In The Bus Part 3 (While Returning)

He had already cum twice why he was not letting me wear my clothes? Was he going to fuck me again?

I checked time its 8 hours passed and only 4 left. It was impossible. I myself at max had fucked my wife twice in a night. Even she felt so drain out after 2 fuck that she slept a little bit away from me.

How she will react if someone fucks her 3 times or maybe 4 or more as he was behaving like a superhero. But from my side it was impossible. I slept instantly and was dreaming that I was sitting on a sofa and my wife was getting fucked.

She was telling me she had been fucked four-times and she could not take it anymore in her pussy. The man who was fucking her asked can’t you take it anymore in pussy? My wife responded yes please take it out. I cannot take it in my pussy anymore.

The fucker said ok and took his dick to put it in her ass in one go. My wife screamed. I woke up with her scream to realize that dusky had put his dick in my asshole again and it was my scream. He came to my ear and threaten me.

“Gandu chu bhi kiya to teri tuti me bhara mera lund tere muh mein daal dunga.” (Asshole if you make a noise again I put my dick which is full of your shit in your mouth.) I didn’t say a word and put my face in pillow again.

This time he was very rough and he just tore my asshole. Then after some time, he takes his dick out. He brings his mouth close to my asshole and spits in my asshole. Truly he has fucked my asshole with his fat dick so well. During this whole act of 5-10 second, my asshole remained wide open.

He kept fucking me for 30-minutes nonstop. At that moment I cum again even without any touch to my dick. He noticed it as my asshole got tighter. He again comes to my ear and whispers, “Gandu bahut maje le raha hai, bol papa meri gand mar ke tutti nikal do.”(Asshole you are having a really good time, just say it daddy fuck my ass hard dig my shit out of my ass.)

I said it and he again started fucking me very hard.  I was feeling did I really like my ass get fucked?  But my more concerning thought was dusky was fucking my ass for 30 minutes, and that he was already cum twice and still fucking like a bull.

Whereas I could fuck at max twice a night and that too for 10 minutes each. I thought my wife Pooja is just 22 and having sex first time in life. So maybe she didnt know how a real man fucks. But if she came to know somehow or if some alpha male fucked her somehow, will she stay with me?

If this dusky and I fucked her for 1 night each whom she will rank better. Probably I was cuckolding my self in my thoughts. And I again came to reality when dusky dug deepest his dick after 45 minutes of rough fucking of my ass. He removed it with a popping sound.

And after a minute he again was feeling his dick on my butt as he again cleaned it with my butt and t-shirt. Then he said to me wear your clothes we will be at Solapur in 15 minutes. I had no energy left. As I was getting up I saw he again put something in my lower pocket and asked me to check it when I am alone.

He asked me where you study in Nagpur. He thought I am a college student. When I didn’t say anything he just took out his card and put it in my hand. He said whenever you want to have a good time just contact me. I again didn’t respond, he said ok you rest I had to leave, my stop had arrived and he left.

When he left I checked his card to my surprise he was an employee of our competitor insurance company. Bloody hell they fuck us in business and now they have fucked us in real! Soon my stop arrived and I took my luggage and checked in the nearby hotel.

I straight forward to lock my room and checked my pocket. Those were 2 used condoms, full of my shit. I felt disgusting and threw them in the dustbin. I just washed my lower as I didn’t want my wife to wash this shit full lower and may get suspicious.

Same time I was thinking that my fucked ass was paining but not that much so maybe I could fuck my wife ass without much pain. I got ready and left for the workshop. The workshop was good. I came back to the room after dinner at 9:00 pm. I talked to my wife and then told her I am tired due to the long journey.

Then I realized that I could feel area near my asshole was not normal and it was like some fat thing was still there. (I realized what it means “Ki gand chodi ho gayi”) It aroused me and instead of masturbating I almost run towards dustbin and take out those used condoms.

I didn’t mind my shit, I just made his cum out on my hand and rubbed it on my butts, asshole and even on my dick. And when I was masturbating I was imagining me and my wife as doggy and two twins dusky were fucking our asses. We were screaming like hell. I cum a lot and had a peaceful sleep.

Next day workshop was ended well. When I came to my room, I don’t know why I was carrying a  condoms packet and a lubricant. I just got naked and started applying lubricant on and in my asshole. I even finger fucked my self and got my asshole superbly lubricated.

Then I wore my lower without any underwear. I packed my things checked out of the hotel. There I was again on last lower berth of the bus but this time waiting for some hulk to come and cum in my asshole. And yes stars were with me. A Sardarji of around 50, fair 6.3 feet and build as bouncer came on my seat.

I could smell liquor instantly. I thought it may help. As soon as the bus left Solapur I was pretending that I am sleeping. But this time my ass poking out. So that even a slim man can’t lie beside me in that box, forget about this Sardarji. I don’t know why I was imagining my wife sleeping nude with her ass poking out to the Sardarji.

Still in my imagining Sardarji was dressed. I knew from my college gossiping with friends that Sardars fuck their wife in the ass. So I knew there were good chances that my ass get the job. I didn’t have to wait. Soon I was feeling his hard dick on my ass. And after some time he had put it between my ass crack.

I was thinking I have awakened a monster. It was feeling more fatter than duskys and even longer. Sardar was whispering to himself, “This stupid man has poked his ass in such a way that I might end fucking it and creating a scene in the bus.” I listened to it and thought he was still hesitant.

So I had to give him more signal. So I moved my ass away from his dick and then again put it on his dick. I again move it forward and put it on his dick, and third time I again pull it forward and pushed it back on his dick. This time to keep it pushing.

That many signals were more than enough. As I feel Sardar took his body a bit back. After 10 seconds I could feel his dick more as Sardar has removed his pajama and his monster was out there. And I was imagining my wife doing the same thing to Sardarji as I had just done.

Then Sardar was rubbing his dick on her ass crack but then I stopped imagining. I first wanted to feel and then imagine how it will tear my sweet wife. I didn’t have to wait long. The Sardar removed my lower and touched my asshole. He said you prepared well (as he was surprised as there was no underwear and my ass was oiled). I won’t make you wait longer.

And he was true. He instantly started finger fucking me and same time rubbing his cock in my ass crack to as there was enough lubricant. And he came to my ear and said: “Gandu awaj mat kariyo.”(Asshole don’t make noise). I think being a gay is not normal and top treat bottom like a cheap whore.

As his dicks head went in I was almost screaming loud in the pillow. He got fatter than dusky and it was killing me but there was more to kill me. First was the thought that he was not wearing a condom, and next was his roughness as he thought I am used to it. He had folded my legs to my chest and turned me in such a way that now he was fucking me in laid down doggy style.

He was so eager to put his whole dick in that he was not taking it out and was just pushing it in, in and more in.  Within a minute his whole dick was in my ass. He had pushed it in with all his might and was now relaxing. I was continuously screaming in pillow my body was shivering.

My eyes were popping out and to be honest I was crying like a girl. And same time to my surprise (maybe I like being dominated) I had my orgasm. I had cummed and as my asshole was becoming tight Sardarji realized I had cum. He didn’t hesitate to put his hand on my cock and checked it.

He said, “Tera to accha khasa bada hai fir ye kaam kyun karta hain? Koi na main teri gaand itni marunga ki tera ek baar fir jhad hayega, aurut ki jaise.” (You have good cock then why you do all this? Don’t worry I will fuck you so hard that you will cum again just like girls have multiple orgasms.)