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Hi I am Prem again, would like to continue my true sex experience in Mumbai with our next door Sikh childless young couple. This instance took place two years back, when we got our posting in Mumbai. We met an very interested ,like minded sexy Sikh couple ,who were next door neighbors hey were childless and were very interested in bearing child by all means. Sardarjis sperm count was very less and he could not make her pregnant. There was no alternative for them, except to look outside ,for which they were ready.

We were attracted to each other at first sight and became close friends in no time. My wife and Sardarni became very close and started sharing their views, sex life, sexy magazines ,videos and exchanging dishes. Sardarni was bold and beautiful and open for every thing. There was no privacy in between them and they use to strip nude each other openly. My wife use to tell me every thing in detail about her.

One day when my wife was away for three days and I was alone at home, Sardarni came suddenly with bowl of kheer, and smiled at me. I was wearing half pant and sandoz baniyan and surfing porno site, while drinking beer. She was wearing her husbands front open shirt with top buttons open. She was looking very sexy because she was not wearing any undergarment below.

Suddenly I noticed changes on her face which flushed hot because my balls were exhibiting and flushing out of my half pant. On the other hand when she bent forward to keep the bowl on center table her boobs were fully exposed in front of my eyes. The atmosphere was hot. To ignite the passions I asked her to give me company if she is free. She hesitated for a moment and agreed when I insisted her. She sat down in front of me and tried to cover her bare thighs ,which were exposing her nudity further. I took out playing card which was porno with nude pictures and gave her to shuffle. She was badly aroused to see these nude cards and after some time started playing and sharing beer with me. The atmosphere was very hot and sexy and I played a trick to come close and expose her bottoms. I threw half of the cards in her side intentionally while shuffling and moved the table aside, then sat down to pickup cards. Then I asked her to pickup her legs to make me convenient to collect cards. She raised her legs and placed her feet on the sofa, as a result her beautiful flowering cunt was fully exposed wide open. She had mouth filling large lobes of lebia and large clitoris, which were sticking all the wau out. She had natural groth of unshaven pubic hairs just above the mound only. I could not resist and pushed her legs further back and started licking and sucking her mouth filling cunt which was wet and dripping. She slipped down further and parted her legs further to give me full access and shoved my head in her legs by pushing my head with her hands.

She was in full heat and moaning with pleasure. Her cunt was bulging out to burst with pleasure and I was working on her cunt madly. Suddenly she jerked and experienced shuddering orgasms in abundance.

Then we got up and shredded our clothes and went bed room, where we made love in front of full size mirror, where she expressed her desire to bear child from me. Then I took her to bathroom where released her pressure and I placed my hand in front of her hot stream to enjoy.

Then I wanted shave her cunt but she restricted initially ,because she belonged to Sikh family and had never shave, but agreed after persuasion. I shaved her pussy bald like a silky smooth play ground. Then I made her to lay down on bed with double pillow under to raise her ass higher enough and told her to squeeze and suck my cock with her cunt muscle at the time of discharge. I inserted my cock inside her cunt and started fucking her. She was very cooperative and responding all my thrusts. I was fucking her wildly and she was fully aroused with passions at peak while I discharged. I stopped moving with my cock fully inside in front of her uterus. She squeezes and sucked while I pressed her tummy to bring and open the mouth of her uterus touching the head of my penis. This way I fucked her thrice on that day and for three consecutive days to make her conceive. She was very sure and got a signal of conceiving at on of the fucking which was positive on test after one month.

There after we made a plan for group sex on her birthday. We started with drinks and played strip poker to take off our clothes one be one who loses the game. Thus we all were nude. She cut the cake in her birthday suit with lots of fun. There after we started loving our wives to make the atmosphere hot. While they were kissing ,hugging and caressing, I lied down on the bed with my wife above me in “69” position. Soon we were aroused with passion. Sardarni took over my cock and started sucking ,while sardaji made my wife to suck his cock. When fully erect and tight Sardarni sat down astride on my cock in her cunt and sardarji inserted his cock into wide open demanding cunt of my wife in doggy style.

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