Imagination fantasy

Hi friend this is Nikunj here again. Thanks for ur response for my other stories. Friends I always wonder of having sex in different places. I was wondering to have sex with a girl at pool table. So for the very first time I m writing an imagination story. It has a man call Javed and Tara. JD was a rich man and like to have sex with his all fantasy. Tara was a open minded girl n like to have nasty girl.

Jd stared at Tara’s ass as she leant over the pool table, her little black skirt riding up to reveal a hint of those luscious mounds that lay beneath. He strode over to the other side, on pretence of checking her line, but in reality only to stare at her cleavage as it strained to stay in her crimson top. He watched and waited as she took her shot, and smiled to himself as she cursed after the ball spun out of the pocket. Jd loved it when his women talked dirty, especially when it involved his big cock inside of them.

As the game progressed jd made more of an effort to find out what this girl was into. Sure, he liked picking up hot chicks in bars and enjoying them for a night, but he found the sex was always better when he could give the girls exactly what they wanted. After a recent experience where a girl had stuck her finger up his crack while he was fucking her, he liked to be prepared. Although jd was the kind of guy who would try anything at least twice, he had decided to draw the line at things being poked up his ass. He did not, however, have any problems with sticking things up a womans ass, especially if it was his dick.

Jd finally decided it was time to ask the question. He was dying to find out what got this girl off. An ass like that, those awesome long legs- he would do anything to be able to fuck this chick. He asked, and she replied by passionately kissing him and dragging him upstairs to her room. She threw him on the bed and unbuttoned his fly to release his bulging package. Without a word she swallowed his cock, using her hands to massage his balls. He watched those full, gorgeous lips wrap around his pole, her lipstick matching the colour of her top- a deep fuck me red. She sucked until he was on the brink of shooting his load into her mouth, and then she stopped and moved to the door.

“jd, I’ve been a bad girl, I think you need to punish me. I would love nothing more than to suck your cock, and feel you fucking my ass like the naughty little whore I am, but I will do anything you ask of me. Please jd, punish me, fuck me hard.”

He almost didnt hear her as he watched her hand slide under her skirt, lifting it to reveal her glistening cunt, while using the other hand to teasingly play with her nipples. A fucking tease indeed. This little bitch needed to be shown who was boss around here. Jd stood up and ordered Tara to clasp her hands behind her head. He unbuttoned her top, revealing delightfully hard nipples, and started pinching them. Jd played with her breasts, alternating between gentle caresses and playful pinches, and more ‘punishing slaps. He loved the way her tits wobbled after he slapped them, and the way they jiggled as he held onto her nipples and shook. He could have done this all night, those titties were fucking awesome, but they couldnt satisfy his cock like a mouth could.

Jd ordered Tara to her knees and told her to suck his cock. She opened her mouth and took her hands from her head, wrapping them around his shaft.


“bitch! Did I tell you take your hands from your fucking head? I told you to get on your knees and suck me!” jd was quite proud of himself as he slapped her tits again for punishment, a little harder this time. He watched as she quickly obeyed, her little moans as she sucked his cock vibrating up the length of his shaft. This chick could really suck cock. He stood there for a few minutes enjoying being pleasured, the sensations of a girl treating his cock like it was the most divine thing on earth driving him wild.

Eventually jd grew bored with the treatment he was getting, even though it felt great, and decided this little whore needed more ‘punishing. He put his hands behind hers, forcing her to keep his cock in her mouth, and started fucking her face. Slowly at first, he pushed in until he felt her gag on his cock and held it there, revealing in the sensations as the entrance to her throat tried to deny this invasion. He then pushed his hard shaft in further, bit by bit, not allowing her any relief until it rested fully inside her mouth. Jd held his cock there. He loved the feeling of a chicks throat teasing the head of his cock almost more than sex itself.

He looked down at her, and slowly slid his cock from her throat. He watched as his cock emerged from her mouth, agonizingly slowly until only the head rested on her tongue, and thrust it back in. Jd watched as his shaft slid in and out of that awesome mouth, glistening with her saliva. He pumped her mouth hard until he shot his load down her throat, and held it there as it grew soft again.

Jd pulled his cock from her mouth, and ordered her to lick it clean, just like a real whore would. After his cock was clean he ordered her to remove her hands from her head and lie on the bed.

“I want you to start playing with yourself. I want to watch you get yourself off, and then I’m going to fuck you so hard youll wish you hadnt been such a fucking tease.”

He watched as the girl slowly stripped in front of him, her hands lingering over her breasts, fingers gently circling her nipples until they stood hard once again. He watched as she moved her hand down to her pussy, tantalizingly playing with her hairless folds, her finger rubbing her clit. Jd watched as she spread her pussy open for him, licking one of her fingers before she slid it into her moist hole. He stood there for what seemed like hours, enjoying the show in front of him as his dick began to spring back to life.

“get on your knees and have your ass facing me. I want you to use one hand now. I want your thumb to rub your clit. I want your index and middle fingers in your cunt. And I want the remainder of that hand in your ass. Using that hand only I want you to fuck yourself hard until you are ready to cum.”

Jds heart skipped a beat as he watched her fingers slide into her own ass. It didnt matter how many times he saw it, a woman fingering her own ass was damn sexy. He waited until she was on the brink of cumming, and pulled her hand away, denying the relief so desperately needed. He pushed his tongue to her asshole, circling her ring, then tried to push it inside, just so this bitch knew what was coming next. He pushed two fingers into her ass, feeling her ring stretch as she tried to accommodate him, and began fucking her ass with his fingers. Jd used his other hand to roughly grope her tits, before sliding it down to her clit and rubbing furiously. He used his hands until she was on the verge of cumming again and then withdrew, leaving her frustrated yet again.

Jd didnt want this bitch to enjoy what she was getting yet. After she had been such a fuck tease all night, she deserved to wait and service his needs before her own. He spat on her asshole and slid his fingers in again, this time adding a third as he tried to stretch her ring. He began slapping her ass, landing a stinging blow with each thrust of his hand. Jd continued this for a minute or two and then stopped to admire his handiwork. He got off on the look of a chicks red ass and the way her hole looked after it had been fucked.

By this time his cock was more than ready for a second round, and he knew this round would take a lot longer than the first. He pushed the head of his cock against her asshole, enjoying the feeling of resistance it still put out even after that finger fucking, and in one swift stroke plunged his cock deep into her warm ass. The little slut screamed into her pillow as the length of his dick entered her ass, her ring tensing again to the point where jd actually thought for a moment it might crush his dick. This bitchs ass was so tight it was all he could do to actually start fucking her. He looked down and spent several minutes watching his cock slide in and out of her ass. Jd felt like a fucking porn star, and made a mental note to include a video camera next time.

When he thought this chick might actually be starting to get off on her ass fucking jd picked up the pace and started thrusting as hard as he possibly could, one hand wrapped firmly around each of her tits so she couldnt move too far. He then eased off and started slapping her ass again, with each slap telling her why she deserved what she was getting. The way she had dressed, the way she showed off her legs, the way her skirt revealed her ass as she leant over the pool table, the list went on. As he started to run out of reasons for her punishment his cock began to ram into her ass harder, and with the final slap he released his load deep into her warm, tight ass. When he pulled out he admired her stretched asshole for a minute before putting his clothes back on and leaving her lying on the bed, her used ass in the air. Just the way a good slut should be.

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