The Kinkiest Experience I Have Ever Had Part 1

Hello readers. I am Vishruta. I have another ID on ISS using which I usually write and submit my experiences for you people to read. But since this experience has a number of deviant and perverted expressions from my end, I have requested Vishnu Vardhan to submit it to ISS on my behalf.

I dont want to be asked too many details about this experience. The writing will be in detail and graphic as well, but ‘the extra curious lot, I wanna excuse them. Thanks to Vishnu Vardhan for kindly agreeing to my request, on the condition that he gets to read the version first hand. Unasked, it was obvious.

A few months back, I received a ping on Romeo from a 20-year-old guy, very far from me, But as his profile said that he was top, I didnt ignore his ping and replied. Sai, thats what he said his name was. He was in Warangal while I stay in Secunderabad.

He assured me he would be moving to Hyderabad soon for searching a job. We exchanged pleasantries and he asked me for my WhatsApp number. Having gotten that He moved the conversation to Whatsapp and that was in just within 30 minutes. On WhatsApp, we kept on messaging for a few months. There have been a few instances of him and me disagreeing on something and we were not messaging each other.

But we did get back to conversing mode somehow. He is the other person in this incident. I am not going to write all the history of the conversations but let me inform you that each bit of what has been included in this experience was well discussed and argued upon beforehand with total clarity between me and Sai. So nothing except one was a surprise.

No shockers. For those who had written to me emails after reading my earlier submissions, I have mailed in return today (24th September 2018) 2 small clips of me sucking and riding this guy Sai. A reciprocation of your appreciation. Now let me get to the incident.

I woke up at 8.10 this morning and was meddling with the different applications on my mobile for all the time till I get a message from a number unsaved on my device. Looking at the digits of the number I have faint ideas of who could the sender of the message be but after the first a few messages, I asked him. This is how the conversation happened

Me: I don’t have your number saved. Whats your name?
Sai: Sai.
Me: Have we met?
Sai: Not yet but we spoke of it.

Me: Sorry. The poor memory I guess. What do you do? Or if I must make it easier, let me see a pic of yours to remember. I am bad with names but I remember faces.
Sai: We discussed a lot of fetishes. Don’t you remember?
Me: When did we speak of that?

Sai: I think we last spoke last month. (And he specified a few details of what we spoke.)
Me: Native of?
Sai: Warangal
Me: Oh yes. I remember.

Sai: Good that you do, bitch. How are you? I am in Hyderabad. Miyapur.
Me: I am fine. Thanks. After our last disagreement, I thought you blocked me and I deleted your number from my lists.
Sai: Why would I block a bitch like you? I just got angry that you werent agreeing on a video call. I was too horny and you were not wanting a video call.

Me: I dont feel easy with video calls. I can do a man live but video calls are not my thing.
Sai: OK. Wanna meet?
Me: When? Where?
Sai: Today. I am alone with place till 5 pm at Miyapur.

Me: You still have the same desires and kinks?
Sai: ummm. Wont say no but I wont force anyone. You can do what you feel like doing. No force.
Me: OK. Let me get out of bed and come. Send me the location. I will call you.
Sai: Come.

I took a bath and started on my email two-wheeler. It was a long distance – 12 km from my home. I reached at 12.30 noon.

Sai: Finally reached.
Me: Yes. How are you?
Sai: Good. Get in.

We went into his room. He was on a call with one of his friend while I was cooling off myself from the tiring ride. He disconnected the call in a few minutes. He came near me and asked, “What do you want to do?”

Me: You surely want to do everything we discussed of? No inhibitions and restrictions?
Sai: Yes. I really want to. I need to take a leak. Let me know if you want to do it.
Me: Ummm ok. Let me try. Let it flow slowly. Control it.

Sai: How will I control that. Haha. Wanna do it here or inside?
Me: Take a glass and lets do it inside

He picked up the glass and we both walked into the washroom. He pulled his dick out of his underwear and held the glass before his dick. In some time he was pissing in it. Exactly a glassful and he stopped. He handed over the glass to me and smiled. “Drink it. I want to see you do it.”

Me: Ummm. Ok. (started sipping and in a continuous flow of swallows, finished the glassful.)

He was smiling and said, “You did it as we spoke of. Great. I love this. Lets get to the room.”

We moved to the room. I was again lying and he came and lay beside me. I started hugging him and he hugged me back. I asked me, “Will you kiss me after that?”

Sai: I would have before that but now no. I dont like to kiss a toilet. But I will kiss your neck and chest

He started doing what he said to me. He reached his hands to my nipples and commented, “Youre not breasted. A flat-chested one with just a bit puffy nipples. I wanted big ones.”

Me: I know but I dont have boobs. I wish I had.
Sai: OK.
He was pinching my nipples for some time.

Sai: Suck me.
Me: You said then that you like to take the lead.

Sai smiled, moved upwards on me and positioned himself in a way that I was lying and he was over me. His dick in my mouth, lower body shared resting on me and the floor. He was balancing his upper body on the floor without his arms.

Thrusts. Good nice thrusts. His dick then I realized wasnt as big as my mouth. I couldnt feel uneasy even when he pushed himself totally inside my mouth and held my head tight on his crotch. But in a few minutes, he dropped it inside.

Slowly removing his softening dick, he repeated the words of the past conversations, “I will love if it is swallowed” and smiled at me. I did so. He patted my cheeks and asked, “Your thirst quenched. What about your hunger? Wanna eat it?” and pointed towards his groin.

Me: You sure you want to do this to me?
Sai: I will not force you but I know you will eat it. Its not much as you can see.

He then picked up a small pair of scissors. He sat on my chest. And then asked me to open my mouth for it. I did. He held a pinch of the hair of his groin and cut it using the pair of scissors. And then dropped it inside my mouth. He said, “Eat.”

I tried to. As he trimmed recently he did but have long strands. Just a few millimeters. I swallowed that first pinch of hair. He picked up another pinch from the other side of his dick and repeat.

Sai: Your hunger is fulfilled. Men need someone like you bitch. I am truly happy to have you here.
Me: Pass me a bottle of water, please.

He passed me and I drank some water to clear my mouth of the hair. He moved away and lay beside me. Slowly sucking my nipples, “Now, wanna make you preggy.”
Me: Ummm I wish to lactate in fact.
Sai: I wish you did. Would have been fun draining your tits of the fluids.

After some time, he moved to the side and ‘suck me to hardness were his words. I went down towards his groin, he sorted his position that I was between his thighs and he held my head and put it on his groin. I got started. He was hard after some time.

He said, “Let us pick up the condoms,” and he opened the pack. He handed the condom to me and asked me to dress him safe. I did. And I asked lube to my ass and tried sitting. As usual, the penetrating was painful and I squealed and squeaked for the first 2-3 minutes.

Once I was convenient, I slowly started riding him like a cowgirl. He asked me to stand a bit on my knees and he started stroking into me. After a few minutes,
Sai said, “Change position. I want to fuck.”

I was now on my back and he put a pillow under my lower back. He raised my feet. He started pushing into me and then restarted fucking me. He started getting more faster and slowly bent such that his face was a few inches above mine and he dropped his saliva on my face. He was fucking me and spat on my face three times.

Then he moved back to his kneeling position and spat on my chest a few times while fucking and calling me his slut. He fucked for a few minutes. He was asking me if he was feeling good inside. I wasnt sensing much more because of the gel but I told him I am feeling fine and its not painful because I was numb in that area.

After some time he pulled my left arm and raised me in a way my belly. He first touched my bums and held them in his hands as if holding balls. Then he slowly slapped my bums 3 times on both sides and asked me up to raise up for doggy. I did. He penetrated and started striking inside.

This was when I got the scrap actual sensation. The prostate stimulation. It was hard for 3-4 minutes. Till my last fuck, I never relaxed while getting fucked but now I was feeling that I need to relax and let my prostate be properly touched and hit. He did it for a few times and I started sensing the shocks inside me.

Then I hear him moan longer and stop moving. I looked to my left and he said, “It came.” He took his dick with the condom on it out of me and asked me, “You are you chew this.”