How A Younger Guy Made Me His Randi- Part 1

As he pounded me in my now loosened up asshole, I looked at myself in the mirror. My lips were smeared with the glossy red lipstick I had put on. The kajal and eyeliner smeared around my eyes and flown down on my cheeks with tears, when I was choking on his dick before. The necklaces shook violently around my neck. I could also see the leash attached to my collar he had made me wear. He was holding onto the leash as he kept fucking my ass. The bangles in my hands were making a lot of clinging noise, along with the anklets I was wearing. He had also got me a waist chain with tiny bells attached that made a lot of noise when I moved, especially when I was being fucked.

He liked it when there was a lot of noise of all that jewelry when he fucked me. I had begun to like it all too actually. Though, this was not the way this was supposed to go when I first met him. Oh, no. I was the older guy, the more experienced one, the more popular guy, the guy with a hot girlfriend, the guy who would dominate and bully others. And when he had first approached me, I totally expected to make him suck and worship my dick. But alas! The tables turned such that I could never imagine.

About myself. I am 23, wheatish in color, average body, not chubby but not athletic either. I am 57″. Mid length hair. Clean shaven mostly, stubble sometimes.

This all started a month back. I was in the habit of ragging my juniors. Nothing serious. Just mild fun. Making them buy tea for us, telling them to address us as sirs. Sometimes when I would find out if any junior is gay, I would ask them, privately of course, to suck me in exchange for helping them clear their internal exams as I had pull within the department labs. They would be happy to oblige as they would get to suck a cock plus get good marks for it. It was a win-win situation for us. I had a really hot girlfriend who is also my junior. She is 20. But I enjoyed getting sucked from guys once in a while. Though, no one knew about my secret and I wanted to keep it that way as I did not want to lose my reputation and power.

So, one day this new guy who had recently transferred to our college walked up to me as I had just given my girlfriend a goodbye kiss and a spank and was returning to college to meet up with my bros. He asked me for a lift and said that.we were on the same campus and that he had seen me around.

So, I asked him to sit behind. We chatted a bit and I got to know him. He said he turned 18 a week back. He was a little taller than me. Well built, athletic, not a gym hunk, but a lean and toned physique. I could make that out from the tight T-shirt he was wearing. I found out, through rather some elaborate questioning that he is interested in guys, and knew this was a good opportunity to get one more guy on his knees with his lips around my cock. So, I told him that I have some work and I would like to go to an under construction building close by for it. He said he did not mind tagging along and would like to learn a thing or two from a popular senior as he was not very social. I thought he had gotten the idea of what I wanted to do and was going along. This excited me. Oh, how wrong was I.

As we entered the building, I asked him if would like to get good marks in internals without a load of journal completion and tests. He was excited and said yes. So, I made him the offer I make to all the junior guys. And then he did the unexpected. He started laughing loudly. His laugh was echoing around. I was confused and raised my voice trying to show my authority telling him to shut up. He did but kept smiling. Then he took out his phone and told me he wanted to show me something.

He took out his phone and started showing me pictures. Of me getting sucked by guys. I was mortified. I froze in place and my mouth went dry. I was terrified. He saw my fear which made him even bolder. Without saying a word, he kicked me in the balls and I fell to the ground with a squeal.

He grabbed me by the hair and said, “listen Randi(whore), if you dont want these to leak to the entire college, you are going to do exactly as I say. Tomorrow, at 10 pm, come to my house, and I am going to have a lot of fun. Dont worry, you will enjoy it too, maybe not tomorrow, but soon.”

He handed me a folded paper and turned to walk away. He stopped and turned. “Make sure to get everything on the list when you come. If anything is missing,the consequences will be bad. Try anything funny, and the consequences will be worse.” He said tapping the phone. He continued, “Oh, and I forgot, I have a fail-safe in case you do try something or try to involve any of your ‘bros to help you. The pics will be leaked to everyone in the college and also posted on social media. I dont need to do it on my own, its automated and I put in the code into my laptop, mobile and other devices every hour so that they dont leak. So, the choice is yours. See you tomorrow bitch.” And then, he left leaving me in pain on the dusty concrete floor.

I unfolded the paper and at the top was his address. Below it was a list of things I was supposed to do and buy before I went there.

1. Shave off the stubble from your face.
2. Clean any and every body hair.
3. Apply moisturizer of high quality to soften your skin.
4. Get a manicure and pedicure.

Buy the following:
1. Eye liner
2. Red, silver, and pink bangles.
3. A variety of necklaces.
4. Sindoor
5. Metal anklets.
6. Waist chain with lots of tiny bells.
7. Large earrings.
8. Red nail paint
9. Glossy red lipstick
10. Red baby doll lingerie.
11. Frilly mini skirt.
12. Dog collar and leash that fit your neck.
13. A pair of 5 inch, red heel sandals.

I went home and was applying an ice pack on my crotch which still hurt. I was thinking of ways to get my pictures from him and fuck him up. Suddenly I got multiple texts on my phone. The pics I saw made my will break down completely. I dont know how this was possible he had managed to take my pictures the one time I had decided to try sucking a guy. There was no doubt it was me in that picture as my face was clearly visible with his bulging dick in my mouth. Right there, I decided, my reputation was more important to me than my pride with one guy. The next morning I went on a shopping spree and by 6pm j was ready with everything he had asked me to do and buy on that list.

At 9:45, I was knocking on his door with a large bag in my hand. He lived alone on the top floor. There were locks on all other doors.

He answered via the door cam, “Who is it?”

“Its me, Ravi(name changed)”, I said.

“I dont recall calling you by that name. Who are you?”, he said.

I knew what he wanted to listen and I wanted this all to be over soon. So I swallowed my pride and replied, “your Randi.”

“You dont look like a Randi to me”, he said looking through the cam.

I was puzzled. “Let me in and we can do any roleplay you want. OK?”

Look bitch, the only way you can step in my house is to dress the part you are ordered to. Before you get in here and after you leave, wear whatever you want and act however you want. But to get in and stay in, you have to look and act like my Randi. Got it?”

There was a long silence from me as I tried to control my anger, surprise and shame.

“Got. it. Bitch?”, he asked again, stressing each word.

“Yes”, I said without any resistance. “How do I put the make up on? Theres no mirror.”

“There is one, 2 floors below in the lobby”, he said.

“What!?“ I exclaimed.

“Oh, and one more thing, first, change your clothes here, put on all the jewelry, stuff your clothes in this bag, then go down to do all the make up”, he said.

“You are joking, right?”, I asked.

“Do you hear me laughing, bitch? If you are going to waste my time, fuck off. Enjoy your face all over the college phones and social media with a cock in your mouth tomorrow. I am sure your girlfriend would love to see her man being another guys cum hole”, he said.

“Alright, alright. I am sorry, I will go”, I said and hurriedly changed and went down as slowly as I could to not make any noise of all the jewelry I was wearing. I applied all the make up looking around every 2 seconds praying that no one opens their door. I put on the lipstick, eyeliner, eye shade. And a bindi on the center of my forehead. It was not on the list and I dont know why I got it and put it on. I told myself it was so that he would be more pleased and may let me go sooner. But maybe that was not it. I looked entirely different in front of the mirror. I couldnt recognize myself. In a twisted way, I felt proud of making that change and fooling even myself.

So I slowly climbed the steps up to his floor, my heart pounding in my chest with each step, fearing being seen as well was what was about to happen. The heels were also making at hard to walk and in fact were making the jewelry make more noise. He was standing in the door now, not wearing any pants, his giant dick hanging out semi erect and gave a wolf whistle when he saw me. Even not fully erect, he was easily over 6 inches as opposed to my fully erect 4.5 inches. He was clean shaven down there. I was hypnotized for a moment by his black uncut cock.

“The bindi is a nice addition. I knew you were a submissive Randi”, he said and I broke out of my hypnosis.

“I just wanted to make you feel as dominating as you wanted. I am not a submissive guy. The only reason I am here is because you blackmailed me”, I said firmly. But even I wasnt sure about it as it was turning me on to be in a compromised position. And my eyes couldnt hold contact with his eyes as my gaze went down many times to his slowly erecting dick. He was getting turned on by me. I think he felt that in my voice.

“Keep telling yourself that if you want. But we both know that, that isnt true. In fact, you know what, I will give you everything I have on you and you can change into your clothes, wipe the makeup, remove the jewelry and go home. And we will act like it never happened. Or, you can get down on your knees right here in the lobby, lick my dick, suck it, please me enough to accept you as my Randi, and take you in”, he said.

The choice was simple. He had given me the best opportunity I could get to get myself out of this situation once and for all. But for some reason my gaze was fixated on his bulging cock that was getting harder by the minute. I was feeling dazed, not sure what to do.

Suddenly, I felt his hand on my head as he said, “know this, that there is no turning back once you touch my dick with any body part of yours. I will own you and do with you as I please. You will come when I ask you to come. You will do what I ask you to do. Be it in here or out. Got it?”, he said.

I looked up at him, I didnt even know when I had got down on my knees. But there I was, in the lobby of a stranger who had blackmailed me, dressed up as a Randi, on my knees craving a taste of his cock. Without a word, I bent forward and licked his cock. I kept licking it, then slowly took it in my mouth and started gently sucking it.

He bent down and took the bag from beside me and threw it inside his house.

“Make sure I like it enough so that I let you enter, otherwise, you will have to leave in this getup from here”, he said.

I nodded looking up at him while still sucking him. I increased my speed and his dick was beginning to get fully erect. It was veiny and thick. Very thick. The head was like a giant mushroom and his piss hole was huge, when I slid the skin back. My tongue tip went about a cm in there and I could taste his salty precum. I swirled my tongue around his and licked his frenulum. This made him squirm a little. As a guy, I knew what we enjoyed in a blowjob. So I kept, licking his frenulum with fast and short tongue tip strokes. At the same time with both my hands I kept gripping his dick, sliding and rotating them towards the tip and back towards the base. I continued that even as I wrapped my red glossy lips around his dick head. The red lips, and red painted nails made it look like a girl was blowing him. And in that moment, I was in fact his girl.

I started alternating between deepthroating and fast shallow sucking. The deepest I could take his fully erect 8.5 inches was barely 4.5 and then I would started gagging. I still kept trying. Then I moved on to sucking his balls. I know how much fun it is to get the balls sucked and wanted to please him as much as I could. His balls were huge too. I couldnt fit them both in my mouth at a time.

I could see that he was enjoying it. After continuing it for 5 more minutes. My jaw had started aching. And I slowed down my sucking. But I still kept pumping his dick with my hands, he had a lot of precum but I wanted to taste his cum really badly. I wanted it in my mouth and on my face.

Suddenly, he stopped me and said, “whats the hurry bitch? You still have 4 inches to take down that whore throat of yours. Stand up. Something is missing.”

I did. He took the lipstick and wrote RANDI across my forehead.

“Ah. Much better. Now you are ready to enter my house”, he said as he grabbed me by the hair and roughly pulled me into the house.

This was just the beginning of my adventures as his Randi. He had a lot more in store for me. I the next part I will describe how he introduced me to BDSM and how we got to the point mentioned at the start of this story.

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