An Adventure With A Business Man In Karachi Hotel

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Firstly like always introduction of myself. I’m 42 male having a complicated sexual orientation, I am a bi-sexual versatile bottom. I have a smooth fair and a little plump body. There are virtually very little hair on my body and that too are taken care off by hair removing and other creams to keep my skin glowing, sexy and smooth. Remember everything begins with the first touch. Touch is the most powerful sentiment that ignites the thunder within. The most significant parts of my body are my ass and my breasts or boobs. My breasts size is 42 B. The nipples and aureoles are big; my nipples can be compared with any woman. I’ve had many sexual encounters some were for once only and others were long-term repetitions.

One sex encounter is pending for penning down, this comes from my last visit to Karachi some over two months back. I always had a dream for hunting down a fuck rather than a preplanned one. More like a hooker or a prostitute looking for a client in a hotel lobby. Well in Pakistan openly doing so can be fatal. Hence one has to be very discreet and lucky at the same time to get a nice dick for the evening. I had my hopes high while I was packing for the trip to Karachi. The sheer excitement of trying something new was enough for me. So the day arrived that is Monday flying to Karachi and returning of Thursday. I landed in Karachi in the morning of Monday and proceeded to the office. After a day’s hectic routine of meetings all day I checked in to my room at PC hotel at about 6 pm in the evening.

While having a naughty plan and a possibility to treat my ass with nice meat; I brought with myself some nice inventory. These included a red sexy lingerie set. A set of red high heel shoes, some makeup including lipstick, eye makeup, and foundation etc. A nice feminine perfume and lastly and the most important a bottle of Durex anal sex lubricant.

After reaching my room I transferred the inventory in the wash room for easy and ready access. I unpacked rest of the stuff and went it for a nice hot shower. During shower I was aroused and keep tingling my nipples; I always love to do so; they give me a real good feeling that cannot be explained. Only a woman can understand the sensations I am talking about. After about 30 minutes in the shower I wore a jeans and a thin round neck white T shirt on top without wearing any vest. After all I was going to go for a cock hunt and needed to attract those who are interested in what I can offer. I wore casual shoes. I stood in front of the tall mirror and saw myself. I started getting double minded about the T-shirt. My nipples were way too prominent and poking out. The outline of my boobs were clearly visible. I thought for a few seconds and said what the hell. I came out my room and proceeded to the lift. Did not cross anyone and the lift was also empty. Upon reaching the lobby I tried not to look at anyone as I didn’t wanted to get confused at the staring of anyone at me. I looked straight up and settled in a sofa and table arrangement which was vacant. Immediately after sitting down I picked up a paper that was on the table and started going through the newspaper as if ignoring the surroundings completely.

After a couple of minutes my concentration in the newspaper was interrupted by a voice “Would you like to have anything Sir”; I lowered the newspaper and there was this waited with a smile. I said sure and order a coffee. He left saying “Sure Sir”. I put the paper away looked around briefly took out my cell phone and started checking WattsApp messages. Not long enough and someone was standing in front of me and asking pointing towards the sofa right opposite to me “Excuse me is this seat taken” I replied “No please go ahead”. This gentleman seated himself across me; we were now sharing the small table that was in between us.

This man was slim and smart; must have been around 53 or 54 years old. Dressed elegantly, from the cloths and watch he was wearing it was evident that either he was a well-off businessman or a senior executive of some company. After putting down my phone there was eye contact with the man, he smiles in courtesy and I replied in a smile.

The conversation that followed was 90% in English so I can narrate it as is.

Man: So are you on business or pleasure

Me: On business, actually on behalf of my company the one I am working for.

Man: So what do you do? Where?

Me: I reply in detail.

Me: What brings you here or your belong to Karachi

Man Laughs: No not Karachi, I am from Islamabad. I have an import and export business and I have some other business also.

Me: How’s the weather in Islamabad these days?

Man: It about to change, moving more towards being pleasant especially in the morning and evening. Days are quite hot though.

A couple of girls all dressed up for a killer pass by; they were not good looking. I look at them and smile. The man caught my smile.

Man: Yes; the woman in Karachi are not that attractive and good looking. Women in Punjab are hotter and more beautiful.

Me laughing: You seem to have a very good experience.

Man: Experience has no boundaries, the more you get it the better.

Me: while smiling: Mm mm……… so you have had no boundaries in this field, where have you reached till now if you don’t mind my asking.

Man: Well speaking of boundaries, let’s just say I have tasted every kind and every type.

Now at this point, I thought that this man might be bi-sexual, he is talking like this to get me laid. Or this might be just a conversation. I was more inclined towards he wanting me to get laid.

Me: Well then let me gain something out of your experience. Please elaborate the types for me.

Man: I’ve travelled the world and one cannot have enjoyed those places without enjoying what those places offer in bed. (He Chuckles).

Talking of types…………………………………..well……………………there are girls then there are women and then there are the most seductive lady boys (SHEMALES) and finally there are men who have asses more attractive and tight than women.

Now, this was clear enough. Now it was time for a bold decision or a statement to settle which way things are moving.

At this point, the waiter came with coffee and the man also ordered the coffee for himself.

Me: That’s most thrilling and exciting. So……………… a million dollar question………………………….. Which type do you place me in?

Man with a broad smile on this face: Well I think you have the nicest ass I have had till now. I’ve my fingers crossed. Let’s see if I am that lucky.

Me while smiling: You seem to be a lucky guy.

Meanwhile, the coffee arrives. While drinking coffee the chat continues.

Me: I am curious as to how do you fit me in the type you stated.

Man: Well isn’t it obvious? Look at the curves of your body. I am sure you are proud of those boobies that you are exhibiting. They are a treat in themselves. I eyed you when you entered the lobby and was certain of the type you fall in. I am an appreciator, I appreciate beauty. I have an eye for my likes and I find what I like and make it a point to go all the way if the road in open.

This man was really sophisticated in the way he was communicated. A real gentleman I suppose.

Meanwhile, the coffee finishes.

Me: So what are your likes in the category?

Man: Well…………… I believe in what best can be offered and don’t like to enforce my likes. So what are you good at?

Me: I did like to cross dress and be a woman in bed. That’s what I am good at.

Man: Suites well for me……………….. I think it best suits you, looking at your body and personality.

It was 7 PM by now.

Me: My room or yours?

Man: Your choice.

Me: My room then.

With this, the man calls the waiter and hands over a 1000 rupee bill without asking for the payable amount and tells the waiter “keep the change”

We both get up and start walking towards the lift. Once in the lift, I press 3rd floor and before we knew it were in my room that is 319. While inside I asked the man to be seated on the sofa, turned on the TV and asked for 5 minutes and headed for the washroom. Once in the washroom, I hurriedly removed my clothes. Wore the lace panty, the bra, and short nighty over it. Then I went in for the makeup. Foundation followed by lipstick and then eye makeup. All this took me more than 5 minutes. I am no expert in applying makeup and this what that took so much time. Once done I saw myself in the mirror, I was looking so hot and seductive. Lastly I wore the red high heels.

I called out to the man from the washroom: “Are you ready”

He replied “Whenever you are baby”

I was already rock hard; and his calling me baby like this made my nipples tingle.

I slowly walked out of the washroom into the bedroom. Walking like models crossing my legs with each step. The man was sitting on the sofa stark naked jerking his erect cock.

He was slim as told before, his whole body was covered in thick hair both black and white. He had strong muscular arms and legs. His cock, oh boy! It was moderately thick but was at least 8 inches in length. I approached him and now standing in front of him like a slut. He said “Dance for me baby, make me come for you, make me hotter and make me crazy for you”

I started swaying my body, and making seductive moves, raising my nighty and showing glimpses of my ass and pressing on my boobs. Bending down, licking on my finger. Just like sluts do it on stage in striptease. The more I twisted the lustier my man became. After five minutes of being a slut Man says “Baby remove your clothes now”

I slowly started removing clothes really teasing him and doing a striptease. I was good at it. Point to point my man would say “Aaaahhhh…….yes baby………you are hot baby”

By the time you know it I was standing there stark naked with my nipples jutting out, my 5-inch cock throbbing to burst.

My man pointed me towards his cock; I got on my knees and came between his legs and held his cock for the first time. It was really very lengthy it was sure to reach unexplored areas of my ass.

I started sucking on the beautiful cock, I am very good at blow job I know it. However, I would only take about 6 inches of this long tool. In no time the entire length of the cock was covered in my saliva. He was caressing my hair and reaching out and softly pressing and pulling on my tits. I was in heavens, the kind of love making he was doing was doing wonders on my senses. I processed to his balls and started licking the balls. All this time he was moaning in pleasure. Then he pulled me up and I sat on his lap facing him with my legs each on one side. We went into the deepest and most lustful kissing I have ever had. He kissed so passionately that it can be explained in words.

He then proceeded to my boobs, he cupped them and started licking the nipples, now it was my turn to moan. Then came the intense sucking of my nipples, then while sucking my nipples he started caressing my ass cheeks and slapping on them lightly. The slapping sent shivers of electric current through my body. This went on for quite a while, we explored each other’s bodies and was an excellent foreplay from all standards.

Then we proceeded to the bed, lay me on my back and came over me, started with deep kissing on the lips with this tongue as deep as it could be in my mouth. Then he moved down sucking, licking and biting my complete body till the knees. He then turned me around and did the same on by back and ass.

He asked for lubricant, I pointed towards the Durex bottle on the side table. He grabbed it and pour and awesome amount on and around my hole then inserted a finger in my hole, slowly and deep. He lubricated my hole and around properly. Then he lubricated his beautiful cock. He then placed the tip of the cock on my hole and applied pressure, I left my hole as loose as possible. The head of the cock entered, my ass stretched and engulfed the head of the cock, he asked me and I told him to proceed slowly. He slowly proceeded with applying pressure and a couple of more inched when in, about 4 inches in total. I moved my ass a little trying to be comfortable. He stopped for a minute or so and started lovingly caressing my back and ass cheeks. Once I prompted him he started again and kept going till complete over eight inches disappeared in my ass. He then lay over me for a few minutes without making any movements, giving my ass time to stretch, adjust and later function properly. This man knew the art of having anal sex.

After a couple of minutes, I started moving my ass a little as also asked him seductively to fuck my honey love.

He started fucking me passionately gliding his manhood in an out of my tight lubricated ass. Each stroke buried his cock in my ass to the hilt. This was turning out to be the most enjoyable ass fuck of my life. He was fucking me and was seductively talking to me also like

Love you, baby,

Oh, baby, your ass is so sexy.

Baby, you have the loveliest pair of tits.

Baby, I like to fuck you endlessly.

You are the fuck of my life.

The whole thing was too good. I felt like a real woman and my man loved me and enjoyed my body so much. It was lovely.

After fucking me in the position for quite a while I was in doggy position with his hand cupping my breasts from behind and occasionally slapping my ass cheeks hard. I was fucked for another 5 minutes in doggy style then I was riding him with him lying on this back on the bed. I was jumping hard on this cock making him moan loudly. I lowered my man boobs on his face and he was hungrily feasting on them. He was no perspiring a bit so was myself.

Lastly I was put again on my stomach and he started ramming me hard, pulling out till the end and thrusting back in with full force. It was like the last lap of the race. He was grunting loudly and moaning loudly

You lovely bitch.

Fuck you hard

You are my whore

Love you whore

He was panting now and with last deep thrust, he poured awesome about of cum in my ass. I was like full I could feel my ass full of liquid.

He dropped on me and we lay there breathing heavily for a few minutes. He then withdrew his semi-erect cock, it produced a loud pop sound on exit. He turned me around lubricated my small cock and masturbated me. I was there ready to cum and came in 30 seconds. We lay there complimenting each other’s performance and how lovely it had been.

We took shower turn my turn. I took first and decided to stay naked. He took shower second, came out got dressed and gave me a hug, gave me a long kiss on the lips and pulled my nipples a little. He said it was one of the best fucks he had.

He added that he has never taken advantage of anyone

He took out money from his wallet placed it on the table. Before I could say anything he kissed me again like kissing a call girl before leaving and left the room.

I counted the money on the table it was 15,000 rupees.

I never saw him in the coming two days in the hotel.

I hope you like my experience.

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