Wife next door

Ive always liked my apartment complex. Its set up in much the same way that a motel is, minus the whole sleazy factor. Despite the reasonable rent, the place was full of nice, classy people and there hadnt been a single disturbance since my wife Danielle and I moved here eight years ago.

Nothing until Seema moved in to the apartment adjacent to ours with her husband Ravi.

God, what a gorgeous, gorgeous girl. Bright, red hair that couldnt have been natural (not that I gave a shit), beautiful, shimmering blue eyes, smooth skin, long delicious looking legs, an ass that gave fags erections, and tits enough for everybody. Plus, she was only twenty one. When I was twenty one fifteen years ago, I had never noticed anyone like her. Simply put, I just wanted to devour this girl.

I met her at the complex pool one day shortly after they moved in. She was lying on her back on an extended lounge chair sunning with a tight, yellow two piece bikini. It was beautiful. And I hate yellow. Fortunately, my wife hated water, so she would stay inside watching her fucking soaps and drinking her gin while I would be out here with this young vixen. Not that Id have a chance with her, its jus nice to think. I approached her with my towel draped over my arm, attempting to be calm, cool, and collective.

“Hi,” I stammered, trying desperately not to stammer. She turned her head toward me and took her sunglasses off, exposing her eyes that sparkled far more than that pool ever did.

Much to my delight, she smiled. “Hi,” she replied. I suddenly found myself at a loss for words. Quickly, I dove into my mental dictionary, prepared to say anything just for sake of saying something. I felt myself searching endlessly in there, testing to see if my brain was even capable of producing something for me to say.

“Test, test, this is a test…”

“Excuse me?” Shit. Idiot!

“Sorry,” I said, regaining my composure, “I, uh, noticed that youre new here. I just wanted to give you a warm welcome to the community.”

Her smile glowed, it went right through me like radiation poisoning from an atomic bomb. It made me have to smile too. Seema couldnt make the world stop with a mere smile.

“Thanks!” she enthused. “I really appreciate that. And Ravi didnt think that thered be any nice people here.”

My short lived smile flickered. “Ravi?”

She laughed a cute little laugh. “My husband.”

My smile died. It was debatable if Id ever express any emotion whatsoever with my mouth again. She wrinkled up her nose in the most adorable fashion possible. “You should meet Ravi. I think you two would get along.”

She extended her hand. “Im Seema.”

I shook her hand. It was so soft, so precious.

“Thats a very pretty name. Im Depesh.”

Her smile had never left her face. Feeling the awkwardness, I decided to make up an excuse to leave. “Well, I just wanted to greet you. My wife would have come along, but shes busy.”

“Well, thats understandable,” she replied. “Not all people are nice enough to go up to strangers and make conversation.”

I faked a nervous laugh. She complimented me. Now what? I figured it was best to leave before my gaze lingered a little too long over her pendulous breasts. “Well, I hope to see you around,” I said cheerfully, finally letting go of her hand. She waved as I walked away. I hoped that she didnt find it odd that I went to the swimming area in my trunks only to greet her. In reality a swim would have been relaxing, an escape from that annoying bitch wife, but with her there, …I dont know, I just couldnt. I walked in to the dull, smoky apartment, the smokiness courtesy of my wifes two-pack-a-day proclivity. There she sat on an easy chair in a nightie she once looked sexy in with legs that didnt used to be so hairy watching soaps. Bottle of gin in one hand, Virginia Slim in the other.

She looked like she was about to pass out, which was just fine with me because that meant she wouldnt bother me. I headed straight into the bedroom bathroom, dropped my trousers, and started beating off. Seasons image was burned into my mind, I couldnt help picturing that pool scenario going a little differently. Me sliding in between her legs, massaging her crotch with mine until shed practically rip her bikini bottoms off and beg me to fuck her. Before that afternoon, I had never cum like that. Just masturbating brought me a better orgasm than fucking Danielle ever did. It was amazing.

The next morning I was up bright and early in the complex gym working out. Even though what I was doing was highly unsexual, I still thought of Season and how to get her into bed. I glanced over out the window as I was lifting and saw Season with who I assumed was Ravi. It may have been me, but I couldve sworn that she was staring at me. I may be old, but my working out has gotten me a fairly muscular body. Ill never forget that lustful look in her beautiful blue sapphires that resembled eyes. Maybe it was me, maybe it was left over from Ravi. I had no clue.

Later in the evening, it began to rain. I had no clue why, it had been bright and sunny the day before. It didnt matter though, I loved the rain. To me it was beautiful. As I sat relaxed in the couch by the easy chair in the living room, my less-than-lovely wife began the barking that she was famous for.

“Depesh! Go get the mail!”

It felt like nails and screws being driven into my brain.

“You know how I hate the cold. Go!”

I grumbled in agreement and set off to the main office. I walked slowly through the rain, enjoying it as the cold drops of water splashed on my face and rolled down my gaunt cheeks. I entered the main office and headed straight for the mail room. Reaching my apartment number, I fumbled around in my pocket and found the key. I opened the mailbox and looked inside. Nothing. Not a goddamned thing. This trip, though rather enjoyable, had been a waste of precious energy.

“Hey, Depesh!”

I looked to the source of the melodious voice. It was Seema. I smiled to try and match hers, but was no match for the shine her smile produced.

“Seema,” I said warmly. “Whats up?”

She walked somewhat aimlessly, her eyes lazily drifting up and down my body, I hope. In a seductive way, not like she was high or anything. Shit, I hoped for as much. The only way I couldve nailed her would be if I had gotten her intoxicated beyond belief. Needless to say, it was only my poor pathetic imagination. She was probably just looking around the mail room. My eyes darted away from her luscious body to the window. Outside the rain rapped against the window gently, backed by a somber yet inspirational sky. “I just love this weather,” I told her.

“Yeah,” she agreed. “Its beautiful. No one else likes it. I dont get why.”

“Me neither,” I shrugged.

Her mailbox was next to mine, so when she came to get her mail I got a big whiff of her. Mmmm, if only that smell could stay in my nostrils indefinitely. So good and feminine.

We both closed our mail box doors simultaneously and stared out the window, side by side. I felt her soft arm brushing against mine, and her hand seemed to be rubbing lightly in total subtlety against mine. Forgetting about Danielle and Phil momentarily, I clasped her hand, and she gripped my hand loosely. We didnt look at each other or even speak, we just share that lovely moment. After a minute or so, she released my hand and walked away.

“Bye, Depesh,” she said lowly. I couldnt even reply. I was still in awe that what had happened had just happened. I couldnt believe that I got to touch her again. The next afternoon was laundry day. Naturally, maggi(my wife) was too much of a lazy ass to do such chores, so I did it myself. I was finishing one load when Sema walked in. “Hey, Depesh,” she said with an almost sultry tone. I waved weakly as she walked over to the vending machines. She selected an item, purchased it, and sat on the washing machine next to mine. “Howre things?” she asked brightly. She looked really hot today; she had really short denim cutoffs and a loose fitting gray shirt that accented her marvelous bust. I tried not to pay too much attention to that, though.

“Im fine,” I told her. “Yourself?”

“Good,” she answered. “But youre full of shit.”

I arched my eyebrows at her. “Youre not fine,” she continued. “Youve seemed like a sad unsatisfied person since i’ve met you. Whats the deal?”

I sighed. “You really want to know?” She nodded.

“My wife,” I muttered. “i’ve been celibate for seven months. She never wants to do anything but drink, smoke, and watch TV. I feel so pathetic because all I do is beat off. Thats my problem.”

This seemed to arouse empathy and disbelief within her. “A good looking guy like you? That doesnt make sense.”

I almost blushed like a school girl. “I dont know,” I said.

“No, really,” Seema went on, “when you go that long without sex that you could be having if you really wanted to..”

“Whoa,” I interrupted. “You mean I should have an affair?”

She got very coy all of a sudden and backed up. “Well, Im just saying that you could if you wanted to,” she giggled. “Look, i’ve got to go. See ya.”

The way her ass moved as she walked was too damn sexy for reality. This reality full of guys like me with wives like Seema. I pondered what Season had said as I pulled the clothes out of the dryer and carried them back to the apartment. When I got inside, I saw something I hadnt seen for literally months.

Seema was standing without gin or a cigarette in hand. And the television was off. “Im going out tonight,” she muttered. “pallvi and I am gong to the bar.”

“So youll be soused elsewhere tonight,” I mumbled. “At least youre making some progress.”

She left at about six, and I decided to take a nap. When I woke up, I heard muffled sounds. I moved around in my bed thinking that they were mental until they got clearer. Soon I realized what they were they were moans. I was hearing Season moaning as she fucked Ravi. She was a great screamer, and the headboard banging against the wall didnt help either. It was getting me so riled up that I didnt think just jacking off would help anything. It was sheer agony. Finally about a half hour later it stopped, and I heard Phil leave. Now I was plagued with what to do. It seemed as though all obstacles had been removed for living out my masturbatory fantasies of fucking season.

I paced the living room for a while until I got the balls to try going over there. I walked outside and stood at their front door for a couple seconds and eventually knocked. I think she thought I was pallavi coming back for more because she answered the door wearing nothing but white cotton panties around her thighs. Ive always had a thing for panties, so seeing this beautiful girl like that intensified my desire. She had an embarrassed look on her face and quickly spun around, looking for clothes. I grabbed her arms and turned her back around, verbally pouring out the lust Id had for her. Before I could finish, she hungrily kissed me and practically sucked my uvula out. My tongue emerged to retaliate against her invasion and our locked lips refused to part. My hands wandered down her godly body and I felt her cunt, so wet and supple. Her hands did a bit of wandering as well, one was rubbing the bulge in the crotch of my jeans and the other was running through my black hair. I grabbed her legs and she instantly wrapped them around my midsection. I walked us to her bedroom and promptly dropped her on the bed.

She began unbuttoning my shirt and kissing every bit of my chest that was exposed. Her lips and hands made their way down to my crotch. She unbuttoned my pants and out sprang my dick. It startled her, how hard it was and its size, and I tried not to laugh. As soon as she recovered from her momentary shock she dropped to her knees and shoved it in her mouth. Her hands played with my balls as she swirled her tongue around my shaft wildly. She began bobbing her head faster, and with that excellent technique, I exploded into her mouth in no time. She swallowed all I had to give her and smiled upon completion.

“I guess you like blowjobs,” she giggled.

“Not just that,” I said. “Its been so long, what guy could last with you?”

She smiled that earth shattering smile of hers and sat on the bed, spreading her legs slowly. Now it was my turn to drop to my knees. I ripped the panties off and dove headfirst into her soaking pussy. I ran my tongue slowly up her slick quim and she began to writhe before me. With my hands I kneaded her ass as I licked away, my tongue digging ferociously inside her. She grabbed my hair and pulled hard. It hurt, but here I was eating out the most gorgeous girl Id ever seen; who was I to complain?

“Oh, fuck, Seema”

Suddenly I felt a great mass of liquid splash me in the face. Seasons tight body grew even tighter and she started screaming maniacally.

“Oh my god, Im cumming….”

Despite blowing the load of my life five minutes earlier, I was rock hard again and ready to go. I moved up her body, kissing every station I passed. Her muscular legs tightened around me and we kissed again, this kiss much longer and deeper than the last. My hands began massaging her breasts and my cock finally found her juicy slit. Without any regard, I forced my way in to her vocalized pleasure. I went hog wild. I pounded into her, driving her ass into the mattress, our crotches grinding together and soaking in her sweet nectar. I still tasted it on my tongue, and I loved the taste more than anything. She arched her body into mine to meet up with my hellacious thrusts.

“Oh, fuck me harder, baby, oh fuuuuck!!”

God, she was so hot. Finally, feeling her taut tummy against mine pushed me over the edge. Her vaginal walls squeezed on my cock like a vacuum and I came like a madman. She bit my lower lip as we kissed and it just enhanced it for me even more. She rolled over so that she was on top of me and bounced on my cock incredibly fast. Finally, a second orgasm gripped her.

“Oh fuck, baby, youre so good…”

I licked her tits and squeezed her ass as she came in my arms, and then she collapsed.

I laid on my back with her on me and stroked her beautiful red hair until it hit me that I had no idea when Ravi would get back.

“Seema, wake up.”

She kissed me, still seemingly in a post orgasmic haze. “You were so good, Cecil,” she whispered.

“So were you, babe,” I whispered back, squeezing her ample ass. “But I gotta go.”

She kissed me again and I left. From that night until she moved we had a great relationship with the best sex Id ever had. I hope u like my story it was one of my friend who sent me his story and was modified by me..

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