Sex With A Stranger

Dear Readers, my admirers, and lovers, I’m back again with my new account and experience. I hope you remember my previous writing by the name of “Swiss Guy”. I was overwhelmed by the response and the likes that I received.

If anyone one of you really want to appreciate then please send your erotic pictures especially of your beautiful cocks and if there is a lady then boobs.

For those of you who have forgotten about me and don’t remember my previous posts/mails let me just once again describe myself for you. I am fair skinned, having a very soft plump body. Main attractions of my body are my ass and my breasts. Yes, breasts. I have tiny cute breasts like a 14-year-old girl with exactly same female like nipples and brown dark circles around them 100% like a woman. If I were to take a close up picture of my breasts or nipples no one can guess if these are of a male or female.

I’ve very little hair on my body. To be real feminine I use hair removing cream all over my body on a weekly basis. I can bet that the feel of my body is nothing less than of a woman’s. I am unable to wear T-Shirts in public and my breasts become quite visible and my nipples start poking out hence I always have to wear a tight vest under the T-shirts.

I’m an educated guy with a very good background. Having done my MBA from a reputable institution and working in good Multi-nationals most of my career. I generally go for long-term relations as far as sex is concerned, one night stands are not my treat. I’ve had three partners till now, the relationship ended only because either my partner got married or left the country for good. I can say that I’m a pretty stable guy as far as relationships are concerned.

In times of high need masturbating, playing with my tits with a cucumber stuffed in my ass was the last resort. This incident took place some two weeks back.

Over the weeks I had become very horny for something in my ass didn’t even get a chance to play with myself. It was a Sunday and the temperature was soaring at 38 degrees with the sun blazing with no cloud insight. At one in the afternoon, I went to the nearby “TANDOOR” shop to buy bread for lunch. There was a queue of people mostly they were cooks and servants of houses in the area. I gave the money to the shopkeeper and gave my order, he said that it’s going to take 10-15 minutes due to the rush. I took a few steps away from the shop and stood under a tree and took out a cigarette to smoke. Due to the heat, I was not wearing any vest under the T-shirt as it was a very short trip also the T-shirt was quite loose yet my nipples could be seen poking against the cloth of T-shirt.

Just then a brand new Corolla came and parked in front of me. A Driver (Chauffer) came out and placed an order for bread; he must have been told to wait so he came and stood next to where I was standing. He was definitely a Chauffer. He was wearing the local dress that is “SHALWAR KAMEEZ”, he must have been in mid-30’s with a very muscular and hard body full of hair. I could tell that after seeing his shave his hairy chest which was covered in jet black thick hair till the neck and his arms which were also covered in hair.

So this guy looked at me once then twice and then for the third time I caught him starting at my chest or in other words my nipples. To cover up he said in local language “It’s very warm today and now the summer has begun”, I replied saying that yes indeed, after all, it’s the middle of April. After moments he said, “You are wearing nice clothes as per the weather especially your T-shirt”. Oh, My God, this guy was hitting at me. That’s what I guessed. Either he was really hitting at me or the craving for a cock or something was playing with my mind.

I replied while pressing one of the breasts with my hand slightly not making the press very obvious “Yes that’s the best one can do in this heat”, I asked “Are you a chauffeur” he said “Yes”. He then asked for a cigarette; while giving him the pack I dropped the lighter on the ground and immediately bend to pick it up. This was done on purpose; when I bent my whole chest, breasts and tummy were visible to him. My pronounced breast with a quarter of an inch nipples and smooth skin with not a single hair. I stood back up and could see the amazement of the driver’s face. He was dumb folded. I gave him the lighter and said “what happened?’ He said “nothing…..mmmm….hope you don’t mind but you are very beautiful” I laughed and said, “Don’t be naughty”. Just then the shopkeeper came to give both of us our breads that were ordered.

I greeted the driver and moved towards my car, while sitting in my car I looked at him, he was staring right at me, I smiled at him and we two got into our cars. I hurriedly backed up on the road and started driving at 15 KM/HR and hoping that he starts following me. This is exactly what happened, he was following me on the big empty road at a slow pace. I turned into one of the lanes he followed. I took another two turns and he followed. A very kinky idea came to my mind. I started looking for an under construction house, soon I found one. No one around, deserted street with one under construction house. I stopped in front of the house he parked behind me. I got off the car and proceeded inside the structure, in seconds he followed. I reached the center room which seemed to be to-be living room once complete. I shouted loudly “Hello, Anyone here” to make sure that there is no one in the premise. The driver also reached the room where I was standing. I smiled and said, “You were saying that I am beautiful, let’s see how you praise my beauty”. It was like a beast letting loose. He almost ran to me and grabbed me and put his lips on mine and his tongue forced its way into my mouth and dancing in my mouth. His thick shave was pinching my lips and face and it really felt nice. Then he started kissing my face.

Both his hands grabbing my ass over the jeans that I was wearing. He was strong, very strong, I could feel his muscles, his arms, and the width of this body full of rock-hard muscle. I was thinking this is going to be one hell of a rough session. The driver then removed my T-shirt and what he saw and felt under the T-shirt made him go crazy. He stopped and with both his hands caressed my upper body that then my boobs and then pulled my nipples. Soon enough he was cupping and sucking like someone who had seen breasts for the first time in his life. He was hurting me, I told him so. He became barely gentle. I was like out of my mind. If I were a woman I would have climaxed by now. He then took all his clothes off. What came out made me crazy. Hairy muscular body and an 8 inch long and massively thick cock standing right out. We hugged. I felt and loved the muscles covered this thick hair. He pushed me down to my knees and I started sucking at his cock. He started moaning in local language “Suck me………take full in your mouth. Open more” “Come on” “Sexy bitch”.

I could not take the whole of it in my mouth but I tried my best, saliva dripping my mouth. He fucked my mouth for nearly 5 minutes. He made me stand up and took off my jeans, now were both fully nude. He was simply amazing my looking and feeling my ass, white, smooth and creamy. He turned me around and made me bend and himself got on this knees. Then he opened my ass cheeks and started licking and tongue fucking my asshole. I was moaning now like a whore. He brought his hand from between my legs and grabbed my 5-inch moderate cock and started caressing it and the balls. He sucked and licked my ass as much as he could and then stood up and told me to suck his cock again. I think he loved getting sucked. He made me suck his cock and balls for almost 10 minutes that is a very long duration. My mouth and tongue got tired.

While I was sucking him, he was grabbing pinching on my boobs and pulling my nipples. Now it was time for action. I told him that we need lubricant. He said he will use saliva. I said no way, for the size of his cock we need something else. He told me to stay as it is and hurriedly wore his clothes and ran outside. In less than a minute he was back with a can of Shell automotive lubricant from the car. I asked are you crazy? He replied this is all there is a baby. He took off his clothes, started kissing and licking my body, it was a heavenly feeling, beautiful. Then he made me on all fours. Poured some oil on his palm from the can and applied on my ass and inserted his lubricated finger into my ass, I jerked with this sudden invasion.

Then he soaked his 8 inches with this thick lubricant. He positioned himself and placed the head of the beautiful cock on my hole and applied pressure, the head entered my ass, he kept gliding in and stopped at 7 inches. I felt completely full and out of this world. He stayed still for 40- 50 seconds while cupping and pressing my breasts. Then I signaled him to start, started with slow thrusts, taking out the whole length slowly till the head and gliding back in. He was one experienced fucker; the kind of satisfaction he was giving is anyone’s imagination. The speed increased slowly, now with every thrust I was moaning and he was breathing heavily. Both of us were perspiring. He fucked my in doggy for 5 minutes then he made me stand with legs wide open. I placed my hands on the wall, he entered my ass and started ramming me hard this time, and the car lubricant other than its smell was doing wonders. Highly recommended J

After three or four minutes while standing he withdrew his cock which was glistening in oil. He then picked me up with his strong hands with my legs facing the ceiling, I wrapped my arms around his neck and he placed my hole on this cock and it went straight it, now he was carrying me on himself and fucking, this was the first time in my life that someone fucked me like this. He could do this only because of his strength. While fucking like this our lips were locked and he was sucking my lips and his tongue was going in and out of my mouth. He lasted 3 minutes in this position and then placed me on all fours in doggy position on the floor. I could sense that this is the final round and yes it was, he started fucking my real hard this time, garbing my ass cheeks hardly and slapping them with great force that with every slap I shrieked with pain and anticipation. His speed got real fast and he started grunting then with a jerk he pulled out, stood up and turned me around towards himself on my knees. He was holding his massive dick and jerking, then while moaning loudly came all over my boobs and nipples. What a cum it was, five massive spurts. My whole upper body was covered with his thick cum. He made me stand up.

Poured oil in this palm and started caressing my cock which was rock hard and ready to burst. In less than a minute I came. He kissed me on my lips and started wearing his clothes. He told me to stay as I was. He came back in a minute with two large car cleaning cloths. He handed me the cleaning cloths and gave me a long kiss and went outside. I cleaned up myself with the cloths. I wore my clothes and came outside, the Corolla was gone do was the driver.

It was one hell of a fuck and I will remember it all my life.

I’m eagerly waiting for your comments and pictures as I stated in the beginning.

Love you all.

My Skype ID is hotnipps1