An Icey Sex Adventure With Married Bangalore Aunty

Hi guys and girls, this is Anirudh. I am posting my second story here. People who are reading my story for the first time, my name is Anirudh. I am 24 and I stay in Bangalore. I have an athletic body with a 6-inch tool.

Coming to the story, after I posted my first story, I got a lot of replies. Half of them were guys asking for the phone number of the lady and the other half were trying to pretend that they were women in order to extract the details of the woman. (Trust me guys, it doesnt work)

One day, I got a message in hangouts from a user named Pinky (thats not her real name). At first, I thought it was a guy who was pretending to be a woman. Then we had a conversation where she told that she is 31 years old and she is living in Bangalore.

The conversation went on where she asked me about myself and my family! She got married 2 years ago (which I got to know later). Her husband and her in-laws were very strict. They didnt allow her to go out and work and she was only allowed to go out to her parents house.

Then she told me that she liked my story very much. I asked her about her sex life for which she replied saying that their sex life was really active but they do not do any roleplay or oral sex! She added that all her husband did was fuck her and doze off to sleep.

I asked her if I could exchange numbers with her and ping on Whatsapp. She agreed and we exchanged numbers. I asked her if could see a photo of her. She then sent a photo of her in a skirt. Guys, trust me, she was a bomb!

She asked for my photo and I send it to her for which she complimented. She told me not to message her for that day as her husband would come home soon and he would check her phone. Then she went offline. I waited for her next message badly. Meanwhile, I masturbated twice seeing her photo!

The next day, I got a message at 9:30 from her. She wished a good morning and the conversation went as follows

Her: Hey. Good morning.
Me: Hello.
Me: Good morning.

Her: Had breakfast?
Me: Had. You?
Her: I ate.

Me: You look really beautiful. I kinda missed you yesterday!
Her: Aww! You liar! You dont know me properly, how can you miss me!

Me: You look so hot, I couldnt sleep last night.
Her: Oh! Can we call and talk?

Soon, I got a call from her. A sweet voice said ‘hello from the other side! I said ‘hello back and we spoke for a little while, introducing ourselves. Then she suddenly disconnected the call and I got a message on Whatsapp

Her: Sorry, my mother-in-law is here. Cant talk.
Me: Thats okay. You have a really cute shrill voice! Maybe your husband goes crazy listening to your moans.

Her: Haha! Nothing as such! You are just trying to pull my leg!
Me: Id rather bury my face between those legs rather than pulling them.

There was a long awkward pause for a minute. I thought she didnt like what I said! I was about to apologize when I saw her typing.

Her: Are you serious? Can I trust you?
Me: Yes! I can assure you privacy no matter what.

Her: But how is it possible? I cannot come out without giving a valid reason.
Me: Tell them that you are going to your parents house.

Her: Okay! But I can only meet on a weekday morning.
Me: That would be great. Nobody will be at my home on weekdays.

We decided to meet the next day in the nearest Cafe Coffee Day and the plan was to take her to my place from there.

It was 6 in the evening when we decided this and she told me not to message her as her husband would be some soon and told me to meet her at the specified place at 10:30 the next day.

I was so excited and my heart started beating faster and I masturbated twice thinking about it.

The next morning, I woke up and groomed myself. I got a call at 9:45 am from her stating that she has left her house and she would be at CCD at 10:15!

I reached CCD at 10 and was waiting for her. Then I saw her coming, she was looking better than in her pictures. She looked amazing.

I said ‘hi to her and we sat down at a table and ordered a cup of coffee. We had a general conversation about traffic (though both of us were really horny and we wanted the other one to initiate).

Then I touched her legs with my legs. She immediately looked into my eye but she responded by pressing my leg with her leg. I winked at her and asked, “Lets go home?”

She said that we have already wasted 15 mins in CCD and she was badly waiting to go home.

We finished our coffee and got into the car and rushed home. Once we went into the house, I literally pinned her to the wall and we started smooching each other madly! Then she pushed me onto the sofa and she came and sat on me like a cowgirl and started smooching me. Guys, she was so wild that I found it hard to breathe!

Then I sat and made her sit on me and I started kissing her neck. Meanwhile, she started removing my t-shirt and I started squeezing her beautiful tits! Her moans made me crazy and I removed her white t-shirt as well. I started squeezing her juicy tits and kissing her neck! She started pinching my nipples!

Then we decided to move into the room! I pushed her on the bed and started pulling her bra with my teeth! She removed the hooks and I threw her bra away! Her brown nipples were wanting to be sucked from a long time. I started sucking on her nipples one after the other and rubbing my hand in her pussy area over her pants! She started moaning loudly!

Then I made her stand up and removed her pants. In the meantime, she removed my pants as well.

Both of us were now in our underwear! And she was wearing a flowered pantie which was too good.

Then we got on to the bed and I started licking near her belly button. We shifted our positions and she came on top and started licking my chest. She put her hand inside my underwear and took my cock out! She started stroking it with one hand while she held my head with the other and smooched me.

I then removed her pantie. She was clean shaved under there, her pussy was pink. It was very hard to resist.

I spread her legs and started licking her legs and then came to her thigh area. Her pussy odor was very strong and she pulled my head and placed it on her pussy. I immediately started licking her pussy. It was all wet and tasty (a little salty though). The room was filled with her moans. Within no time, she started shaking indicating she was cumming. She let out a small load and I licked it up!

Then she started sucking me hard! She was an expert in sucking and she sucked me very hard. Within minutes, I was about to cum! I stopped her and said that I have a surprise.

I went to the kitchen and got some ice cubes. Then we got into a 69 position and she put the ice cubes on my cock and in her mouth and started sucking! I had an ice cube in my mouth and started licking her pussy with it. Both of us were moaning with ice in our mouths and I was about to cum. I told her and she signalled me to cum in her mouth. I cummed in her mouth and she drank it all with a smile.

Soon I lost my erection. She came and slept on my chest telling me that she was never licked down by her husband and she had a great time. My erection was slowly getting back hearing all these.

Then I put on a condom that I had! She asked me to start in the missionary position. So I inserted my cock into her wet pussy from the front. The dick went in easily and I started fucking her slowly and smooching her in parallel.

She was moaning and I slowly increased the pace. She was screaming in pleasure now! Then she told me that she loves riding cock and started riding and smooching me!

We then shifted to doggy and I fucked her hard for around 5 minutes. She cummed twice in this duration. I was about to cum too and she asked me to cum in her mouth again. So I stopped fucking and removed the condom. She came closer and started blowing my cock. Within 2 minutes, I came in her mouth.

We then washed ourselves and hugged each other. When she was about to leave, she offered me a 2000 note saying, thank you for the time. I refused to accept that money as it was done on mutual agreement and I dont fuck for money! I kissed her on her forehead and bid her a goodbye.

She told me she would visit me again soon.

Thats the end, guys. Hope you liked the story. Any women or girl who would love to have pleasure in Bangalore, ping me on [email protected] or message me on hangouts.

Privacy assured and I dont charge money.

P.S. Guys, please stop messaging me asking for the phone number of the lady from my first story. When I say privacy assured, I really mean it.