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Well last week I was at Singapore and I found a girl on net i.e. On chat. She was so desperate for sex that whatever I said she did. I had my best to write the story in different ways so that every reader enjoys this. Any comment pls writes me on my email / /

You are on line with me and I tell you to go stand in your window naked and finger your pretty pussy for me. You do so and you come back and tell me that an older guy was watching you and, of course, you let him watch as your fingers fucked your wet cunt. You are totally turned on and horny from your experience when you come back to me but suddenly you leave to answer your door.

You come back to say that it was the old guy, about 60, and he offered you $100 to dance naked for him. He gave you his number for you to call him if you decide to do it. He has been widowed for a year and looks harmless to you but the big appeal for you is to be watched and have your body examined at close range by this stranger. We discuss it and you decide you will do it provided he doesnt touch you. For an outfit, we settle on your tank top, doubled over, as your skirt which will show your cunt from the front and back as well as half your arse. Your top will be see-thru for him. You ring the guy and he agrees to come over that night.

You meet him at the door in your sexy gear and he can’t take his eyes off you as he counts out your $100. You offer him a drink and sit him on the lounge. You start the music and start dancing provocatively, body swaying so that your breasts swing and your skirt rides up showing him your naked cunt. After awhile you turn your back to him and remove your top, half turns so he can see all off your breast. His hand is rubbing his bulging pants hard. Then you spread your legs and bend from your waist so that you are looking at him as he gazes at your pussy from up close. You resume dancing with your skirt ridden up and your pussy fully revealed and you prop during your dance with your foot on the seat beside him and your gaping cunt within kissing distance.

You dance on and remove your skirt, leaving your lovely body naked and you stand in front of him, nearly touching his face, and the look of lust nearly sends you into an orgasm. Finally, the song ends and so does your dance and you finish in front of him and, even though you can see he is hard as he rubs his swollen cock thru his pants, you ask him if he liked it. He says he did but would you mind if he touched your firm breasts. You think for a second, but he didnt try to touch you so you agree by settling on his lap facing him, your wet cunt nearly touching his hard cock that he has released from his pants.

With both hands he slowly and lovingly fondles your breasts, rubbing your erect nipples with his thumbs. You throw your head back as all of your sensations are centered in your throbbing cunt and you feel his hungry mouth start kissing and sucking your breasts. As you squirm, you feel the head of his cock press against your wet cunt entrance and you are so aroused you dont care that he is so close to fucking you. The gentleman is sucking one nipple while he caresses the other breast as he jerks off and you are startled to hear choking noises from him but a big splash of cum under your chin makes you aware of what is happening and, as he cums, you see you have it all over your breasts and body.

You watch one large drop fall off your nipples and land in your cunt and that one act nearly sees you explode too. You clean each other up and he takes your number so he can call you again. He rings you the next day but says he wants to fuck you. You refuse but, after discussion, you agree to jerk him off while he plays with your breasts for $300 and he agrees. You quickly change into your sexy gear and he arrives shortly after. You were excited dressing at the prospect of what was to cum but the lustful looks he gives your nearly naked breasts and the stares at your barely covered cunt have you dripping wet in minutes. He walks straight over to your couch, strips off and sits down. The sight of his long, hard cock leaves your mouth dry and you walk over to join him. He leans forward and slips your tank top skirt off your slim hips and you freeze with excitement as he holds your legs, his face nearly touching your sweet cunt. He pulls you forward so you are astride his knees and he pulls you down on them. If he pushed his erect cock forward, it would be pressing your pussy and his cock looks gorgeous to you. As you gaze at him, he slips your top off leaving you naked

His hands slide up your hips, past your waist and cup your firm young breasts and you snap out of your reverie. He points out the $300 is on the table and asks you to wank him. You reach for the baby-oil I suggested you use and take a liberal amount in your right hand before you clasp his cock. His member is rock hard and you savor the feel of it, slowly squeezing it up and down the length of it. He gasps and starts squeezing your hardened nipples and you slide your hand up and down a few times. His eyes are half closed as he plays with you and you fondle the thick purple head as your left hand creeps to your hungry cunt. You start running your hand up and down on his slippery prick as you start rubbing your aroused clit. The idea of sitting on that lovely cock runs thru your mind but I have warned you not to as he will be back for more and your breathing gets ragged as you are both heavily aroused now. Still, you can’t help but imagine how that hard prick would feel; forcing its way into your tight pussy, filling your throbbing cunt with his pulsing weapon.

He sounds close to cuming so you stop rubbing him and just hold his cock as his arousal eases a little even as you are getting closer to orgasm yourself. Your nipples are sending lightning bolts of passion straight to your cunt as he squeezes and teases them but you cannot take your eyes off his cock and you start wanking him again. His hands convulse on your breasts, crushing them roughly and he cries “yes, yes, baby” as your hand is flashing up and down the length of his rod and he suddenly stiffens and, as he explodes, you aim his cock at your body. As the first jet of hot cum hits your chest he lets you go and he covers your breasts, face and body in his cum as your cunt spasms and the orgasm is so powerful you want to faint.

Finally you both cum down from the heights of passion and, as I instructed you, you leave yourself covered in cum as he cleans himself up and dresses. Only after he goes do you look at your cam and ask me if I enjoyed watching. I will never forget her… Write to me for ur comments on / /