Unexpected Gay Experience With Stranger In A Bus

Hey guys, I am new to ISS. I am not gay. But I had this erotic indian gay sex experience in a bus.

I am 21 years old. This happened 3 years back and I was 18. I was traveling to my moms birthplace. It was almost 6 pm when I boarded the bus. It was a long journey (maybe 100 to 120 km). The bus was congested. I stood at the back of the bus. I was wearing a full sleeve shirt with sleeves rolled to my elbows and a jeans pant.

After 10-15 minutes, I felt a hand on my dick rubbing from outside my pants. At first, I ignored but it continued. As it was my first time, I was a little afraid and I still dont know what feeling that was. I thought he was trying to pick-pocket me and he wrongly got my dick. It was like checking whats in there.

He rubbed my tip with the outer part of his fingers. Then he turned his hand and now he was rubbing with his inner part of the fingers. I tried to move away. But the bus was very congested. My dick was very hard as he turned his fingers. He then rubbed my dick tip with his first two fingers slowly.

By then, I was starting to enjoy this as nobody can see this. I was at the back of the bus facing the front side. And this guy was at my front, facing me. He looked 40-50 years old. While doing this, he wasnt even looking at me. I enjoyed his rubbing. It continued for 10 minutes. By then I must have given a load of precum in my underwear.

Then he looked at me. I didnt mind him. He slowly unzipped my pant. I was afraid that anyone will see us. A strong stimulation was all over me. He slowly put his hands inside and searched for my dick through my underpants. He felt the wet precum. I felt a very strong stimulation when he touched the dick. I have a 15 cm long dick. He rubbed the tip like rubbing a pussy. I must say, that was the best feeling in the world I ever had.

Then he took out his hands and unlocked the button of my pant. I didnt wear any belt. So I made my legs wider for the pants to stay on my legs. My hands were up holding onto the bars. I dont know the exact time then. I was enjoying the whole scene. He then lowered my underpants a little and took out my dick.

He started to move the skin of my dick up and down slowly. Strong stimulations came over and over again. As I was about to cum, he took all the cum on his hands. He might have noticed the vibration on my whole body and that was how he knew. I was vibrating like a girl for a few seconds before I came. He cleaned the cum. He locked my button on the pant and zipped it.

After that, the congestion started to reduce. I got a seat at the back and after a few minutes, he got a seat near me. After the people in the last row was gone, he came to my seat. There were still some people on the seats in front of us. The conductor was in the front.

He asked my name. I said my name and he asked about me more. After I finished answering, he took out his cock and started to stroke it. I looked at his dick for a flash of a second. I got a little nervous. He was looking at me. He slowly placed his hand on mine for a few seconds. I didnt try to move it away. So he grabbed the hand and slowly placed it on his dick.

He made me stroke his dick for a few seconds and took his hand away. I continued to stroke it anyway. He slowly moved his hands to my back. He massaged my back a little. And he slowly moved his hands to my but cheeks. I got aroused again.

He then pushed my back towards him and made me bend. Now my mouth was near his dick. I smelled the precum on his dick. He asked me to lick it and taste the precum. I was a little shy. But I tried licking the head of his dick. It had a strange taste.

While I was licking, he moved my head more towards his dick. My mouth opened and his dick was inside my mouth. He pushed it in and slowly took it out. And then again he pushed it into my mouth. This time he did not take it back. He moved my head up and down. I could feel his dick on my tongue every time my head was up and feel the dick on my farther inside of my mouth every time my head was down.

His precum was coming out in every few seconds. I could taste it directly through my tongue tip. After that, he said to suck it like a nipple. I did like as he told me. I guess he liked it. He then stroked my head faster. He was about to cum. I could feel it on his dick and he came with a soft moan.

I took it in and asked for a place to spit it with my actions. He asked me to swallow it and it was perfectly safe. I did. Then he unzipped my pants and took my dick out. And he masturbated it and sucked it simultaneously. He ran his tongue through the tips of my dick and inside the tip. After a strong sucking and masturbating, I came inside his mouth. He took it in and swallowed it. We sat there for some time.

After that, his stop arrived. He gave me a kiss on my cheek and left. When the bus station arrived, I got down the bus. My cousin was waiting for me at the bus station with a bike. He took me home.

Hope you enjoyed my experience.