Savita Bhabhi: Episode 87: Meat Tenderiser

Savita bhabhi finally quits from the job under Farhan. She dared to quit the pressure-filled job under him by the encouragement and suggestions from her ex-boss, Bade Saheb and his brother, Vedant.

They also gave her a startup idea taking into account of her expertise in cooking. She finally decided to open a tiffin and meal delivery service called ‘SavEATS.

It was the first day of her startup. Since she didnt have much of budget to start with, she became her own Dabbawalla! Unfortunately, her first day of work was not going on as planned nor it was smooth. First, she ran late to her first order because she was stalled by parking at a wrong place. Second, the traffic was hectic at that time of the day.

Finally, her big trouble came knocking on the door in the form of a phone ring. She was done for the day and was back at home. She was talking with Ozzy the dog as the phone rang.

“SavEATS tiffin service”, she spoke as she picked the telephone. She was still petting Ozzy, clutching the phone.

On the other side was Karan, a techie with computers and papers in front of him. There was also an array of tiffin boxes opened in front of him. He looked arrogant and superior as he spoke through the phone sitting comfortably on the chair.

“My name is Karan and I am calling to complain about my lunch.”

Karan complained about cold curry and less meat in the curry. Savita told him that his next order is free but he wasnt succumbing to it. He threatened to give a negative review if she didnt come and cook for him freshly.

Considering the bad effect the negative comment will have on her newly opened startup, she agreed to cook for him over his place.

She reached his place in thirty-five minutes. He opened the door speaking on the headset. “You know me Amad, I grab an opportunity when I see it.”

Savita was carrying a grocery bag full of ingredients for her scrumptious meal she was going to cook for him. She was wearing a tight top and leggings which made her curves stand out. Karan was surprised to see such a good looking woman and she took his breath away.

He pointed towards the kitchen area and continued attending the business call.

Savita was hustling in the kitchen not knowing Karan had finished his call and now was watching her cool and effortlessly. Her body was glistening with sweat and he could see the leggings stick to her legs much tighter now.

She was chopping the onions and chillies when she muttered under her breath, “I cant believe I am doing this.”

“But I can”, a voice spoke from her back. She spun around grabbing a knife and stood like she is ready to cut anyone to thousands of pieces who dares to attack her.

Karan started laughing raising his hands in surrender. “Just complimenting your business sense.”

He walked closer and stood by the counter-top. He could smell her perfume pleasantly even while she was sweating.

“Can I see you cook?”, he asked. He couldnt see her face completely but he could see that she was stealing glances at him.

She replied: “Since you are paying, so Yes.”

“Great! See by going the extra mile, you showed me something.”

He continued giving his business principles and Savita looked as if she didnt give a shit about that while she sauted the chopped onions. He continued as he walked further closer to her.

“You should realize service is just as important as the product you sell.”

He was now just behind her peeking over her shoulder watching her cook. Savita could feel him just behind her, his body warmth was prominent. Yet she kept on cooking.

He said, “But I did not know that you were so good looking.” He spoke softly yet it was loud and firm.

Savitas heart skipped a bit hearing the compliment. Blood rushed her cheek lighting it up red and rosy.

He walked further, it was now only their clothes separating the body along with a thin layer of air. After a pause, he whispered intensely into her ear: “Will you cook in the nude for me?”

He pronounced the word ‘nude deeply, emphasizing it higher. Savita was surprised and stopped sauteing the onions. She turned around still holding onto the oil covered wooden spoon in her hand.

Karan was still, he didnt move back. He had a serene smile on his face. His brown eyes were totally checking out her body which looked as if he was undressing her in his thoughts.

“And why would I do that?”, Savita smiled flirtily. Her eyebrows raised and her eyes sparkled with excitement.

“Though I work from this loft, I have a large company and employees.” He said with a big smile. “I could put a good word about your service.”

Savitas face out of a seductive smile. “So if I go an extra mile, I could get good business?”

She turned around for a second and sauted the curry along with tomatoes.

“Yes”, he was still smiling. Savita stood there for a second and slowly she pulled her top and removed her bra off. But she covered her boobs with them.

“Then I think I will do as the customer asks.”

She winked just as she threw her top and bra towards Karan. He took hold of her bra alone and devoured her smell out of it while his eyes fucked her scrumptious boobs in front of him.

His eyes travel down to her leggings still covering the heavenly place of her. He was looking at her like a child looks at a new toy. He gestured her to remove her leggings but she smiled naughtily and turned to check on her curry.

Will Savita bhabhi prepare an unforgettable ‘meal for the techie? Or is she going to cancel it at the last moment? Find out what happens in episode 87 in comic  Savita Bhabhi: Episode 87: Meat Tenderiser