anything to Kruthi and asked her to be brave. I will see her once I reach Bangalore.

After hanging up the phone they were talking for hours. One thing led to another they started holding hands. Jerry was hugging her so tightly she didn’t object. I was angry but couldn’t do anything. Suddenly, Jerry kissed her on her lips which took me off-guard.

I would have punched him right on his face if I was there but to their luck, I was 400 km away. I couldn’t believe what’s happening in my apartment. Kruthi didn’t object too she responded to his kiss. Jerry was inserting his tongue into my future wife’s mouth and she was allowing it.

I was helpless but what can I do from so far. I called her again to break the momentum they got separated. On seeing my call she took the phone and said some random lie that came to her mind. I spoke to her casually and hung up the phone thinking it won’t happen again.

But to my surprise as soon as Kruthi hang up the phone they resumed their kiss. I didn’t know what to do now. Here I was just watching the video of my future wife making out with her lover in my apartment. I felt like I am an asshole to give my apartment keys.

They didn’t just stop after kissing. Slowly Jerry started squeezing her boobs over her dress. She was wearing a red top and a Jean. He was kissing her all over her face and she was enjoying it. Jerry then carried her to my bedroom and threw her on the bed.

I couldn’t believe what’s happening on my bed. Quickly they got naked. For the first time, I am seeing my future wife naked but was undressed by a stranger. She started stroking his cock. It was six inches (bigger than mine). She was smooching jerry while stroking him. I could see her tongue inside his mouth.

After 10 minutes of stroking and smooching she went on her knees and started sucking his cock. He mouthed fucking Kruthi for a good 10 minutes. Boy! She was a good cock sucker. I felt betrayed and lucky at the same time as I would be getting the same blowjob from her soon.

The foreplay continued for a long time and she orders him to fuck her from behind. They went into doggy. He was not even wearing a condom! I decided to myself if she gets pregnant then I will cancel the marriage. He fucked her like a bitch from behind.

Kruthi was so hot for him they were fucking in multiple positions for hours. Then they went on missionary and Jerry was fucking her nonstop. I could see his cock throbbing into her pussy. After 10 minutes of fucking, he came into her mouth. I was relieved to see him not cumming into to her pussy.

They lay naked for hours and they were talking about their history and how everything was damaged because of caste and religion. After some time they together went into the bathroom and came after 1 hour. I could only imagine them having one more session there as there was no camera in there.

Evening around 5 pm he left my apartment. They hugged each other and parted goodbyes with crying faces and wished them luck for the future. Kruthi hid everything from me. She just told they were talking for some time and he left after they broke up.

I too didn’t ask her anything as anyhow she was not a virgin and nothing has changed over the weekend. I was just happy that she broke up with him completely. Now things are normal between us and she stopped talking to Jerry (at least I hope so!)

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