An Afternoon With My Childhood Buddy

Hi guys, I am 22 years old, 5 feet 8 inches tall and weigh around 60 kg. I am slim but I have an athletic body. This story is about a gay sex I had with my childhood friend whom I was meeting after a long time.

It had been 4 years since I saw my childhood friend. We used to do 69 and blowjobs from a very young age. His house was near to mine. Now he is studying in another state by staying in a hostel there. So now we got separated and we only had Whatsapp chat.

He use to come home for vacations but he never visited me. But after 4 years, when he came back on a vacation, he called me and said that he is back home. At that time my parents were out and they would return only at night. He asked me if I have any good movies to watch. I asked him to come home with a pen drive and take whichever he likes.

My friend came home at 1 pm. He had gained some weight and muscles and had become taller than me. He was wearing a track pant and a t-shirt and I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. We talked for some time and went to my room where my computer was. He looked for movies and sent some to his pen drive.

After some time, he asked if I have any porn movies. I had a good collection of porn. I showed him the folder containing porn movies. He played some of them. By watching them I got aroused. It had been more than 4 years since we both had fun together. So I was shy to ask him but I saw his shorts bulging. I realized his cock had grown very much.

Then he played another porn movie. In the middle of it, he asked me, “Hey, can we do a 69? Its been a long time.”. I was very happy to hear that and I said yes with a smile. He didnt turn off the porn movie. He reduced the volume and we both got on my bed. We went directly to 69 position.

I was a little shy to do it. But I started by moving his track pant down to his thighs. He was wearing a black jockey underwear. I saw a big bulge through his underwear. It was thicker than mine. He also did what I did. He moved my shorts to my thighs. I wasnt wearing any underwear. My cock was semi-erect.

He slowly moved my foreskin and licked the precum. A sudden electricity flew through me when his tongue touched the tip. At the same time, I moved his underwear to his thighs.

I saw his semi-erect cock which had become much bigger than I thought after our last 69. It was uncut as before and had precum on the tip. I licked as he did. It had been so long since I have tasted precum and it felt nice. I took his cock into my mouth and moved my head slowly.

He also took my cock into his mouth and started sucking. His sucking style had changed. He sucked like he has mastered the art of blowjob. He knew all my weak points and his sucking made my cock harder very quickly and I started to feel the intense pleasure so soon. Back then, I used to make him cum before I cum. But it seemed he would make me cum first.

Then I increased my speed and licked his cock hole occasionally. His semi-erect cock got fully erect and it became bigger. It got to maybe 6 or 7 inches with great thickness. My mouth was wide open with his cock inside my mouth. His precum was coming out in every few seconds. The precum has a different taste and I always liked to lick the cock hole in between sucking to get the taste of it.

He sucked me deeply as mine was just 5 inches long and not much thick. I felt intense pleasure when he sucked me. So I thought I should make him cum before he made me cum. I increased my speed and went as deep as I could. I could fit only a 3/4 of his cock barely. He maintained his speed of sucking and licked my cock hole in between.

After some good sucking, I cummed inside his mouth. I had shot a good load of cum inside his mouth. I felt bad as he made me cum first.

While I continued to suck, he made me get up and he sat on the bed by lying his back on the walls. I continued to suck him as he started to watch the porn movie that has been playing. I didnt know why he was taking so long to cum. But I got to taste much precum from his cock.

He suddenly stopped my sucking. He made me stand on the floor and removed my t-shirt and shorts. I was naked before him and that made me a little shy. He hugged me and licked my nipples. After that, he started kissing me. That was the first kiss I have ever had. It felt nice.

He sucked my lips and put his tongue inside my mouth. He grabbed my round ass during the kiss and squeezed it. After some minutes of kissing, he lubricated his hand with his saliva and lubricated my ass. We never did these things before. We had 69 and blowjobs but er had never done kissing or any other things. I was surprised at what he was doing and I stood without any objection.

He inserted his finger inside my asshole. It pained and when I started to moan, he started kissing me deeply. I always wanted to try anal so my mind didnt try to stop him. He inserted his fingers one by one until his three fingers got in. He didnt let go of me and moved his fingers in and out for making it wider.

Then he went to the bathroom which was near, to wash his hand. He came back quickly and turned me around. I could see a big black guy fucking a little girl hard on my monitor.

He inserted his cock inside my asshole by lubricating it with his saliva. It was painful. He closed my mouth and slowly pushed his cock deep till it got fully inside me. Then he started fucking me slowly and increased the speed. I moaned.

After some time, it felt nice. I started to feel the pleasure and it increased with every stroke. He increased the speed and the sound of his body hitting my two round ass got increased like, “Thud.. Thud..”

With his cock still inside me, he turned us and made me lie on the bed and continued stroking. After fucking me hard for some time, he cummed. He shot a huge amount of cum inside me and some flew out.

He lied on the bed after cumming. I asked, “We didnt do any of this when we were young. From where did you learn all this?”. He told me that he had fucked many girls when he was at college and he used to do anal also.

He left at around 4 pm. Before he began to leave, he said that he shall come by whenever he comes back home on vacations. I smiled and he left. I had a wonderful time with him. That day, I felt like a girl. For comments and suggestions, mail me at [email protected]