Indian Traveller In Nepal

I was browsing internet searching for websites to meet gay guys. I stumbled upon an Indian chat site and registered myself as “bottom_nepal22”. I always had loved Indian men and the idea of being fucked by an Indian man excited me. I talked with few guys on the chat site and there was one particular guy “ramesh80” who was traveling to Nepal in a couple of weeks. We then shared our Kik contacts and started chatting over there. He was 37 years old, married, and been with a couple of guys. I told him I was a virgin and I was afraid he wouldnt like me. But he was quite happy about it and told me his last boy was 20 and a virgin too. He made me feel safe about the whole thing and I was sure I wanted to be fucked by this guy.

For two weeks, we exchanged dirty pictures, talked dirty, we were both eager to meet and have some fun. Then after two weeks, he arrived. He booked a hotel nearby my house and we decided to meet next day. Since I could only meet during the daytime, I reached at his room around 12.

I was quite nervous about the whole thing but excited too. I knocked on the door, my heart was pounding. He opened the door, he was wearing bathrobe, he was taller than me, brown with no facial hairs, he looked 10 years younger than his age, you could tell he works out. He invited me in and asked me to sit, he offered me a drink and a smoke, I didnt want to drink so just asked for the smoke.
He then looked at me and smiled and complimented me, made me feel comfortable. He then asked me what I would like to do, I was feeling bold and I asked to whether I could see his cock. He smiled and told me to go ahead. I removed the bathrobe and saw his tool, it was erect and wasnt the biggest I had seen but was fat though.

I brought it closer and licked its head, he moaned. My lips were shivering this was very new to me, then I started kissing his cock, playing with his foreskin. He was moaning, seeing him getting the pleasure made me more adventurous and started licking his balls, taking them into my mouth and sucking them while stroking his dick with my had. He then grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth. I was loving the taste of his cock and wanted to taste his cum now. I asked him to cum on my face, he was coming, suddenly a warm jet of cum hit my face, and started licking it. I loved the taste of his sperm and cleaned his cock with my tongue and drank every remaining drop.

We then decided to take bath and clean ourselves, I got naked and went inside with him, he started sucking my nipples, we kissed, played without tongues, gave each other hand jobs. We took a shower together and came out, he asked me to lie down on the bed with my legs spread. I did. I felt vulnerable, the asshole was open. He came and planted a kiss on my cheek and went down. I was nervous and closed my eyes. I felt something we in my asshole, it was his tongue. He started rimming me, he told me my asshole was tight and it would hurt a little, but told me not to scared as he will be gentle and slow. He started fingering me, licking my asshole. He increased from one finger to 3 and I was feeling my asshole being stretched.
He grabbed a lube and rubbed it in and around my hole. Then I was certain I would be fucked today. The thought of pain was making me doubt all this. Then he asked me if I was ready. I nodded yes. He then kissed me and told me it will pain for a while, try to make my muscles loose and pleasure will begin soon. He grabbed a condom, put it on and kept the tip just at the start of the hole and started pushing slowly. I felt the pain and cried stop, but he didnt. He slowly started pushing his cock inside till it was completely in. I was shouting with pain, he kissed me and told me to relax.

He left his cock inside and kissed me for a while. I calmed down and told him to fuck me now. He was happy to hear that and slowly took his cock out thrust it in again, I was bearing the pain and it slowly became less painful. Every thrust then started bringing pleasure. I enjoyed it. He grabbed my cock and started stroking it, he then asked me to be in a doggy style and fucked me from behind. Then I rode his dick while sitting on top of him. I could feel a different kind of pleasure. Then he climbed on top of me and started fucking me hard. My body started to shiver and cummed on my stomach. I moaned with pleasure.

He told me he was about to cum and asked me to get down on my knees. He took the cock out, removed the condom and told me to suck it. As I kept lips on his cock he came. My mouth was filled with his cum. I played with is for a while and swallowed it.
We were tired and hungry and very satisfied. We cleaned ourselves, ordered for some food and beer.

After a couple of beers I felt very horny and asked him if we could go at it again, he said he would love to but then we needed to go buy condoms. I couldnt wait and told him to fuck me without one. His eyes lit up. We went at it like rabbits and he came inside of me. I was filled with his warm seeds. It was dripping out of my ass.
We then kissed and hugged for a while, I got up cleaned my self and kissed him goodbye and left. It was the perfect first time.

Thank you for reading this. If you have any suggestions or comments please mail me at [email protected]
Any Indian men traveling to Nepal or currently there, Kik me at cherrybottom12.

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