Auto Rickshaw Driver In Bangalore

Hello all!  I’m Anil from Bangalore. aged 27. Weight is 76 kg and height 5.10. This is my first time of writing a story after coming out of engineering college (you know what I mean). Please forgive for me any mistakes or the format in which I’ve written this.

I figured out I’m attracted to guys from a very early age. But the place I was studying didn’t have much gay scene then. So it was difficult to meet any gay guys. So I used to masturbate to the hot and dusky guys I used to see. From the very beginning, I have a thing for auto drivers.

Most of them will be horny as they see lots of girls everyday boarding their auto (that’s my imagination. Not sure what do you guys feel). But it didn’t go anywhere. I was not making any moves to initiate a talk. So I just used to think and jerk off every day.

Cutting the scene to today. I moved to Bangalore. Working in Domlur. One day I didn’t schedule the office cab which I remembered at around 10 pm. So I thought of booking Ola and Uber. Prices were damn expensive. Suddenly I saw an auto passing in front of my office and my dick twitched a little bit after looking at the driver.

He was one hell of a hunk for me. With beard and mustache. I called him and asked how much it is to go to JP Nagar. He said it’ll be 400. I was like, “No way he’s asking me that much of amount.” Without saying anything I just boarded that auto. (I know I could’ve booked Ola as it was showing 320 but for this guy, I was ready to pay any amount.)

I like to have conversations with drivers. Otherwise, it’ll be a boring journey. So I initiated the talk. I asked whether there’s a huge traffic. He said it’s crazy as there’s a flyover construction going on and he scolded them badly in Kannada. I have a thing for dirty talks and scoldings.

I figured how he can talk when I’m deepthroating his dick. That feeling itself gave me a hardon. We had to stop at a signal. There was auto next to us and there were 2 or 3 girls sitting and my auto guy started whistling at them. He said, “Yen figure guru.” (what a figure boss). I said yeah.

This gave me hint and I asked him whether he teases like that often and he said “Yes sir. Who can resist when seeing a figure like that.” I asked him about his life and got to know that he got a married year ago and he’s here alone and his wife is in native place.

I asked him how do you do timepass. He replied saying, “I will drive auto till night. Go home. Sleep. Repeat.” I asked what he does fun fun. Without hesitation, he says, “Drinking. And fucking.” I was like, “Damn. Finally, I can start my work.”

I asked him about his likings and by the conversation he seemed like a guy who is rough in bed and loved being dominant. He asked about my interests and I told him that I’ve not done it with any girls. Instead, I’ve done with a couple of guys. He looked at me in the mirror with a puzzled look.

I told him directly the things I do to guys like giving blowjobs, licking ass etc. I could see him adjusting. I asked him whether he wanted a blowjob. He didn’t know what to say. I asked him everything will be fine and it’s very common. He agreed and I was in heaven already and damn horny

We reached Banashankari. He took me to a place where there were no lights. Time was already 10.50 by then. Once he got down from driver seat I could see his bulge. He looked at both ways and suddenly he got into the back seat. I removed his driver coat button one by one and to my surprise, he wasn’t wearing a shirt but a vest.

God! I loved him seeing in a black vest. He was seating a little. I just touched his body over the vest and he seemed to enjoy the touch. He lit up a cigarette and stretched arms on the support and made himself comfy. Once he stretched arms. I directly went to his armpits.

It was sweaty and smelling dirty and what else do I need? I just licked it and emptied. I kinda laughed by looking at his expression once I started licking his pits. He was confused. After that, I asked him to lower his pants. He was wearing boxers and I couldn’t wait.

I just removed the boxers and there it was. Roughly 7 inch lund waiting to be sucked. He wanted me to take in the mouth immediately but I opened my shirt and made him squeeze by nipples and spank my ass. I directly went to his dick and at one go I took it in my mouth.

Wow. I’m telling you guys. There’s nothing to describe the feeling. I licked the head twice and then got to know how rough he was. He held my face and started face fucking me. That’s the best thing. He did it for at least 5 minutes. I love to deepthroat and getting my face fucked.

He said, “Cheapo. Mmm. Full to nimmavvan.” (Motherfucker. Take it deep. Suck it). These words made me even hard. I was sucking his balls and he ejaculated on my face and then he zipped it up and put on his shirt. We started towards home. He dropped me and I thanked him.

I’ve explained the way it happened. Sorry if I’ve made any mistakes.

Any tops in Bangalore looking for someone to deepthroat, scolding and do nasty stuff. I’m willing to explore BDSM and others. Single or married doesn’t matter ;) please drop me an email on [email protected]

I work in Domlur. If you are nearby I can drop by after work and give blowjob and leave. Regards, Slutty bottom.