Pleasure Of Giving And Taking

Pleasure Of Giving And Taking
By: A. W. Chohan
My name is Hector and I am very glad to have finally gotten a seat at a boys’ only boarding school. The boarding opportunity afforded me an extra 3 hours in my day that was taken away because of commuting back and forth between home and school. I have more time to study, exercise and recreate. The schools gym costs nothing for me to use, so I work out after the days classes for about an hour or so. It helps to clear my head and stay focused. It also helps me to maintain my fitness level. All the boys here have great looking muscular bodies including my roommate Barry. He and I have been the best of friends for a while even before being roommates. Due to some family reasons he had been away from school for about two months and when he returned to school it was a struggle to keep up with his studies. Being his friend and roommate, I gave him extra coaching lessons after school hours in the subjects that he found the most difficult and he appreciated my help. Every day Barry and I went to the gym for a workout. Afterwards we hit the showers and then got back to our studies before dinner. Our room is a twin share setup and the communal bathroom is next door which is very handy when one forgot to bring along his clean clothes for changing into.

That special day, Barry seemed to be on the edge. He showered quickly and returned to our room a few minutes ahead of me and without saying a word. When I entered he was at his desk in just his underwear. I unwrapped the towel from my waist and naked started drying my hair; when he turned towards me on his chair and said, if I was ever curious to fuck a boy. As I said, I was completely naked at the moment. I walked over to him standing in front of him with my penis hanging low in front of his eyes and answered in positive and also adding for why he was asking. My voice was totally dilapidated and I was in an awe to hear his question. Barry begged me not to be hating him or be angry but confessed that he had a crush on me since the time we met in this boarding school and were the roommates. He went on to talk about my taut muscular naked body, ripped abs, tight big round ass buns, big dick and huge balls, strong thighs and legs. He almost whispered but did not mince words when he talked of having recurrent dream and wanted to have sex with me, fucking me and getting fucked too if possible. He was almost pleading or may be begging to be true.

I held my arms out and wrapped them around him and he also stood in front of me with his arms around my waist pulling me close into him and we hugged each other.
“O Barry, I have a confession to make; I feel the same about you too. I love your sexy little ass, your beautiful face with perfect full lips and cheeky smile. I also want to have sex and real hard core sex with you but I could never lose you or hate you and it is the fear that never let me have the courage to talk to you in all honesty”. I felt him grip me tight and his bulge creeping in his underwear against my armament. It felt sensational making my dong twitch and grow too.

I could hardly hear him mutter, “thank you Hector” as he sighed kissing me on my lips and squeezing me. I slid my hands to his sides to go inside his underwear and pulled them off to expose his beautiful, already hard erect almost moist cock. Going slowly down on my knees to worship his hard beauty; I was amazed to see how much I effected on Barry’s mind and body. Soon I had taken his throbbing dick in my mouth with my tongue curling around his cock head and started moving my lips on his shaft making it all wet trying to endure it all as it pushed my tonsils down into my wind pipe and making Barry shiver and shudder from head to toes. Barry’s breathing was galloping and he was moaning repeating my name over and again; Hect O Hecccc!
I only took his serpent out of my throat for a quick breath and even asked him about enjoying my loving care to his cock. It gave me immense pleasure to hear him say, “O God, yes Hector, please suck me, let me feel pressure building in my balls”. He was growling and his fingers were busy in my hair like a comb while his hands kept supporting my neck from behind encouraging me to suck his ardent swollen dick. I sensed him being close to hit his orgasm and shoot his load. His junk was obviously growing larger in my mouth and flexing big and then his whole body tensed up and he took a deep breath just before pumping his very thick juices through his cock hole into my mouth with the force of a fire engine. I do not know why but I suddenly realized that I had quickened my pace on him that had made him shoot so much and so hard that I could not swallow all and some of the cream did spill out from the side of my lips making the ants crawl on my face. Soon as I stood up, Barry moved closer hooking a hand over my neck to pull me closer, started kissing me on the mouth for wiping all of his cum from the sides of my lips and then even slipping his tongue in my mouth to find more of his nectar for himself to ingest and announcing the taste to be delightful and texture being real creamy thick too.
His tongue making circles around my lips and mouth felt so arousing to me. Now he put his other hand at my shoulders and made me wrap my arms around his waist for a tight naked hug while his tongue kept dancing and searching for more and more of his taste entangling my tongue. I was getting very excited and horny as I told him; he tasted divine in a soft whisper. He smiled cheek to cheek and announced having many more servings for me of the same divine taste and quickly slipped his tongue back into my mouth. By now my hands were sliding gliding around Barry’s back and my fingers were sensing all the contours and curves of his young body. Our bodies were shaking, rubbing and there was a lot of electricity generated with skin on skin massage going through me particularly when he pressed much harder against my body, gyrating his steel stiff cock against mine. Soon I felt Barry’s hands drop down from my shoulders onto my back and his fingers tiptoeing on my well rounded butt meat. He had also stopped deep wet kissing and now was concentrating slipping down to my nipples after nibbling on my ears a bit.
The awesome sensation of his magical lips moving from my nipple to nipple, across my stomach was suddenly extenuated when one of his hand found my live dick and gently cuddled it. He hugged my shaft with his hand and started a very slow up and down masturbatory moves. Soon after, he was bent over and joined the fun with his lips making me fly on the magic carpet on my way to heavens. Just as in a natural reflex, one of my hand came down to hold him from his neck; almost forcing him on my super long and stiff sex wand. “Take it all Barry; yeah that’s a boy mmmm keep it going Barry”, I was almost ordering him in a loud tone and surely he had started to increase his speed. I could feel my heart ponding faster, my breathing becoming quick and shallow. I felt my skin bursting and my body jumping out of it when Barry stopped sucking my bone for a quick while and playing with my nipples. I was in a bliss and complimented him for his thrilling performance on my cock with his expert and charming lips. Barry felt my fucking rod suddenly stiffen much too much with intense pulsing and balls knotting in a huge mass that initiated the cascading of my orgasm to peak in a flash and he quickly returned down with his mouth; just in time for me to start squirting my sperm globs in his throat. His hands and mouth worked in great harmony and in synch to milk out all that had boiled and churned to feed Barry. I honesty cannot tell if I provided less or Barry was a champion of swallowing because he did not let a tiny bit seep out of his lips almost as quickly if not sooner than I pushed it out for him. Barry guzzled all there was for him to consume and then stood up holding me tight as his whole body shivered with the excitement of success and I took the liberty to tongue search his mouth for my semen traces to satisfy my need to enjoy it’s taste, texture and the smell as well.
After just a few minutes, I signaled him to settle on the bed. “It’s time for your dream to come true” I told him and we took the 69 position; Barry was under me. He was up and ready as fuck with little of my sucking effort on his dick. He had developed quite a fancy for my balls and was spending a lot of time playing with them while sucking my huge beef roll making me moan out loud. After a while he only had to move very little further south to find my hole. He made a huge noise feeling the whiff down under. Soon he was licking around the brown eye and even slipping his tongue inside a little with rapid in and out darting resulting deeper and deeper dipping and finger stretched the rim area making me moan in bliss and begging him not to stop dilating and thinning my ring with fingers. Soon he was inserting 2 or even 3 fingers deep in my muscular tunnel and I had my head buried in the pillow enjoying the fantastic feeling and imagining the heavenly moment of his manly cock slipping in slowly soon for sure.
Like the telepathy, Barry swapped the spot with me to come on top and taking the position between my legs; made me place my ankles on his shoulders and agreeing with zero resistance or shame when he asked for my approval and readiness. Barry now had a better and easy access to my tight fun box hole, moving a bit closer in as he applied some hair cream on his hard fucking cock which he pulled out of the side drawer close to his bed as a lubricant. With a big smile, looking into my eyes he non verbally told me that he was going to do the deed and leaned forward to carefully place his cock head at the center of the anal ring and rapidly applied firm pressure. To be honest; I had bottomed frequently but not for the last at least 3—4 months because I was new at the boarding facility and was scared of school discipline policy as well as the nature of the sexual partner that I will hook up with for regular relief of sexual tension and also being concerned about his sexual orientation; I mean I needed a total versatile guy to have sex with who could be a top and or a bottom at the flip of a coin just like me.
Before I could utter for him to go slow and though I felt a sharp pinch because of being tight to start with, I am glad my sphincter did behave and was not very defiant in letting Barry’s cock slide in without high tension or struggle. Soon I was enjoying the pulsing and fluttering of my ass muscles which rapidly got used to the size and shape of his dick. Soon I was pushing back onto his shaft with the same force and speed; impaling myself on his hot skewer as blatantly as he was shoving into me and wedge into me from behind. His presence felt so amazing inside me as we both flew into la la land giving no fuck to any other happening in this world. Barry was reaching some of the spots inside me that had been dull for a while and this in turn did all the love tricks and very naturally but non intentionally I reached and started to rub my dick making wet spots on the bed sheet below.
Suddenly I enjoyed a love spank on my rump from above and heard Barry talking and wanting to know; how was I and should he speed up. O’ fuck yes, was my answer. Go ahead and fuck me harder and faster. Encouraged, he quickly raised his pace like he was in a race, in top gear. My heart rate increased as he thrusted as deep and as fast as he could. Occasionally he would lean over my body in missionary position and we kissed sprawling our tongues on each other’s face. I had my legs wrapped and my ankles knotted at his back raising my hip closer for him to fuck me hard and strong. It was easy for him to pull my ass towards his dick, every thrust he went forwards in me. As we both enjoyed the skillful fucking techniques applied by Barry, I felt my balls knotting and climax starting. I do not know what gave it to Barry and he pulled his dripping cock out of me and asked me to turn around with my face down on my knees and elbows. He went under me and pulled my ass high up, grabbing my balls and also placing a hot wet kiss on my huge sized meat shaft.
Soon with his both hands on my hips, he was fucking again with complete insertion in relatively slow motion but his rhythm was increasing fast as he fucked me with lust and greed. I was being selfish for my own reason and kept encouraging him to go faster and harder. Not wanting to embarrass him for his size, I remembered not to ask him to go deeper. The noisy thump, thump, slap, slap kept filling the room for a bit too long until he humped in a broken voice telling me that he was very close to orgasm and spray his baby making seed all over inside me. Soon he was totally breathless and shuddering when I felt his strong muscle expanding inside me and pushing against my will, trying to gape me further and also spewing his warm jets of man flood. Oh fucking what a sensational feeling! I was still feeling him flex inside me and fill me up some more.
Completely dowsed in male euphoria, I felt him drop over my back totally drenched in the sweat of labor. His hands dropped under to pull my tits and nipples while his tongue and lips serviced my neck and napping area. It was not long that he was now owning my cock holding in his hand and appreciating its extra large size and volume. “If you are OK, I am going to suck you out”, he announced and without waiting for my answer he glided to go under me to take his toy and put it in his mouth working hard to make it happy. Not even a minute in to suck me dry, he took my length out of his mouth and asked me about his performance in my ass. How could I not tell him the truth and so I giggled telling him that if he could repeat what he did; he definitely has my approval and he can fuck me as much and as often as he wanted but Barry; you mother fucking slut, beware that after you drain me now with your lips, mouth, hands tongue and throat; I am going to fuck you in your tight tiny ass and revenge fuck you till you scream helpless and I shall own you as my fuck doll; every single time you fuck me.
That’s a deal; I heard his response in a hurry.

The End………………………… A. W. Chohan……………………………….. March 21, 2018