The Perfect Haircut

I was in my early twenties and had started to work at a company in Bangalore. When I first came to Bangalore from Kerala for my studies, I had stayed near Ramiah College. After a few years, I shifted to RT Nagar to be closer to some of my friends and reduce travel time to work.

After about a week of shifting, I was looking for a good place for a haircut. I decided to walk around and explore the area. It was just 7-7:30 by the time I found a salon and I noticed there were no customers around.

First I thought it was because it was a weekday. The bakery and chaat shops at the junction were buzzing with people but I guess even on a weekend this particular salon wont be so full of life. It was a small set up had only the owner doing the work himself and location was also a bit far into a dead end than a hot spot near the junction.

I pulled aside the old curtain and peered inside. Everything in that shop was old and I confirmed to myself business was dull for him. The teens in the area would not go there for the latest trendy haircut. He might have a bunch of longtime customers who have not left him for good.

“Are you open?” I asked politely but still, it startled the man. Clearly, he was not expecting any customer. “No. I mean, yes. We are open”. He answered. The language used was a mix of Kannada and Hindi but I shall type in English for everyones sake.

“I can come back tomorrow morning. I see you are closing”, I replied. “No no… Come in. We are open”, his voice echoed his desperation and was clear that he cannot afford to lose any customer. “A medium haircut”, I said “…and a shave please” I added after I noticed some stubbles in my reflection.

He soon had me in the chair and started to cut my hair. During his work, he kept talking to me about various topics. He was a middle-aged man around 35 years maybe and decently built. He was basically from Tamilnadu and since I speak a bit of the language, we were speaking more casually.

As he went around the chair doing his work, I noticed his crotch area was brushing against my hand. I had my hands on the armrest and as he leaned to cut my hair, his crotch was resting on my arm. I thought of it as harmless in the beginning. Then I felt he was getting hard too. I could feel the dick pulsating at it brushed and was getting rock hard. He was busy doing the haircut and I chose to ignore and I just moved my arm away.

Things went on normal for a while. When I observed him in the mirror, he seemed to be concentrating on the work but at times he was looking at me in an admiring way.

Once the haircut was done, we moved on to shaving. He went to the backroom to get warm water to massage my face with. He massaged my cheeks, neck, and chin for a while and I could feel a smooth caressing feel instead of the rough job usually given at these local salons.

He soon applied lather and started to shave. After each shave, he would wipe the lather on his other palm. As he tilted my head to shave my sidelocks, I noticed something. I was surprised to see that his lungie had parted slightly and his DICK was sticking out. I could clearly see the head of a thick cock taking a peek out of his clothing.

It felt strange to me. It was scary but also exciting at the same time. My previous incident with the stranger on the train came rushing into my head (That is another story of my first gay experience). Is this going to be another exciting encounter with a man or was it just an accident? I wanted to see how things go further.

“Bhai Saab, Its hanging out,” I said.
“What?” he replied keeping a very casual tone.
“Your lungie is open and your thing is out” I was stern.
“Oh, I am so sorry… er… could you help put it back inside?”

“I have cream on my hand and blade on the other, so I asked,” he said with a hint of a smile. He noticed that I was not angry and so he got bold. He stood there with his arms raised waiting for me to help him out. He even had his crotch area thrust out towards me a bit. I dont know what came over me. I held his dick and put inside his cloth and adjusted the cloth to cover it.

“Thank you, sir,” he said with a smile.
“You have warm hands,” he added after a while.

I didnt respond and he went back to work. He came in front of me and was shaving the area under my chin. I could feel his dick again touch my knee. I was looking up as he was shaving and I could feel it brush up and down.

Once he was done shaving that area, I looked down and saw the dick was out again and this time, I could see at least 4-5 inch was out and it was at least 1.5 inches thick. It was dark and glistened in the dim light of the room. I looked at him and he asked, “could you?”. I again held his dick and pushed inside his lungie and adjusted the cloth. I pressed his dick in a manner showing him to keep it inside.

“Ouch,” he said,” Dont hurt me.”
“You might hurt someone with that thing,” I said. He laughed and said that he was divorced and does not get to hurt anyone.

“Done!” he declared as he finished applying aftershave on my face. He asked me if I wanted anything else done. He kept rubbing my cheeks and neck while talking to me. I was also feeling nice and excited that I didnt wanna leave too.

“Shall I give you a head and back massage?” he quickly suggested.

I agreed and he went and got some oil and asked me to take off my tee shirt. Without giving me time to even think, he pulled my dress off. I have a hairy chest and arms and he just stood there admiring my body.

“Hairy!” he said.

Lifting my arms, he suggested trimming my armpits. I nodded and he quickly got the electric trimmer and did the job.

“Should I trim anywhere else?” he enquired with a smile.
“I dont want to trouble you” was my reply.
“No trouble at all”

He went to the door and dropped the shutter and turned the signboard and outside lights off. He came back to me and holding my arms, got me to stand up. Behaving like a professional, he checked with me if I wanted a towel to wrap around. I declined and he liked it.

He pulled my shorts off and after a small pause, while admiring the bulge and wet spots on my jockey, he pulled it down and got me completely free of any clothing. And made me sit back down. He saw the bush that had grown and said, “there is a lot of work to be done here”. I said nothing and he said to himself, “Lets get started”

He took the trimmer and knelt down in front of me and started to trim my bush. He held my dick with one hand and trimmed with the other.

He was pressing my tool and pulling it to get a short trim all around. I was quite excited already and having this man hold my dick was too much. On top of it, the vibrations of the trimmer were also adding on to the excitement. I was at my most erected state ever and my 5-inch dick pulsated in his grip. He did let go of my dick only to hold my balls and trim the hair on them too.

After that, he held my penis and brushed away the cut hairs with a brush. I was in seventh heaven and after that, he brushed away the pieces with his own hands. He had started to stroke my dick and caress the trimmed area with his right hand. I was oozing pre-cum.

He then got to blow away the debris with his mouth. And was soon blowing air on my dick. I was beyond all dreams. I was clutching the armrest of the chair so hard and even was arching the body in anticipation of what was to come. I was not wrong.

“Still needs to be cleaned up,” he said just before putting my dick in his mouth. Or was it just him licking my shaft? I dont remember clearly as my brain went off for a moment. All I remember is a wet cold sensation and pleasure I cant describe. He kept licking and sucking my dick for a while and running his hands all over. It was not a full blow job yet.

It was still his pretend cleaning game and I was still enjoying it. After licking my dick clean and giving me a hand for a while, he got up.

“Shall we start the massage?”, he asked.

I realized that I was having my eyes closed and was enjoying the whole thing. I had to open my eyes to see him smiling at me.

“Yes… Please” was all I could say.
“Full body or only specific area?” he teased.
“As you wish”. I could not make up my mind. I couldnt even think straight.

I looked down at my dick to see it shine with his saliva massaged all over it. And I also saw that he had also dropped his lungie and had his cock out. I could see the full length of it and it was around 7 inches long and thick. I stared at it for a while wishing I had one that big. He noticed and could even figure out what was in my mind and he didnt disturb me.

He stood there for me to enjoy the moment. He reached back to my dick and started to stroke it, slowly and softly. He had applied some oil on his hand which made it even smooth and warm. He was increasing the pressure on his hands and I could not just sit there. I reached forward and took his dick in my hands too. Wow! So hard and long. I could hold it with two hands and that is exactly what I did too. I was playing with it.

Then I started to stroke for him too with one hand. I didnt realize when he let go of my dick. Now I was the only one doing the hand job and I was also enjoying it. It was like I got one extra dick of mine to play with. I spat on my hands and made them really wet and started to stroke harder for him. I even played with his dick head for a while and his balls too. He was shaven clean and that made it look a lot longer.

He was giving me a head massage and that itself was giving me pleasure. With the oil he had in his hands, he let his fingers do his magic on my scalp. He stood even closer to me and reached over my head and massaged my neck and even my shoulders. I was busy playing with his long rod. As he went ahead with the head massage, he made me bend down to massage my back and soon I had his dick right in front of my face.

“What the fuck!”, I thought and decided to give it a try. I licked his dick with the tip of my tongue. I didnt feel anything. So I went ahead and put the head in my mouth and sucked a bit. It gave me no great feelings. It was like a piece of meat in my mouth. I was enjoying the back rub he was giving but nothing great in this blow job for me. There was an excitement of doing something new and having this adventure, hence I continued.

I used my saliva to make it wetter and started to give him a blow job and was learning to do it in the process. I realized he was enjoying it when he started to fuck my mouth. I could feel his dick going in and out and I kept making it wet and licked the length of it. After a while, I pulled his dick out of my mouth and he seemed very happy with what I did for him.

He made me stand up and started to kiss me all over. Starting from my shoulders, he went to my chest and was licking my nipples for a while. From there, he went down to kiss my tummy and before his mouth reached my dick, his hands were already there.

He was stroking and then put my cock in his mouth. Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! He started to suck my crazy. A proper blow job and an expert one too. I could not really tell what all he was doing but I knew he had some tricks with his tongue and I felt some twirling and all happening.

I was never someone who last so long and soon I was going to shoot. I pulled his hair and informed him that I was going to be done soon and he took out my dick and started to give me fast strokes with his oiled hands.

And with a couple of jerks, I shot on to his hands. I shivered in the pure pleasure of it and when I came back to my senses, I realized I had my hands on his dick for a while now and was already giving him a hand job. When I was cumming, I had stopped stroking it and he took his dick out of my hold and hugged me.

He had his long cock pressed against my limp dick and belly. He then started to move his body to brush his dick on me. He kept doing that for a while and then he separated my legs a bit. He bent his legs a bit to lower himself and inserted his dick into the gap between my thighs and started to fuck me there.

With every stroke, his lower belly was hitting my cock too to level his dick at that area and was fucking me good. I also held his waist and decided to move in the motion. He was lasting really long. So he turned me around and asked me to bend.

He applied some oil on his dick and brushed his head on my ass cheeks and the hole. I was scared if he was going to try and enter my ass hole. But thankfully, he was not a crazy rapist.

He went back to fucking me, inserting his dick in the gap between my thighs brushed my ass. This time his cock hit my hanging limp dick every time he was going into the gap. I just held the chair and stood in the bend position and was his bitch for a while. And soon enough, he also shot his cum through the gap and on to the floor.

We stood back up and just stared at each other with a smile. He took a towel and wiped my body of any sweat. I dressed up slowly and so did he.

I took a 500 rupee note and handed over to him and with my eyes, I told him to keep the change. He opened the shutter to let me out and I looked around to see if anyone noticed two guys coming out of a closed shop. Thankfully no one was around.

“Hope you will come back soon”, he said as I started to walk away.

“In 2 weeks”, I said without turning around.

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